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SelfHelpStar Media Brain Power Review
SelfHelpStar Media Brain Power Review

PUBLISHED: 03/11/2016 by BR Technical
Editor's Review: 2.5/5.0
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SelfHelpStar Media Brain Power

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SelfHelpStar Media Brain Power is a book written to help those interested in finding ways to improve their cognitive abilities in a non-invasive way and by using the natural resources provided to us.

The book is sold under the SelfHelpStar Media label. It is structured in 4 different chapters as follows:
Chapter 1: Dissecting the brain
Chapter 2: Exercise for the mind
Chapter 3: Mental Nutrition
Chapter 4: Simple Memory Hacks

The book is claimed to be packed with essential information about the brain’s structure and how it works, exercises for “training” the brain towards becoming more performant, and what are the most nourishing foods for the brain.


SelfHelpStar Media Brain Power contains the following ingredients: Not applicable.

Product Features

SelfHelpStar Media Brain Power is advertised to offer proven steps and strategies on how to understand the brain’s role and how it this amazing organ coordinates all the organs and systems, maintaining the body in functional state.The readers will be also reading practical ideas on how to improve their IQ’s and cognitive capacities through the use of simple tricks, small adjustments in daily routine, or healthy eating habits rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients with key roles in the cognitive area.

Readers will find out how emotions appear, why some memories are harder to forget than others, how exercise improves not only physical health but also mental performance, why daily meditation is recommended for maintaining emotional balance, how vacations can revitalize the brain, and many other interesting things about brain’s structure and function

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Sale Price: $2.99

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon.com


  • SelfHelpStar Media Brain Power price (listed on Amazon.com) is very low.
  • The book is available in two formats (paperback and eBook)


  • There are only a few online reviews about SelfHelpStar Media Brain Power at this time.
  • We could not find anything about SelfHelpStar Media (who are they, what is their back-up, how many authors were involved in writing this book, what are the scientific foundations on which it is based- if there are any, etc.)


To us, this book looks very promising. It seems to cover various aspects related to brain’s health and performance, instead on focusing on a single area like we’ve seen in other similar papers. Unfortunately, there is a very low number of testimonials at this time, and we’ve already seen unsatisfied readers. These readers complain about the book not being detailed enough, and the lack of new information (compared to their general knowledge about the brain). However, other readers claim to have found the book interesting and helpful. Time will tell if it is a material that can satisfy the curiosity and the needs of those interested in achieving higher cognitive performances. If SelfHelpStar Media Brain Power proves to be only a theoretical paper but the so called strategies will be difficult to enforce, then this is just another book with unrealistic claimed benefits (like so many others out there).

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