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Sharp Thought Review

July 21, 2014BR Publishing
Editor's Review

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Sharp Thought Review

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Sharp Thought is a nutritional supplement manufactured by Country Life. The product advertises three main benefits: it supports mental clarity and increases focus and concentration capacity.

Country life is a U.S. company (headquartered in New York) claiming to be a leader in the field of nutritional supplements for 40 years. They are a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of a variety of sport nutrition and personal care products.

According to the manufacturer, Sharp Thought is efficient due to the special complex of the phospholipid Phosphatidylserine (PS) and DHA (part of the omega-3 acid), a combination identical to the one in which Phosphatidylserine is found in the brain. This formula is claimed to have direct results such as increasing cognitive abilities and memory and faster recall.

The product is addressed to adults suffering from focus and memory loss problems.


Sharp Thought includes the following ingredients: Phosphatidylserine (PS), Docosahexaenoic Acid from omega-3 (Sharp-PS(TM) Gold), cellulose (capsule shell), cellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, silica, maltodextrin.

Product Features

The formula is a conjugated complex of phospholipids and acids.
Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a phospholipid which has proven to be a safe and highly effective ingredient used in the composition of products which treat memory deficiency disorders. It is also used for its properties in improving concentration or focus capacities.

DHA is a form of the Omega-3 Acid with proven brain, eye and heart health benefits for all stages of life. DHA deficiency is associated with cognitive decline and severely depressed patients were found to have reduced DHA in the brain tissue.

The manufacturer does not provide empirical evidence to prove the product effectiveness, nor does it mention any side effects associated to the formula.

The recommended daily dose for adults is one capsule taken one to three times with food. Pregnant and nursing women, taking medication or planning a surgery should consult a doctor before using this product.

Sale Price: $30.57

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Mostly positive consumer reviews which report increased effectiveness in memory and recall
  • The manufacturer has a good reputation.


  • Not clinically tested (although the manufacturer claims it is, it does not provide evidence of research made)
  • The product is not FDA approved.


The product is a complex of 2 ingredients naturally found in the brain (Phosphatidylserine - PS and Docosahexaenoic Acid - DHA) which makes the formula easy to be assimilated and ensures a high level of effectiveness.

Although the manufacturer claims the product is clinically shown to increase mental clarity, it does not describe the methodology and results of the research conducted, thus the credibility of the allegation is questionable. Also the product is not FDA approved.

Nonetheless, the product has received good reviews from customers. Given that every patient is different, we advise our readers that a healthcare provider is consulted before starting treatment.

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Hayden March 7, 2013 at 7:54 pm

I was given a sample of this a few years ago. It was a sachet containing a single soft-gel (liquid capsule). It seemed to work quite well at the time. Recently I decided to order the product. It now turns up as a dry powdered form inside a regular hard shell capsule and It didn’t have any noticeable affect. Very disappointing that they made this change to their product, won’t be ordering it again.


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