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Siena Naturals Valerian Root Review
Siena Naturals Valerian Root Review

PUBLISHED: 10/02/2012 by brreader
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Siena Naturals Valerian Root

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Siena Naturals Valerian Root is advertised as a dietary supplement which promotes sleep. No specific benefit claims are made by the manufacturer, the American company Siena Naturals.

The manufacturing company is located in Colorado, United States and is committed to providing high quality nutraceuticals manufacturing as well as support services. The company claims to offer low pricing, low minimum orders and fast turnaround times to customers all around the globe. Siena Naturals offers support services such as planning, formulating, producing, labeling and marketing. Their products include herbal extracts, sports nutrition, vitamins, fatty acids supplements, etc.

Clear details on the formula and exact ingredients are not disclosed by the manufacturer, but can be obtained through an inquiry. The manufacturer of Siena Naturals Valerian Root offers the product for private labeling exclusively (OEM orders), for a minimum 1000 capsules order.

Siena Naturals Valerian Root Ingredients

Siena Naturals Valerian Root includes the following ingredients: Valerian Root extract.

Product Features

While the manufacturer of Siena Naturals Valerian Root offers little details on the core benefits of the product, the medicinal value of the Valerian Root Medicinal dates back thousands of years ago to the second century.

One of the earliest medicinal uses of Valerian root was to treat insomnia, a use still available today. It seems that certain chemicals called Valepotriates in the plant have a sedative effect. Research on its effectiveness as a sleep aid has had mixed results.

Also, several animal studies have shown Valerian may have the ability to reduce anxiety as well as to treat delirium, behavioral disorders, tremors and inflammation in the joints. However, insufficient human studies to confirm the aforementioned benefits.

Valerian is considered safe for most people when used short-term, whereas long term use is insufficiently studied. It can still cause side effects (headache, uneasiness, insomnia and excitability).

Since the product is only available for private labeling, no consumer reviews are available.

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  • Research on Valerian Root has had promising results;
  • There is a high level of customization for the formula, under the private labeling policy.


  • Long term safety of Valerian is not known and side effects have sometimes been associated to its consumption;
  • Only available for bulk orders;
  • No consumer reviews available.


Siena Naturals Valerian Root is marketed to promote sleep. The manufacturer claims the formula can only be manufactured under private label in GMP certified facilities. Details about the formula’s main ingredients, benefits and ailment claims are available only through a direct inquiry with the manufacturer.

Valerian Root has indeed been researched and proven to have sedative effect; hence Siena Naturals Valerian Root may prove effective in treating mild occasional insomnia and anxiety episodes. However, insomnia may indicate a serious health condition and it is recommended that you properly diagnose and identify the cause of the disease before proceeding to any treatment.

We advise you to talk to a professional before using any dietary supplement, including Siena Naturals Valerian Root.

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