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Relax-All Review
Relax-All Review

PUBLISHED: 09/20/2012 by BR Publishing
Editor's Review: 2.8/5.0
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Relax-All is advertised as a formula which supports relaxation and calm and a healthy and restful night’s sleep and offer stress and anxiety relief.

The formula is manufactured by Metabolic Response Modifiers (MRM). The company produces a variety of industry leading supplements in a number of sports nutrition (pre and post workout products, protein powders and weight gainers) and health supplement categories (fatty acids, anti-aging formulas and creams, bones and joints products, brain and cognition supplements, etc). The company was founded in 1996 and currently offers over 100 products distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide.

The formula is recommended for those suffering from anger, chronic stress, tension, anxiety or who lack a good night’s sleep. People consuming alcohol or GABA related medication should avoid use. Relax-All is recommended for adult use only.

Relax-All Ingredients

Relax-All include the following ingredients: Calcium, Magnesium (aspartate), Neural Calm (proprietary blend) including L-Tryptophan, Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid (Phenibut 500 mg), Valerian Root Extract, Jujube extract, Inositol, Ashwagandha (1.5% withanolides), Chamomile Flowers, Lemon Balm, rice flour, and capsule made from plant cellulose.

Product Features

Relax-All is a mixture of herbal ingredients, minerals, and amino-acids deigned to promote relaxation and a restful night’ sleep. The supplement is advertised to contain no dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, gluten or yeast.

Chamomile is generally taken in a tea form for its soothing and quieting effects. The herb acts by depressing the central nervous system hence reducing feelings of tension and anxiety. In Europe it is used for a number of other medicinal applications including as a digestive aid, an antiseptic and assisting with relief of menstrual symptoms. While most people don’t experience side effects while taking Chamomile, mild allergies, skin redness and eye irritation have been reported.

Phenibut is a derivative of the naturally occurring inhibitory neurotransmitter known as GABA. Phenibut has the capacity to cross the blood brain barrier. Clinical data suggests it has positive effects on reducing anxious energy, by supporting tranquility and muscle relaxation. It is hence used to treat a wide range of ailments such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and insomnia. Concern exists regarding withdrawal symptoms, which have been reported by some consumers (anxiety, forceful heartbeat, tremors and depression). However, there have been no systematic studies of this problem.

The manufacturer recommends taking 2-4 capsules 30-45 minutes before sleep. Driving or operating heavy machinery is forbidden immediately after use. Consumer testimonials are generally positive, although some consumers complain of extreme side effects (headaches, lethargy and depression).

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  • The supplement is advertised to contain no dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, gluten or yeast;
  • Generally good consumer reviews.


  • Phenibut withdrawal symptoms experienced by some consumers;
  • Certain precautions are issued by the manufacturer;
  • Side effects associated to some of the ingredients.


Relax-All contains herbal ingredients such as Valerian, Chamomile and Ashwagandha, traditionally used for their sedative, calming effects. Also, the formula contains amino-acids and derivatives of amino-acids known to possess similar effects, but by employing different mechanisms of action.

All in all, the formula accomplishes its purpose. Consumer reviews generally tend to approve of our conclusion, with few exceptions when consumers experienced severe side effects or withdrawal effects (usually associated with Phenibut withdrawal). Like most sleep aids, this too is recommended to be taken immediately before sleep and comes with a few precautions and drug interaction warnings.

There are no side effects mentioned. However we recommend you ask a healthcare practitioner’s advice before use.

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Relax-All Review
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1 User Reviews about Relax-All
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    My mom has Parkinson’s Disease. Sometimes she has horrible muscle spasms throughout her entire body. Her head is pulled back and she is not able to bring it forward to a neutral position. Her back and stomach become like boards. Relax-All was recommended to her by a naturopathic doctor. This stuff is great. She will take the Relax-All and lay down. She also uses hear sometimes. And eventually she is able to be released from these tight muscles.
    We are so glad Relax-All is available!