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Sleepees Review
Sleepees Review

PUBLISHED: 11/23/2011 by BR Publishing
Editor's Review: 1.8/5.0
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Sleepees is an all-natural supplement marketed to help treat insomnia symptoms. Unfortunately we do not have any information regarding the company behind this product. The warehouse appears to be located somewhere in the United States but the exact location is not specified. On top of that, we were unable to find any online retailers for this supplement.

In 2007, the supplement was recalled in Canada because it contained the drug Estazolam which belongs to a class of dangerous drugs called benzodiazepines. These drugs should only be prescribed by a health care professional.

Since the recall, the manufacturers claimed they corrected the problem and now Sleepees incorporates only natural supplements in its formula and it is perfectly safe to use.

Sleepees Ingredients

Sleepees contains: JuJue Date, Siberian Ginseng, Shisandra, Hops, Reishi Mushroom, Red Sage, Helicidum and Mother of Pearl

Product Features

Sleepees features a mixture of herbs that is mainly based on traditional Japanese and Chinese herbal medicine. While the formula contains ingredients commonly known for their properties to clear the mind, encourage sleep and reduce anxiety, it also contains ingredients that “work” as stimulants in a sleeping aid. However we were unable to find any scientific studies to back up the company’s claims.

The supplement contains Quencia™, a proprietary blend of herbs specially selected to work synergistically to promote a peaceful and restful sleep.

The second important ingredient is JuJue Date (or Zizyphus Jujuba), a herb with sedative properties which according to the traditional Chinese medicine can help remove obstructions in energy flow.

Unfortunately, there is very little information on this product (beside the ingredients). We were unable to find a trustable online retailer, an average price for this product or information regarding the recommended dosage and side effects. Furthermore, this supplement has received a number of “red flags” all over the internet, mostly due to the 2007 incident when it was recalled in Canada because it contained the drug Estazolam. We were able to find a statement released by the manufactured (although the source could not be verified) in which the company apologizes for the mistake and claims they’ve corrected the problem and now Sleepees is perfectly safe to use.

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  • Is a mixture of ingredients from traditional medicines
  • It is a natural product


  • The product has a questionable background
  • Very little information available
  • There are no trustable scientific studies to back up the company’s claims
  • We were unable to find any online retailers for this product
  • Many negative reviews and testimonials
  • No trial sample is available


The market of natural supplements and herbal remedies is flourishing. Sleeping-aid supplements may be useful in improving alertness and in creating a positive outlook and a renewed capacity for dealing with stress.

It is very difficult to find any kind of information regarding this product. It has received a number of negative reviews and testimonials in the past few years and now it is almost impossible to find a trustable retailer for this product.

If you are seeking a natural supplement to help you achieve a peaceful and restful night sleep, you may want to focus on a different product. We do not recommend Sleepees. With so many possible choices out there, consumers may want to focus on products with a researched background, with positive reviews, with a free trial sample and with clear dosage recommendations.

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    I second that, if a company doesn’t trust their product enough to give a free trial, it’s probably not worth it.