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Sleep Salon Review
Sleep Salon Review

PUBLISHED: 11/22/2013 by BR Technical
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Sleep Salon

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Sleep Salon is as an MP3 audio collection advertised to help people enjoy the benefits of a restful sleep in a very short time. It is claimed as one of the leading products designed to unlock the power of the mind offered by Inspire3. This London based developer is specialized in implementing programs aimed to help people increase brain performance, mental acuity, and energy through leading brands like Brain Evolution System or Hypnosis Live programs.

This program is designed for adults between 16 and 80 years old who suffer from sleeping problems caused by depression, caffeine addiction, pain or stress. The scientifically proven brainwave set of MP3’s is marketed as an easy to use and highly effective product. Each session is advertised to last 50 minutes (although the actual length varies from 15 to 90 minutes), but the developer guarantees a much shorter period needed to experience the benefits of each track. The brainwave entrainment method features special tones and pulses known to influence the sound patterns of the brain and induce positive states of mind including relaxation, meditation, energy or focus.

Sleep Salon uses specific sound frequencies integrated in various patterns shown to characterize the “delta” state. This is the most relaxed state of the brain that usually occurs during a deep, dreamless sleep. This program features 12 MP3 sessions that cover the entire spectrum of known causes for this condition.

Sleep Salon Ingredients

Sleep Salon contains the following ingredients: Not applicable.

Product Features

The Sleep Salon is promoted as an effective solution to get a full-night restful sleep, increase energy, and reduce the unwanted side effects like irritability, memory loss, impaired judgment and hallucinations. Some of the most important benefits are maintaining a healthy immune system, improving the general mood, dealing with stress more easily, improving the memory and weight loss effects.

The Sleep Salon program consists of three core types of sessions as follows:
– the “Wake Up” session designed to maintain increased alertness and stimulate you during the day so that you can rest properly during the night.
– the “Relaxation” Sessions to help you release yourself of the stress and be able to relax when the tension in your mind and body reach maximum levels. A relaxed brain is essential for a good quality of sleep.
– the “Sleep Induction” session. This includes a set of 8 audios with various lengths (from 20 to 90 minutes).
There are some recommendations to be considered for increased effectiveness, including minimizing common disturbances (TV, radio, mobile phones or ambient noise), finding a comfortable position, using headphones (whenever possible) and most importantly trying to relax.

Sleep Salon has received a large number of positive reviews which is a solid proof of its effectiveness. More so, it is based on scientific evidence resulted from a precise analysis of the brain’s activity and its particular frequencies. However this compilation is not approved by the FDA to treat or cure any condition, and is restrictively recommended for certain people (like the epileptics).

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  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is available
  • Online purchasing is guaranteed as a secured operation
  • The product has been positively reviewed by a large number of users, who praise its fast acting benefits
  • The price for the whole package (including lifetime support and a User Guide Manual) is moderately low, particularly when compared to similar programs


  • Little information is available about background of the developer
  • The compilation has not been the subject of any clinical trial, therefor scientific proof of its effectiveness and safety is not provided
  • No free trial period is available for this compilation.
  • Precautions include people suffering from epilepsy


The Sleep Salon collection of MP3s is not a unique product, but is different due to a more restricted and focused area of benefits (it is designed only for people who suffer from insomnia and sleeping problems). This product is based on a very popular technology used to enhance brain capacity called brain entrainment. Besides the basic collection of CD’s, the developer also provides free materials and services including a 40-page User Guide Manual and two additional MP3s and lifetime support.

Although Sleep Salon is advertised and offered as a safe to use product, a warning is issued for people who suffer from epilepsy as brainwave technologies are known to aggravate epileptic symptoms. For reasons of safety it is best to consult a health specialist before trying this product, especially if you suffer from a mental condition.

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Sleep Salon Review
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