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PurZanthin Review
PurZanthin Review

PUBLISHED: 05/02/2014 by BR Publishing
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PurZanthin is an antioxidant supplement designed to assist in maintaining the health of the skin, eyes, brain, and heart, increase endurance to physical stress and support a healthy joints and muscles (preventing inflammation). The formula is manufactured by a large producer of dietary supplements called Stop Aging Now. The company is a US based manufacturer specialized in creating dietary formulations for numerous health claims.

Although its benefits extend to several important organs and systems, the formula is classified as a Brain product. The main advertised advantages of PurZanthin are the proprietary complex called Zanthin (an all-natural Astaxanthin based blend from pure algae), the O2B Peroxidation Blocker technology (which maximizes the potency of the finisher product), and the clinically proven 4 mg dose in a single softgel
The formula is also marketed as entirely manufactured in US in an FDA inspected facility and following the strict USP standards of quality, purity, and potency. PurZanthin is recommended only for adults with a few exceptions: people already under medication (who are advised to consult a healthcare practitioner to ensure that the supplement does not interact with their current medication), and people with increased risk of bleeding or with bleeding conditions who should avoid completely such formulations.

PurZanthin Ingredients

PurZanthin contains the following ingredients: ZANTHIN Astaxanthin Complex, ZANTHIN Extract Astaxanthin Complex (Natural CO2 Extract of H. Pluvialis), Olive Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified water, O2B Botanical peroxidation blocker (including natural non GMO soy mixed tocopherols and spice extract).

Product Features

PurZanthin promoted as a natural, purified Astaxanthin source derived from the primary source of this substance, the microalgae H. Pluvialis. The manufacturer claims that current evidence has shown that this source provides more than 3 times the antioxidant power of the synthetic ally obtained Astaxanthin. In light of the latest research findings the compound is regarded as a super-antioxidant, more potent than any other known antioxidant in nature (other carotenoids, lutein, Zeaxanthin, or alpha-Tocopherol).

This substance is also considered to be part of the carotenoids family and is the one that gives the bright color of certain species of fish (like salmon) and crustaceans (lobster, shrimp, krill, etc.). There are only two natural types of sources currently known of Astaxanthin: the microalgae mentioned above, and the fish that uses these algae to nourish. Synthetic Astaxanthin is commonly used to feed the fish cultures grown for commercial purposes, in order to give them the characteristic red-orange color. However, this form of animal supplementing is not approved in the USA and is considered as much less beneficial for those who consume it.

Natural Astaxanthin has been widely researched in recent years. There is some evidence of the compound’s benefits in promoting healthy brain and cardiovascular functions, healthier skin, joints, and muscles, and in providing noticeable protection against UV damage on the skin and eyes. Research trying to determine additional benefits of this wonder nutrient is currently being conducted (including in the treatment of cancer and diabetes, etc). Treatment with Astaxanthin, even in higher doses is considered generally safe. A common side effect is the coloring of skin (orange tint).
The PurZanthin recommended dosage is 1-2 softgels daily. PurZanthin side effects are not indicated by the producer.

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  • The formula features a natural complex of Astaxanthin marketed as based on one of the purest sources available
  • The formula is obtained through a carefully selected technology that ensures its potency and long-term preservation
  • The manufacturer of the product is a popular American company with numerous products currently on the market
  • The formula has a 1-year money-back guarantee


  • The monthly price is relatively high (particularly when the maximum dose is taken)
  • The formula is sold only in 30 softgel bottles (enough for only half a month when the maximum dose is used)
  • The number of testimonials on other sources than the official site is limited


PurZanthin is a dietary formulation promoted as a superior product with countless benefits on the human health. While this is not a unique formula, it has the advantage of featuring a patented complex claimed as one of the most effective form of Astaxanthin available. The important thing to consider when choosing such a product is the source of the raw materials, and in this case weather it is a natural or a synthetic one. Clinical research has shown that the synthetic Astaxanthin is not only much less effective, but it can also cause unwanted side effects which are not caused when natural Astaxanthin is consumed (weather supplemental or from a food source). This formula is free of artificial substances (colors, flavors, preservatives) and common allergens.

However the manufacturer makes no indication that would suggest that this specific formula is a clinically researched supplement. The available reviews are also in limited number and contain mixed opinions. There are also several precautions to be considered mentioned by the manufacturer, and many more available for online consulting for those interested. But, to get a complete and correct idea about the product’s benefits and associated risks, we highly recommend informing your healthcare practitioner.

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PurZanthin Review
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5 User Reviews about PurZanthin
  1. 1

    I have been taking the product for 6 months and have noticed increasing dryness of the throat and tongue – could this be related – I have just stopped taking it to ascertain if it is related. Would be interested to know if anyone else has mentioned this

  2. 3

    Hi, I was checking your list of contents because I was considering purchasing PurZanthin. I was very hopeful since the information stated that the active ingredient is sourced from marine algae, and not from an animal source. Imagine my disapointment in discovering geletine in your list of ingredients. Regards, A. Bruist

    • 5

      Hi Paula,

      We couldn’t find a free trial for PurZanthin. As for interactions with other drugs, we strongly advise you to request your doctor’s opinion on this subject prior to starting treatment with PurZanthin. Although astaxanthin in considered generally safe, some side effects have been noticed in people with increased risk of bleeding.

      Kind regards,
      BR Editor