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Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites Review
Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites Review

PUBLISHED: 02/13/2013 by BR Technical
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Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites

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Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites represents a homeopathic remedy which aims to provide nutritional support for individuals who suffer from poor prostate functioning or those who desire to lower their risks regarding prostate illnesses. Furthermore, the manufacturer also states that its remedy seeks to provide an array of vitamins and nutrients that help maintain the health of organs and normalize bodily functions.

Currently, this product is manufactured by a company called Vitality Products. This business was established in the year 1990 and its founder goes by the name of L.W. Bob Brooks. With more than thirty years of experience on the nutritional market, the business is one of the world leaders in nutritional and dietary supplements. Their target is providing the individual with high-quality supplements at low costs. This is the reason why their motto is: “We seek to raise the standards for nutrition and wellness.”

Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites is sold in an easy to digest and intake form of gelatin capsules that should present no trace of artificial ingredients, chemicals, preservatives or added filters. Compared to similar products, this one requires no refrigeration and is presented as one of the most comprehensive and complete remedies for prostate health that can be found anywhere in the world.

Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites Ingredients

Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites includes the following ingredients: Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol), Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI), Folic Acid (as folate), Zinc (as picolinate), Selenium (as l-selenomethionine), Copper (as gluconate), Saw Palmetto berries (serenoa repens), Pygeum Africanum extract (prunus Africana), Plant Phytosterol complex (yielding 95%), l-Alanine, Glycine, Burdock root (arctium lappa), Cayenne (capsicum annuum), Cranberry extract (vaccinium macrocarpon), Goldenseal root (hydrastis Canadensis), Marshmallow root (althaea officinalis), Nettle root powder extract (urtica dioica), Parsley leaves (petroselinum crispum), Pipsissewa (chimaphila umbellatra), Pumpkin seed (cucurbita pepo) extract, Siberian Ginseng root (eleutherococcus senticosus), Lycopene (as tomato), and gelatin capsule.

Product Features

One of the main components of Prosta-Plus 22 Nutrivites is cayenne. It is thought to possess the ability to maintain and support healthy brain processes. Because of this, there has been a series of studies that revealed its usefulness when dealing with brain inflammation, vision loss, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, paralysis, and stroke. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that it also has a positive impact when it comes to inhibiting the oxidative degeneration of the brain, thus avoiding related injuries.

Another ingredient contained by Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites is marshmallow root. It is frequently used when dealing with bladder infections, interstitial cystitis, lactation, pregnancy as well as frequent urination. Despite the fact that this ingredient has been used in traditional medicine for decades, it has only recently come to the attention of researches that are still seeking for its potential effects.

Pumpkin seeds are also featured in this formulation and are known to be the most nutritional seeds that can be eaten by individuals because they contain high levels of phosphorus, magnesium and manganese. By eating these seeds, a person can reduce inflammation and pains caused by arthritis while also lowering cholesterol levels which are a matter of concern for nowadays lifestyle. However, further research is needed in order to generally determine these positive effects.

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  • Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites contains a blend of herbal extracts mixed with vitamins and some amino-acids that particularly focus on helping people that have prostate-related issues
  • The manufacturer of the product has more than twenty years of experience, thus it is highly probable that the remedy was improved based on consumer feedback


  • None of the manufacturer statements passed FDA approval
  • People under 18, pregnant and lactating women can’t follow this treatment due to possible side effects


Due to its components, Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites may be able to enhance immunity, improve memory and regulate bodily functions related to the prostate. However, considering the fact that this product has not passed FDA testing, its effectiveness can only be assured throughout consumer feedback as well as its components.

All in all, Prosta-Plus 22 NutriVites features an herbal blend destined to lower the risks regarding prostate illnesses or help people that suffer from poor prostate functioning. It is viewed as one of the most popular products of these kind on the market because of its manufacturer and its claims regarding the high quality and availability.

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