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Sinol Headache Relief Review
Sinol Headache Relief Review

PUBLISHED: 04/11/2012 by BR Technical
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Sinol Headache Relief

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Sinol Headache Relief is manufactured by Sinol, an American healthcare company specialized in the production and online distribution of natural nasal spray products. They claim their products have proven efficiency in severe cases and types of headaches, chronic sinus problems, sinusitis and allergies.

Sinol Headache Relief is advertised as an alternative to orally administered medication and one of the first, non-addictive nasal sprays efficient in relieving headaches. The manufacturer claims this is an all-natural ingredients product which produces fast effects by relaxing the blood vessels.

The product is designed to help people who suffer from classic migraine attacks caused by the contraction of blood vessels surrounding the eyes and forehead. The manufacturer specifies it is most effective when symptoms first occur.

Sinol Headache Relief Ingredients

Sinol Headache Relief contains the following ingredients: Capsaicin (active component of the pepper plant and found in most spicy foods). Other ingredients are: Aloe Vera Extract, Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Extract, Sea Salt, Vitamin C and Capsicum 4x

Product Features

Sinol Headache Relief is a herbal and vitamin mixture. Capsaicin, the main ingredient is part of the capsaicinoids class and one of the most important compounds found in the chili pepper plant.

Capsaicin is medically used as a cream for the temporary relief of minor pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, backache, and strains. It is also used in the treatment of psoriasis, as an effective way to reduce itching and inflammation and regulates blood sugar levels. Several studies are currently conducted to mark out its properties to prevent type-one diabetes, kill prostate or lung cancer cells.

The manufacturing company claims that the product’s effectiveness is a matter of minutes and, due to its all natural composition, has no harmful side effects. The statement is not supported by clinical research, but is confirmed to a certain extent by the good reviews received from consumers.

The product is recommended for daily usage. For powerful headaches it is advised to spray each nostril 2-3 times. Children under the age of 12 should not use the product. Pregnant or nursing women can use it only under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Sale Price: $18.93

Free Trial* Available: No

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  • Natural ingredients (plant extracts and compounds and vitamins)
  • Good reviews received from consumers
  • 90-day refund policy


  • Reviewers have reported intense burning sensation in the nostril the first seconds after administration
  • The product is not FDA approved.


Sinol Headache Relief received rather positive reviews from users. The delivery system (nasal administration) is considered to be more effective than oral administration or other administration means.

The product is claimed to be clinically tested, however the manufacturer does not provide the methodology or the results of the research conducted. The product targets people who suffer from migraines attacks, and is presented as a more effective, side-effect free alternative to classical oral medicine.

Even though it is claimed to be an all natural ingredient product it is not advised to be used by pregnant or nursing women before seeking the healthcare professional’s advice.

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