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Serenity Now Review
Serenity Now Review

PUBLISHED: 03/24/2016 by brreader
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Serenity Now

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Serenity Now is a nutritional supplement designed to support stress coping mechanisms and reduce nervousness, frustration, and mental exhaustion experienced during stressful times. The company behind this supplement is DaVinci Laboratories. The producer has a history of more than 40 years in this industry and is located in Vermont, USA. The company remains a family owned business and claims to be dedicated to providing the safest and highest quality products that are backed by scientific evidence. Their policy is based on honesty towards the consumer, which allegedly has made them one of the leading companies in the dietary supplements industry. Their line of products is also impressive, with a few hundred products available at this time on the market.

The Serenity Now formula is based on a proprietary blend consisting of L-Theanine and Lactium, a patented compound extracted from cow’s milk protein. The third ingredient in this formulation is Stevia Leaf extract. We will analyze below each of the active compounds’ properties and their benefits in the stress reduction area.


Serenity Now contains the following ingredients: Serenity Now contains the following ingredients: Proprietary Blend containing L-Theanine (Suntheanine brand) and Casein decapeptide (Lactium), Stevia Leaf Extract, Xylitol, peppermint, artificial orange flavor, vegetable Stearate.

Product Features

Theanine is the main active compound in green tea. Suntheanine is a proprietary form of the amino-acid L-Theanine. This chemical has been shown to promote relaxation and calmness without altering the ability to think clearly and function in normal parameters. Other tonics (like Caffeine) have been reported to cause unwanted side effects along with the energy boosting effects. Some of the most common adverse reactions associated with such tonics include drowsiness, tremor, nervousness, and agitation, not to mention a sudden drop in energy levels after a few hours after the administration. Because it lacks such unwanted side-effects L-theanine is considered a superior tonic, and is commonly seen alongside Caffeine supplements particularly to smooth out te benefits and reduce the side-effects intensity. Suntheanine (and Theanine supplements in general) work by regulating the alpha brain waves, specific to the calm but alert state. At the same time it reduces the beta brain waves characteristic to excited states. Suntheanine also supports synthesis of GABA, the chief neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for the body’ response to stressful situations.

Lactium was shown to effectively improve sleeping patterns, one of the common problems experienced by individuals who are under a lot of stress. A double-blind placebo controlled study involving 32 human subjects stands as a testimony of the compound’s efficacy in improving various parameters regarding the quality of sleep in stressed people. Other studies have shown Lactium can also benefit the cardiovascular and digestive functions, and improve social and intellectual capacities.

Stevia has been traditionally used as a tea ingredient and as a sweetener. Medicinally it is used in the treatment of diabetes (studies confirmed it does not affect blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and tension), promote healthy weight (it does not increase calorie intake), improve metabolism, reduce blood pressure, and provide an effective antioxidant defense with potential benefits in the prevention of various types of cancer. There is a lot of controversy around Stevia products at this time, some researchers claiming the long-term effects and potential side-effects are unknown and cannot be evaluated at this time.

In his formulation however, the compound has been included merely to provide a pleasant taste, without adding any calories or increasing blood sugar levels.

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  • The formula is based on clinically researched and patented compounds
  • The product comes as chewable tablets with natural orange/mint aromas which make it easier to take
  • Serenity Now is based on the synergistic combination of L-Theanine with Lactium which improves the formula’s time of action and potentiates its calming effect


  • To ensure a month’s supply, consumers have to order 2 bottles of Serenity Now (2 capsules per day- 30 capsules per bottle
  • The monthly price is high ($78) + shipping taxes


Serenity Now is a nutritional supplement based on natural ingredients and proprietary compounds that have been researched as potential alternatives for reducing stress symptoms. The formulation has a pretty simple list of ingredients, based mainly on two compounds advertised to act as a synergistic blend with enhanced benefits in reducing stress levels.
Unfortunately there are no testimonials available at this time about this supplement. In lack of any scientific proof of its benefits, the potency of the formula is debatable. Still, let’s keep in mind that both L-Theanine and Lactium are considered generally safe for human consumption and have been individually shown beneficial for human health.

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