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Sleep Aid Review
Sleep Aid Review

PUBLISHED: 12/19/2016 by BR Publishing
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Sleep Aid

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Sleep Aid is a water based spray which purports to relieve symptoms of sleeplessness such as nervousness and exhaustion. It’s distributed by company KingBio, a company from Asheville, North Carolina. They say their mission is, among other things, “to achieve the trust and respect of our customers and uphold the best product quality.” The company was founded in 1989 by a Chiropractic and Naturopathic Doctor, and they sell dozens of homeopathic products. The name of this product is a bit self explanatory – anyone with trouble falling asleep may be interested in it.


Sleep Aid contains the following ingredients: Aconitum napellus, arsenicum album, avena sativa, belladonna, camphora, cinchona officinalis, coffea cruda, cypripedium pubescens, hyoscyamus niger, passiflora incarnata, pulsatilla, valeriana officinalis. each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and 100x potencies in a pure water base. Inactive ingredients: Bio-Energetically Enhanced pure water, citric acid and potassium sorbate.

Product Features

Ingredients include purified water, Aesculus hippocastanum flos, Arsenicum album, Belladonna, Passiflora incarnata, and 10 other ingredients. According to a popular homeopathy guide, Arsenicum album (a dilution of the toxic substance arsenic trioxide) is one of the most important remedies, and might reduce anxiety. It could also impact cancer cells.

The Atropa belladonna plant (known as Belladonna or deadly nightshade) is famous because of its use in creating poisons. It’s found all over the world and has unpredictable effects on people. The various toxins in the foliage and berries can cause a bizarre delirium, hallucinations, and/or death. Historically, belladonna has also been used as a surgical anesthetic and cosmetic ingredient. It’s better known as an ingredient in poison-tipped arrows. Belladonna is said to be “one of the most toxic plants found in the Eastern Hemisphere.” Roots and leaves tend to contain the most toxins, but this varies by location. A few berries eaten by a healthy adult can cause hallucinations and distorted perception, and a dozen berries is usually lethal. Belladonna powder can be used in small doses as an herbal medicine. Traditional medicine has used it as a pain reliever, muscle relaxer, and anti-inflammatory. Most scientific research says that natural forms of belladonna aren’t effective. Versions which use its purified components exist in some prescription medicines and sleep aids. In homeopathy, belladonna is usually diluted to the 30C level. However, a “30C dilution” usually means there is no molecular trace of the original substance.

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  • Natural product which doesn’t contain alcohol, dairy, sugar, or obvious allergens.
  • Likely very safe, as this product is almost entirely purified water.


  • No evidence that homeopathic medicine is effective in any way, other than potentially providing a placebo effect.
  • Very difficult to find reviews or testimonials on this product, either positive or negative or neutral.


It’s not clear if Sleep Aid will work for everyone, but it could potentially work for some. Homeopathy in general is considered highly unreliable. Such medicines are rarely considered medicines. The entire concept of this type of homeopathy is to dilute toxic substances in water until you can’t find any traces of those substances. This leaves you with water, and water by itself can’t cure anything except dehydration. However, some people do claim they get results from certain homeopathic products. You can try something like Sleep Aid to see if it works. There’s a small chance it could.

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