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Sleep-Max PM Review
Sleep-Max PM Review

PUBLISHED: 08/30/2012 by BR Moderator
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Sleep-Max PM

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Sleep-Max PM is marketed as a side effect free solution for a good, restful night sleep. According to the manufacturer, the formula contains no drugs or Diphenhydramine, a substance with known strong sedative effects. The formula targets adults who experience problems sleeping either because they have an agitated or restless sleep or because they cannot rest the entire night.

The manufacturer of Sleep-Max PM is a company called Garcoa Laboratories, founded in 1984. The company operates its own production facilities where it manufactures superior quality skin and hair beauty products, baby toiletries and a variety of OTC analgesics. The company has won numerous awards for its skin care and bath& body private labels.

The formula is advertised as a natural sleep aid, a blend of herbal ingredients such as Chamomile, Passion Flower and Valerian Root and other sleep inducing chemicals.

Sleep-Max PM Ingredients

Sleep-Max PM includes the following ingredients: Chamomile, Valerian root, Passion Flower, Melatonin, and Calcium.

Product Features

Sleep-Max PM is an herbal and Melatonin mixture designed to promote a restful night sleep.

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone, which plays an important role in signaling pat of the system that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Human melatonin production decreases as a person ages, thus delayed sleeping and waking periods occur. Research has shown melatonin to be able to induce sleep, increase sleep efficiency and duration. Although long term safety is not known, vivid dreams and next day morning grogginess have been associated in case of dosages higher than 1 mg.

Chamomile is a well-known herbal sleep remedy. It has been used for thousands of years to calm the stomach, reduce anxiety or aid with insomnia. Side effects are mild and rare and include drowsiness and vomiting when used in high doses. Also, it may cause allergies.

The manufacturer mentions no side effects associated to the overall formula, however you should keep in mind that Sleep-Max PM is not empirically tested. Consumer reviews are mixed. The most frequent negative aspect reported is the formula’s lack of effectiveness.

The recommended daily dosage is 1 capsule taken right before going to bed at night.

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  • Natural ingredients researched and demonstrated to possess sleep inducing properties
  • The manufacturer enjoys a good reputation
  • The product has a dedicated site with extensive information


  • Consumer reviews report lack of effectiveness
  • The terms and conditions of the 100% money-back guarantee are not disclosed


Sleep-Max PM is promoted as an affordable and safe way to assist your sleeping problems, specifically it helps you fall asleep faster, sleep the whole night through without any interruptions and wake up refreshed.

The product is a combination of plant and Melatonin, all ingredients being proven as generally safe. The formula as such is not however tested for effectiveness, while some consumers report no effects whatsoever.

The product is manufactured by an experienced company and claims to be covered by a 100% money back guarantee, although the specific details on this policy are not available on the dedicated site.

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Sleep-Max PM ReviewBR Moderator2.52016-04-30 12:09:31
Sleep-Max PM Review
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7 User Reviews about Sleep-Max PM
  1. 1

    I have been using this for years but can no longer find it. Walgreens quit carrying it and one source had one bottle for $14.99 when it should be around $5

  2. 2

    I use this product and love it. Because it is natural, I do not feel I am getting addicted (like with ambian). I have had trouble finding it, but it is available through Walgreens on-line.

  3. 3

    I love it! I have used it for years since I couldn’t sleep well when I was going through the change of life. I like that it only contains natural ingredients and calcium

  4. 4

    This product works extremely well. It has allowed me to stop using prescription sleep medication. For some readon I can’t find it anymore at any store. This is a shame because it has no side affects and is reasonably priced. I have tried several other OTC products that do not work as well or do not work at all.

  5. 5

    This product works well and leaves me with no sd efects in the morning and I do not feel hung over. The product is manufactued by Vitamin Classics not Garcoa Labs. I used to buy it at Walgreens and Discount Drug but now I am buying it at sleepmax.com. I don’t know why I can’t find it at more retailers…It’s a great product with no side effects!

  6. 6

    My son takes this and it works super well for him. The pharmacy where we were getting it does not carry it any more which is what prompted me to do this search. My son used to toss and turn for upwards of three to four hours, now he is out in about a half hour.
    We have noted no side effects.

  7. 7

    This product works for me roughly 90% of the time when I needed it..
    There are some nights when an Ambien or other drug would be needed.
    If I’m just not getting to sleep fast enough or can’t sleep the whole night. This product works.