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Pterostilbene Review
Pterostilbene Review

PUBLISHED: 07/04/2016 by BR Publishing
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Pterostilbene is a natural dietary compound found in blueberries, almonds, and grape plants. It may serve a number of purposes to keep your body healthy, including regulation of cholesterol levels and your weight. This is one of more than 200 supplements sold by Carlson Labs, founded more than fifty years ago in Chicago. They’re currently located in the Arlington Heights suburb to accommodate their expansion. This is a successful company who has attained that success from a strong focus on quality and purity of supplement products.


Pterostilbene contains the following ingredients: Pterostilbene, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Hypromellose capsule.

Product Features

Pterostilbene is known as a component of blueberries and grapes (seed, leaf, vine). It’s produced by plants to defend against parasites and insects, and has antioxidant effects in humans. It’s occasionally considered part of why ingesting small but regular amounts of wine daily can be good for you.

There aren’t a lot of human studies out because this is something that’s only recently caught the attention of most people. In animal studies pterostilbene serves different purposes. In some studies it may help anxiety and mood while improving cognition, but only in very small doses. In other studies it helps cholesterol, blood pressure, and metabolism. It may even be useful for diabetics and cancer patients. In general, pterostilbene is considered a useful and important antioxidant which can have anti-aging properties.

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  • This is a useful chemical which can serve a variety of needs, safely and effectively. It might be superior to similar chemicals, or even some prescription medicines. More research is needed to discover and verify all of pterostilbene’s benefits.
  • Inexpensive and clearly labeled. You take one capsule a day by mouth for 50 mg of pterostilbene. No need for complicated routines or planning.


  • Taking pterostilbene by itself isn’t always optimal. Its potency can be increased when combining it with other things like grape seed extract. There also isn’t a known recommended dose for optimal effects, so it’s hard to know if 50 mg daily is good for you.
  • This ingredient is too general and would be better off as a part of another supplement. The benefits aren’t well researched yet. Although there may be a lot of benefits, it’s not clear what pterostilbene will do, or who it’s supposed to help. More studies are needed to really figure out what it’s good for, and how to effectively include it in supplement formulas.


Overall pterostilbene is considered a great addition to your daily diet. Blueberries and grapes are good for you as it is, and this might be a concentrated way to deliver many of their great effects in a simple capsule form. Carlson Labs says this product can give you the approximate equivalent of 2000 cups of fresh blueberries, which is quite a feat. Pterostilbene may improve your memory, regulate aging and metabolism, maintain cholesterol levels, and more. It seems to do a lot, although people are still looking into its effects and what it can do for you.

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