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Root It Away Osha Syrup Review
Root It Away Osha Syrup Review

PUBLISHED: 01/31/2013 by BR Moderator
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Root It Away Osha Syrup

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Root It Away Osha Syrup is an herbal cough syrup marketed as being fast acting and also very potent, recommended even for the treatment of strong persistent coughs associated with symptoms of cold and the flu. It is manufactured by Terra Firma Botanicals.

Terra Firma Botanicals is a fairly small producer of herbal supplements from Oregon, USA set up in 1982. It focuses on developing organic products only, generally containing fresh or dried herbs, unfiltered organic honey and certified organic grain alcohol which makes products last longer. The company sells a lot of herbal remedies for various diseases but also products from the personal care sector. Their formulas can be purchased online from several stores and they are found at retail stores only in some regions of the country, more specifically in Oregon, California, Texas, Montana, Colorado, Washington Tennessee and New York.

According to Terra Firma Botanicals, Root It Away Osha Syrup is based only on certified organic herbs usually known for their antiviral and expectorant properties. The syrup works well even in clearing your throat of the thickest mucus and for improving respiration while suffering from congestion. It is recommended to people who are down with cold or the flu.

Root It Away Osha Syrup Ingredients

Root It Away Osha Syrup includes the following ingredients: Osha Root, Marshmallow Root, Elecampane Root, Mullein Leaf, Horehound Leaf, Fennel Seed, unfiltered Pacific Northwest honey, and 5% grain alcohol by volume.

Product Features

Root It Away Osha Syrup is an herbal remedy against cough used in respiratory infections, based on bronchitis medicinal plants. It contains osha, also known as bear root and Indian parsley. Osha has been used for centuries against respiratory infections by the Native Americans and in China. In America, it has also constituted a remedy against indigestion and muscle pains as well as sinusitis. This herb can bring more blood into the lungs, dilating them and triggering expectoration. It also calms down sore throats. There are more scientific studies on the Chinese osha than on the American one. Specialists have discovered that osha has antibacterial properties and that it contains a substance called oxytocin. Oxytocin may trigger labor contractions consequently it might not be safe for pregnant women. It may also cause nursing mothers’ milk to leak.

The formula for Root It Away Cough Syrup has not been tested in clinical trials; however, this is often the case with herbal formulations.

The syrup is sold in bottles of 2 and 4 ounces. There are not clear use instructions on the producer’s official website: Terra Firma Botanicals does not mention the recommended dosage and potential side effects or interactions with other drugs.

Sale Price: $9.00

Free Trial* Available: No

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  • It contains herbs used for centuries in treating cough symptoms
  • It is an herbal remedy marketed as effective even for strong persistent coughs
  • The average price per ounce is $3.75-$4.5, which recommends it as an affordable product
  • It contains only organic ingredients


  • There are few online customer testimonials
  • Shipping charges for the larger bottle may be at least $8 (while the 4 oz bottle costs around $15) if you order directly from the manufacturer’s website
  • It is not available in so many online stores
  • It can be bought offline only in some US states


Root It Away Osha Syrup may not have an established reputation among consumers all over the country given the rather limited number of online customer reviews and the fact that it is not available in so many online shops. Its list of ingredients would recommend it as an effective formula, as it contains herbs very well known in folk medicine. However, some herbs in its composition (like osha and marshmallow) may have side effects in certain individuals, like pregnant women and nursing mothers. Therefore, in our opinion, you should ask for medical advice before using Root It Away Osha Syrup.

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Root It Away Osha Syrup Review
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