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Relora Max Review
Relora Max Review

PUBLISHED: 01/12/2014 by BR Technical
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Relora Max

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Relora Max is offered as a dietary supplement based on a proprietary blend of herbal extracts effective in promoting weight loss and reducing stress. Information about the manufacturer of the formula, the origin of the active substances and manufacturing location is unavailable. The supplement is based on the active blend of Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense under the name of Relora extract. The formula is claimed to be the result of scientific research showing that stressful conditions results in unwanted gain weight, unhealthy eating patterns and mood disorders. This product is promoted as helpful in preventing all the negative effects by binding to several targets associated with stress, without causing a common side-effect associated with this type of supplementation, the sedation. The formula also regulates the production of stress-related hormones, known to be a major source of excessive fat accumulations in the body.

Relora Max is designed to help adults affected by the numerous stressful factors. Relora benefits include prevention of excessive weight gain, and alleviation of anxiety symptoms (such as restlessness, negative feelings and emotions or trouble sleeping). The active blend is a very popular ingredient of dietary supplements aimed to treat the types of disorders indicated above. The details of a clinical trial on the Relora extract are mentioned on the official web page, supporting the Relora benefits in reducing weight gain, normalizing stress hormone levels, and reducing anxiety scores. Relora is one of the natural solutions recommended by Dr. Oz. in fighting against weight-gain and anxiety as a result of stress factors.

Relora Max Ingredients

Relora Max contains the following ingredients: Relora (proprietary blend), rice powder, and gelatin.

Product Features

Relora Max is based on an herbal blend including two major active substances Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense. These are both medicinal plants used traditionally to treat a broad spectrum of conditions including stress and anxiety. The combination between these ingredients has been shown to control production of a stress hormone known as cortisol. When the body needs to react to stress factors, the levels of cortisol increase and trigger various reactions in the body. Some of the negative effects of excessive cortisol levels (particularly for longer periods of time) include lowered cognitive performance, impaired thyroid function, increased blood pressure, blood sugar imbalance, decreased bone density, and increased abdominal fat. The excessive weight gain may further result in other life-threatening disorders (serious heart problems). In this case, it is imperative for the body to relax in order to lower levels of this hormone and reinstate the body’s natural balance. The increased frequency of stress factors affecting modern men has led to more and more stress related disorders including obesity, circulatory problems, anxiety, and depression.

Relora Max’s benefits have resulted mainly from clinical studies involving both animal and humans (although reduced in number). The most common side effects of Relora include dry mouth, mild hypotension, or drowsiness (reported by some consumers). A direct relation between Relora and cortisol levels or between Relora and anxiety (in terms of reducing the levels of these parameters) is not scientifically proven. Relora anti-anxiety benefits are considered among the most important beneficial actions of the extract.

Relora Max is promoted to offer a proper support in combating all the negative side effects without affecting the body’s abilities to function normally due to the lack of sedation as side effect (common for traditional anti-depressant medication, for instance).

More uncommon Relora Max side effects are: thyroid or sexual dysfunction, heartburn, and shaking hands. Some drug interactions should also be taken into consideration particularly with drugs that have the similar claimed benefits (anti-anxiety product).
The suggested dose is 2 capsules daily, divided in 2 doses.

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  • The key substance is a patented-pending proprietary blend
  • The active blend is a very popular ingredient among similar formulations
  • The formula comes with a money back guarantee
  • The manufacturer offers a free bottle for trial
  • The price for a month supply is moderate, similar to what other formulas featuring Relora are marketed for
  • The active substance is clinically researched
  • Relora reviews from consumers document positive results of the formula


  • The manufacturer of the formula is untraceable
  • No side effects are mentioned on the official web page (although other sources mention various side effects for the use of Relora)
  • There are only a few testimonials from consumers about the formula
  • The scientific information linking Relora to cortisol (particularly in reducing excess of cortisol) is insufficient.


Relora Max is marketed as a natural approach suitable for all those who want to fight against unwanted weight gained caused by a stressful lifestyle. Although the official page only enumerates the countless benefits of such a formula, there are some major information gaps (drug interactions, adverse reactions, etc.)

The supplement is advertised as beneficial on multiple levels, due to a complex mechanism of action. Research involving Relora is available for consulting. The results of a clinical study involving tens of subjects are mentioned on the official site. This study supports Relora Max’s benefits on the overall weight gain, and anxiety levels. The product is claimed to have helped 8 out of 10 people in feeling more relaxed, reducing symptoms live irritability, sleeping disorders, poor concentration and emotional imbalance. Due to lack of an FDA approval and complete evidence regarding the negative effects, it is highly recommended to consult a healthcare professional before using the formula.

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