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Prost-X Review
Prost-X Review

PUBLISHED: 11/10/2013 by brreader
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Prost-X is a dietary supplement that was designed to support the healthy functioning of the prostate gland. The company behind the product is Standard Process, which was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee. The company focuses on the idea that a source of an ingredient is more important than the amount utilized in a remedy. The company is currently manufacturing  three lines of products: whole food supplements, herbal formula (the MediHerb brand), and veterinary formulas. Their clients seem to be satisfied with the services, as they usually receive positive reviews. This product was introduced in 1995.

According to the company’s statements, the formula has a very beneficial effect on the prostate, the part of the male reproductive system, as it includes Cytosol extract, calcium and Tillandsia usneoides, which are known to be effective for its functioning. Moreover, the supplement is stated to support the health of the nerve tissue, muscular and skeletal systems. The prostate is very important part of the male’s reproductive system.

Unfortunately, the company offers very few information on their official website about this product, so it is hard to make a good case on its effectiveness.

Prost-X Ingredients

Pros-X contains the following ingredients: Proprietary Blend (Tillandsia usneoides, calcium glyceriphosphate and bovine prostate Cytosol extract), gelatin, honey, water, colors, and calcium stearate.

Product Features

The ingredients included in Prost-X are known to be beneficial for tissue maintenance, development and repair. Several enzymes in the formula may play an important role in maintaining the tissues healthy, development of the lungs, kidneys, eyes and the embryonic tissue. They also contribute to the proper functioning and formation of the skeleton, muscle, tendons and capillaries. For this reason, enzymes of this kind may be beneficial in normal tissue restoration.

Prost-X includes a spreading factor that is known to cause tissue to be more permeable. It is known to support ideal cellular function by stimulating capillary formation. Phosphatases help many cellular processes by causing changes in protein structure. These enzymes are also involved in the proper glycogen synthesis. The supplement also features Cytosol extract, which offers concentrated nutrients that are very helpful when dealing with tissues in our bodies. On the manufacturers website there are available testimonials from consumers and they really seem to be satisfied with this product. The suggested use is one capsule per day, prefferably with a meal before. Although the company does not mention any side-effects, you should consult with a healthcare practitioner before beginning to use this supplement. The product has not been reviews by the FDA.

Sale Price: $41.99

Free Trial* Available: No

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  • One bottle may be enough for 1-to-3-months supply.
  • Prost-X seems to have no additive effects.
  • There are many positive testmonials available on the manufacturer’s website.


  • The company does not offer e quality money-back guarantee.
  • The product cannot be purchase from outside of the U.S.A


Prost-X seems to be effective in dealing with conditions related to the prostate gland. Testimonials are generally positive not only for this product, but also for the most dietary supplements provided by Standard Process. The supplements can be ordered from the manufacturer–s official website, but only if you live in the U.S.A.. However, you can purchase the product from many other healthcare professionals or online retailers, which usually do not need shipping charges. According to this company, Prost-X differs from other supplements because it provides multiple nutrients from a variety of plant and animal sources, the formula is not dissociated into isolated components and it ensures quality and safety.

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Prost-X Review
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