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Procera AVH Review
Procera AVH Review

PUBLISHED: 11/23/2011 by breditor
Editor's Review: 3.2/5.0
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Procera AVH

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Procera AVH is one of the most popular natural memory boosting supplements in the United States. Developed by Brain Research Labs, the formula is promoted as an effective way to deal with the brain fog that keeps you from concentrating on everyday tasks. Brain Research Labs was co-founded by Robert Heller and Josh Reynolds. Together they have over 40 years of experience in the emerging field of brain performance and health.

According to Procera AVH official website, over the years, Robert Heller and Josh Reynolds have worked with top neurosurgeons, neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists and neurologists from prestigious research medical schools and universities (Scripps, Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and UC Irvine) to create an “all-natural solution” for peak mental performance and longevity.

While the official website shows a plethora of clinical evidence to support the claims behind the formula, none of the studies link to an outside source where the official study is published. Strangely enough, they even have a special section to teach visitors how to look for clinical studies before trying a brain supplement; but the official website offers none of the recommended aspects.

Procera AVH Ingredients

Procera AVH contains the following ingredients: Proprietary blend (Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, Acetyl -L-Carnitine), microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, stearic acid, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, silica, and film coating (hypromellose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, and polyethylene glycol).

Product Features

According to Brain Research Labs, Procera AVH can increase cerebral vascular blood flow, hence boosting memory capacity and mood.

The formula includes a proprietary blend of three key ingredients: Huperzine A, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and Vinpocetine. However, important information (such as the exact amounts of each ingredient) is not disclosed, making it difficult for us to assess elements such as product effectiveness and safety. All we know is that Procera AVH contains a proprietary blend consisting in 1,515 mg of active ingredients.

Huperzine A is a Chinese club moss (Huperzia serrata) extract, a plant native to India and Southeast Asia. The plant has been used for centuries to treat muscle strains, rheumatism, bruises, colds, swelling, and even to improve blood circulation. More recently, this herb has been used to treat some forms of schizophrenia.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is one of the several forms of carnitine that can be found naturally in the human body. In short terms, this powerful antioxidant helps the body burn fat into energy. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is commonly use in memory supplements or supplements that work on overall brain health but there is little evidence to support the weight loss related claims.

Vinpocetine is a natural extract of the periwinkle flower. It has the property to support better blood flow to the brain and to improve the brain activity by increasing the number of key neurotransmitters (such as acetylcholine).

Procera AVH clearly is a brain supplement for the aging adult having problems with memory. It is important to note that all 3 key ingredients have been clinically tested and proven effective in improving memory, but only in aged population. Young people trying to obtain the same results might get disappointed with what this product have to offer.

Sale Price: $64.99

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Brain Research Labs shows some clinical studies to support their claims;
  • Purchasers of Procera AVH will also receive a free of charge “20/20 Brain Power” book written by Joshua Reynolds;
  • The product has been tested on humans with relative success;
  • The core ingredients are all approved by the FDA. However, the formula is not;
  • Affordable price;
  • All ingredients are claimed to be 100% natural.


  • Brain Research Labs is providing a number of clinical studies to support their claims regarding this product. However, some of these studies seem questionable, to say the least, as no independent agency reported same results, only the company;
  • Numerous unhappy customers have posted messages on forums reporting ineffectiveness of the product and unexpected side effects;
  • The product may only work for aging adults.


Unlike other brain supplements, Procera AVH appears to target more the elderly for best results. The three key ingredients are all natural and relatively safe to use with very few reported side effects. While Brain Research Labs offers enough information and a plethora of clinical studies for their product, most of these studies have been taken outside of the United States.

We also feel that there is not enough information on the formula itself. The information we were able to find online comes mostly from the manufacturer or from its partners.

However, the lack of information does not necessarily mean the supplement doesn’t do what the company claims it does. While the question “Does Procera AVH really work” may not have a clear answer yet, if you are above 50 and looking for a natural supplement that will enhance your brain function and improve memory, this product may be a good choice.

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Procera AVH is one of the most popular natural memory boosting supplements in the United States. Developed by Brain Research Labs, the formula is pr…
Procera AVH Reviewbreditor32017-12-15 04:14:36
Procera AVH is one of the most popular natural memory boosting supplements in the United States. Developed by Brain Research Labs, the formula is pr…
Procera AVH Review
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194 User Reviews about Procera AVH
  1. 2

    I decided to try Procera AVH because of its incredible TV publicity and countless websites that claimed such great things about it, so I suppose it was skepticism more than anything else. I don’t know if my memory is better, but my wife is adamant about the overall mood improvement since I’ve started taking them.

  2. 3

    Procera AVH did not work for me. Given its numerous advertised benefits, you would think it would have at least some sort of beneficial effect. I didn’t feel the memory benefits, no changes in my mood, or energy levels. Wasted money!

  3. 4

    Marsha Benitez

    I really like this product. It did take about 2 weeks before I started to really notice any changes but when I did it was great… I’m less forgetful and I’m able to get things done without losing focus or becoming stressed-out.

  4. 5

    Ely Michaelson

    When I was taking this supplement I did feel some improvements in my overall mood and energy levels, but nothing out of the ordinary. It was the same feeling I get when I manage to get a full night rest and healthy meals at regular hours. Wouldn’t buy it again though…

  5. 6

    Mary Hawkins

    This is a really good product. I was forgetting things all the time and I was in a very bad mood. Since I started taking this product, I feel more motivated and relaxed and my memory has improved visibly.

  6. 7

    I have been using Procera for the past year with great results and I’ll continue to do so for as long as I’ll feel a differnece

  7. 8

    Valerie Lynwood

    I wanted to try Procera AVH because it is based on herbs mostlyt and I think herbal supplements is the least harmful type of supplementation. Herbs have been used for thousand of years to treat a wide variety of affections. And I am not sorry for taking this decision. Procera AVH gives me an extra energy boost and helps me think more clear in stressful situations. I have’t noticed any side effect so far.

  8. 9

    Me and my wife are both taking this supplement to help us be more effective in fulfilling our daily chores. I think it does a pretty good job in supporting healthy energy levels and boosting our memory. I feel better whenever I take it, and for me it doesn’t have to be a total change to believe in its benefits. I love the subtle effect and hope it remains beneficial on long-term.

  9. 10

    I took Procera AVH for about two months and noticed a slight improvement in my overall thinking abilities. I was able to focus for longer periods of time and retained new information faster. But nothing out of the ordinary unfortunately. I discontinued the treatment.

  10. 11

    im bipolar i have used procera for six months and my depression has became mild that lately i can function better than before when i used to have a vey serious and severe bipolar depression.. procera has helped a lot.

  11. 12

    I am not disappointed but not fully convinced either. Maybe I have to give it a little more time, since all my acquaintances are really enjoying the benefits. Will come up with an update, I promise!

  12. 13

    I take Procera to keep my mood in check, but I also noticed it sharpens my mind, like I can think a bit more clearly and my thoughts are more focused now. I’m definitely going to keep taking it, seeing what great effects I have from it!

  13. 14

    I’m really glad the missus started taking this, her mood swings would give me whiplash sometimes. Now all is peachy between us again

  14. 15

    Christopher R.

    I was having issues keeping up with reading at the speed I used to, and my glasses were fine so I thought that it must be my mind that’s slow then. Turns out, I was right! and Procera helped fix the problem really nicely.

  15. 16

    I tend to use only amino acid based dietary supplements, this one is a good example of why. It supports my memory in an excelent way and it also gives me a clear and focused mind.

  16. 17

    My learning capacity is clearly related to my mood and this formula helps me with both so it tends to be perfect for me.

  17. 18

    Lesley Elsabeth

    I really did not feel a difference after trying this product, i did not really help me but seemed to not cause me any problems either. It must be me…

    • 20

      Hello Marlin,

      There are no reasons to believe that Procera AVH raises your blood pressure, it simply facilitates the flow of blood through your brain and body. If you have any concerns regarding what effects this supplement might have on your body, please contact a healthcare professional.

      BR Editor.

  18. 21

    My best friend works as a software developer in a very competitive environment. He does a lot of overtime and he seems to be in shape all the time. I asked him about his secret and he told me that he loves his job and he also makes a lot of physical effort and takes Procera AVH for better concentration. I have decided to give this supplement a try.

  19. 22

    Over the first two months of use I have felt fantastic results from Procera. My former stressed and insecure self was history. After that initial period the effects started to plateau and I finally reached a steady state when I feel it no longer brings me any benefits. I am trying to see if I need it to maintain this state.

  20. 23

    Multitasking is difficult and I’ve never been one to do it efficiently. I have struggled with complicated tasks for years, with no chance in gaining a promotion. Finally, half a year ago, I decided to try a brain supplement and I chose Procera-AVH. I am getting better and better and I am very optimistic about it!

  21. 24

    This product was much better than I expected. I only tried it because my brother was pestering me with its supposed benefits. I feel more calm and I can do more tasks every day before I get exhausted. I’m very happy that I decided to try it out.

  22. 25

    I also tried this one and I feel the same way… I have taken it for 8 weeks and nothing at all happened. I will not buy it again.

  23. 26

    It was a little meh at the start but it has gradually grown until I decided not to drop it, despite my initial assessment. I have tried to pair it with other products but I haven’t noticed any real differences. It could be a good product to start with. Cheers!

  24. 27

    I am using Procera AVH for a couple of months and I am still waiting for improvements. Nothing seems to be changed so far. I will come back with further details, if any…

  25. 28

    Procera AVH is a good way improve your mood and be a more balanced person. It did that for my family. We are taking it on a daily basis and we are healthy and happy!

  26. 29

    I bought Procera AVH from Amazon at a reasonable price, first time a few months ago. After I told my girlfriend about its amazing effects,she said she wants to try it too. Tomorrow I will search for good offers for both of us. Great formula!

  27. 30

    Procera-AVH help me to organize my mind and to turn off the multitude of thoughts that were crossing my mind and kept me from concentrating. I have developed my focus and improved my memory after only a couple of months treatment. It was a great investment for my health and happiness.

  28. 31

    Procera is a good remedy for those that are trying to improve their memory and concentration. It surely did this job for me and I am happy that I have tried it!

  29. 32

    Since I have started the administration of Procera AVH, I feel more confident in myself and I feel I could solve any kind of problem. I feel more focused, organized and motivated than ever.

  30. 33

    Lately, I was feeling down because I have received only bad news. It’s like a string of diseases that never end to struck my family. I couldn’t concentrate anymore at work and neither at home. Thanks to Procera I have managed to keep my job and also to be more organized at home, because I have to be the rock for my family and to figure a way out to move on.

  31. 34

    There a re plenty of ways to make you forget about daily stress and make you more happy and pleased. Most of them thou involve things that I don;t really care for. That’s why I turn to supplements like Precera here. It does everything I need without making me change my lifestyle.

  32. 35

    I have been told that when you feel down you need to search for help. And so I did. My best friend recommended me Procera AVH and I feel much better after a couple of months. Amazing product! 4 stars from me!

  33. 36

    I am always searching for ways to improve brain performance and health. I even set aside an hour every day to play online games that have the main purpose to enhance memory and focus. And I also use Procera-AVH, that works pretty well.

  34. 37

    This supplement worked well for my brother. My family and I use to think that he was having serious troubles, but we are happy that Procera AVH solved the problem. Thanks, great performance!

  35. 38

    I have seen this product at my best friend’s kitchen table and I have decided to make some research. After reading positive reviews and opinions about it, I decided to try it. After 2 months I can say that I made progress and I will continue the treatment with Procera-AVH.

  36. 39

    I am a software application programmer and my life is pretty much the same every day. Procera AVH helped me to keep a positive attitude and also it helped me to concentrate and work for longer hours. It also enhances my productivity at work. Thanks.

  37. 40

    I can concentrate better since I have started taking Procera AVH. I can sleep more and have more energy than ever. I am involved in a multitude of activities and the great part is that instead of being exhausted, I have more energy than ever to make new hobbies and always be active.

  38. 41

    Procera has been recommended to by a close friend of mine. She said that it made her less depressed and that she feels a lot more focused every day. I have tried it for two months and I finally stated to feel what she was talking about. Better late than never.

  39. 42

    I have managed to find a new way to keep cool and focused thanks to Procera. I theoretically knew what I had to do but I had a lot of stocked negative energy that made everything more difficult than it should. Procera helped get rid of it and get on with my plans.

  40. 43

    One of the best herbal solutions for concentration. I don’t know anything based on herbs that has better results than this product. You could get expensive complicated medicine but that is irrelevant. You should consider trying this one too.

  41. 44

    Procera AVH is an old friend of mine that helped me through difficult times. It continues to help me to concentrate for longer periods of time and to finish all my projects in time. It also provides enough energy to spend precious moments with my wife and my two gorgeous kids.

  42. 45

    Procera AVH helped my grandmother very much. Because she is very old, her mind is starting to get weaker day by day. With the help of this supplement she has a healthy mind and a good mood.

  43. 46

    I have found a good deal for this product and I didn’t hesitate to buy it and try it! It really works for me and I will definitely use it again!

  44. 47

    I am very happy that I gave this supplement a try! My grandfather is making real progress lately and he and my grandmother are starting to get along. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and we are trying everything we can to delay the symptoms of this illness.

  45. 48

    I find it easier to concentrate on one single thing when I need to. That’s huge progress for me, but I still have issues when I need to juggle multiple problems simultaneously. I hope a longer treatment will solve that problem too.

  46. 49

    Although this product is not advertised for weight loss, I’ve noticed that it improves my mood considerably during long diets. By using it I was able to motivate myself to keep the diet until the end, losing a lot of weight and feeling really good about it.

  47. 50

    Me and my girlfriend have tried this over the last few months. For us it is a clear success and we think we may have just found our supplement of choice. It made us more calm and we were able to find more ways to relax than we ever did.

  48. 51

    This doesn’t do half of what it claims it does. That being said, half of a large list is still a lot. Concretely, this helped me clear my head and remove the lack of confidence that has plagued be since I can remember. As long as you know what you’re in for, this may be a good choice.

  49. 52

    Procera is a good mood booster for me. I like working late into the night once I reach that mental state in which I work very effectively. This however is pretty exhausting in the long run and in makes me kinda nervous some times. Procera helps me both with the nervousness and the exhaustion.

  50. 53

    I’ve been using it for quite a while and it has done many great things for me. I’ve climbed up the job ladder a couple of times and I’ve managed to impress both my bosses and my colleagues. This is a good product, have no fear in giving it a try.

  51. 54

    My favorite so far. It’s affordable and very effective every step of the way. After only a week of use I’ve felt more concentrated and happy and I immediately realized all the good that this does for me. I haven’t ever felt like this and I wouldn’t go back for anything in the world.

  52. 55

    I am so excited that I found Procera-AVH! With my busy program I did not find enough time for myself, so I have a poor diet! And this herbal supplements helps me be in shape all the time. I have more energy and I think positively most of the time! I have more courage to change my lifestyle, this meaning a healthier diet and regular physical activity!

  53. 56

    The only direct effect it had on me was me being less tense at work. However, this had a lot of ramifications as I would no longer arrive home stressed. I could enjoy a nice cup of tea in the evening without thinking of the long day tomorrow.

  54. 57

    Yay this is awsome! It lifts my spirits up a whole bunch. It is the best thing that I’ve taken so far and I think that you should try it and see if it works for you. I’m not the only one that likes it, quite a few of my friends use it and all of them like how it performs.

  55. 58

    I like this product a lot and I’ve taken a lot of it. I need a boost on a daily basis because i work very long boring shifts but I also need to pay attention to a huge list of parameters that rarely change and it gets a lot on my nerves. Procera helps me a great deal with this.

  56. 59

    Hm… I think this reduced the frequency of my angry outbursts. I don’t know if this was the result of the supplement, because I made several changes in my lifestyle. Either way, at least it didn’t have any side effects.

  57. 60

    Hello there! Just dropping by to confirm the fact that Procera is a good product. I worked very well for me right from the start. I feel focused and I find it easy to pay attention to multiple things at the same time. Loving it!

  58. 61

    I used to fight with my room mates all the time. We are all different kinds of people with different hobbies and different sleep schedules. There is always someone that is pissed because he can’t sleep because of the rest. We all deal with all of this differently, but I use Procera on a daily basis and it seems to work.

  59. 62

    I think this made me a much happier person overall. I’ve been feeling down a lot less and I all my friends tell me I’m really fun to hand out with. That would have never happened a year ago, before I started using Procera.

  60. 63

    No matter how much I try these products, I still can’t escape the feeling that there must be another way. Procera helped me with the constant state of confusion that I found myself in. In this sense, it proved to be effective. However, I’m sure there must be a way of getting what I need from regular food.

  61. 64

    I suffered from extensive migraines because I did not succeed in dealing with daily stress at all. It got so bad that I would vomit often. I stayed away from powerful medication because I feared side effects, but supplements like Procera offered me the necessary relief.

  62. 65

    I’ve had a very weird period of wild mood swing that puzzled me greatly. I am usually a very optimistic person but increasing anxiety made me act erratically. Procera-AVH helped me get over that period and now I’m well again.

  63. 66

    Procera AVH is one of the best brain boosters I’ve tried over the years. Every time I tried a new one I notice different results. Some were potent but developed tolerance quickly, others barely had any effects, while others ramped up their effects way too slowly. This product has none of those drawbacks. It’s been a great experience using it and I confidently recommend it.

  64. 67

    Dan F. Jason

    My mind has been a mess since I flunked my first exam. I started becoming more and more anxious with each passing day until I found myself unable to concentrate on anything at all. My father got really worried and started looking for a solution. In the end he got me Procera-AVH and it worked very well. Now I’m back on track and no longer afraid of failing.

  65. 68

    I like how this makes me feel. I’ve used it a lot this year and it made me feel better in every possible way.

  66. 69

    I used to be so mad with stress that I smashed objects in my house to relieve pressure. Now not only do I feel better, but I can keep my focus without going crazy. It’s great!

  67. 72

    Does anyone one the cheapest place to get Procera? BrainOpinions looks cheap enough but I was wondering if there is any cheaper :)

  68. 73

    I have noticed some improvements with my memory and overall alertness, but not that much. Maybe there are better products out there.

  69. 74

    My father is very satisfied with this product. Can’t really say if it works on everybody, as I heard mixed reviews, but is sure works for him.

  70. 76

    Since I’ve been using Procera AVH, I feel more alert and I can remember numbers more easily. This is very important to me as I work as a financial controller.

  71. 77

    My GP told me I suffer from PTSD and as I didn’t want to take any potentially addictive medication, I thought I would try Procera AVH for my memory together with PureCalm for my anxiety problems. I think I made a good choice. I have been taking these supplements for two months and I feel the difference.

  72. 78

    My little sister has been using Procera AVH for a couple of months now and for the last month her grades have been going up considerably. We were worried that she wouldn’t get a college scholarship anymore but now she seems to be back on track. She started having memory problems after a traumatic brain injury.

  73. 79

    I believe Procera AVH may be just too potent for me. I am a full time mom and I took Procera just to get an energy boost, but instead I got stomach upsets. Also for five minutes or so, my vision got blurry.

  74. 80

    Rob Sutterfield

    I bought Procera for my dad, he’s 70 now and has started to have memory problems 3 years ago. He now seems to be better although not as he used to. We are going to buy this formula even if there are other more efficient on the market because it does not seem to interfere with his BP medication.

  75. 81

    I purchased this supplement for my aging mother who was feeling tired even when she woke up in the morning. She’s now definitely feeling better, she has more energy.

  76. 83

    I have used Procera for a couple years but one tablet a day. Definitely positive memory enhancement results if not just plain amazing. A few years ago I was scared as all get-out I was getting Alzheimer’s. The change is jaw dropping. My work life is 100% better. I can go to meetings now and remember sophisticated details where before, well it was not pretty.

  77. 87

    Many products contain Huperzine A but that doesn’t mean that all those side effects will occur. I did some research as well. The chance for that to happen is close to 0. It doesn’t means the product is bad…

  78. 88

    My father suffers from Alzheimers and Procera appears to help him. In one week we saw a significant improvement in him.

  79. 91

    Procera is a B- supplement. It works, but up to a point. Not as good as advertised, that’s for certain.

  80. 92

    procera has a lot of hype but its just a over priced pill
    there are much better out there and i will find it

  81. 93

    Mandi Grandger

    The product is OK but I had problems with their customer support too. I called and no one called me back. I wrote, and no one wrote me back. I wrote again and got some random answer from one of their rep…seemed more like a robot to me.

  82. 96

    I really wanted to like Procera but I just fool myself. It provided a little relief but it was so expensive I just couldn’t justify it.

  83. 100

    I must say that Procera AVH is a handy little supplement. By no means is it perfect but it does bring back some jolly good memories.

  84. 101

    Steven Tawnson

    I’m satisfied with this product. Each time I order, the package arrives in time, no problems with payment. I am using procera for many years now.

  85. 104

    Dennis Fraiser

    Be very careful when you order this from the company! They will keep send you this product and charge you for that! It’s unbelievable. Just found myself with enough product for 4 months …although I have ordered only once.

  86. 107

    I really wanted to like Procera but between it’s outrageously high price and that it provides minimal relief, to say I was disappointed is an understatement.

  87. 108

    Very very strong formula. Easy to swallow, no side effects so far, affordable. I will order again for sure.

  88. 111

    Anne Holifield

    This is probably the best supplement for brain health out there. I know it’s the best I’ve tried and I’ve gone through dozens of pills and tablets looking for one that would give me the results I want. Procera is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.

  89. 114

    Stephen Eldredge

    In my opinion this isn’t a fantastic product. It’s mildly effective but not enough to cover the price. Overall it’s not something you want to just try, maybe if there was a trial sample or something it’d be worth it.

  90. 115

    I’ve been taking Procera for over a year and it’s worked wonders. I used to have problems with mood swings, which I’ve always thought was weird being a guy but Procera has helped me by balancing out my mood. This is a great product and well worth the money.

  91. 117

    Since being diagnosed with adult ADD I have tried a number of prescription drugs like
    Adderall, Adderllin or Strattera. Nothing worked. Thank goodness I found Procera AVH! It
    doesn’t make me nervous or sick to my stomach. I have told some of my friends about this
    product and they are willing to give it a try as well.

  92. 118

    The product didn’t worked for me. I have asked the company for a full refund (as stated in their policy). In exchange I have received $60 out of $220 (4 bottles). So much for money back guarantee

  93. 119

    A few years ago I used to take Procera AVH regularly. I raved about the product sharing it with friends and coworkers but since the economy has been in the pisser I can’t really afford it at the asking price. Hell my cell phone bill is about the same.

  94. 122

    This product works for me. In about 9 days i saw i was able to read much more. the mental concentration , focus returned giving me confidence. I am not a smoker, non-drug user, overall healthy, not over weight, not taking any prescription.. and 45 yrs old female. I took only 1 tablet per day not 3..just to see. I will monitor and keep you informed. So far no side effects, am able to sleep as usual, no head aches, nothing

  95. 126

    There seems to be more negatives than positives with concerns of affectiveness, delivery of product and pricing/refunding. I have family members that suffer from Biopolar disoder something like this type of product would be better because of the natural ingredients. Unfortunately supplements like this will not be approve by the FDA because of politics between the Government and Pharmaceutical corporations.

  96. 127

    I completely disagree with what you’re trying to say here. The product does work and compared to the costs of many other supplements, Procera AVH is very reasonable. It might be a few dollars more, but its definitely comparable in costs to products that are similar.

    Not too mention that Brain Research Labs has been established and successfully providing this product for many years and is a very reputable company. My husband and I both take Procera regularly and we find the cost to be on par with what the supplement provides.

  97. 129

    It happened to me too! The first week I started getting dizzy and although I’m on special medication for blood pressure, something was not OK. I had to discontinue the treatment with Procera. $50 of my money that I will never see again….

  98. 132

    procera sounds like a deal but im worried about huperzine A…some friends told me it can lead to all sort of side effects and problems like that. im using procera for 3 weeks without problems and with good results…but im scared of the potential side effects.

    • 133

      Having Huperzine A is not necessarily a bad thing. Many great products contain that ingredient. In fact, i use Procera for almost 1 year and i can tell you this: it’s amazing!

  99. 134


    I bought this product at GNC. I have a very stressful office job and I also need to study for my final exams. I was feeling very exhausted and I couldn’t focus. I wasn’t convinced to buy Procera but one of my colleagues recommended it to me so I decided to give it a try. It appears to be working. However, I did some research on its ingredients and I’m worried about possible side effects. Some ingredients appear to be dangerous.

  100. 135

    If it weren’t for Procera I don’t know where I’d be right now. That sounds a little melodramatic but it’s true. I was always anxious and nervous, I was jittery and couldn’t focus. After taking Procera I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. I could interact better with people and I started dating again. My confidence has never been higher and I have Procera to thank for all of it. Procera may very well have saved my life.

  101. 136

    Just a small tip for those who get this product for the first time: when you buy procera, open the box and visually inspect the pills. They should all be WHITE with some small brown specks. If the pills don’t look like that, return the package.

  102. 137

    I’m a senior student, plugging through endless papers and lectures. I have tried Procera AVH hoping for a boost in alertness, focus and awareness. Based on reviews I assumed this product is going to be a top quality supplement but I was wrong. No real changes…no noticeable benefit.

  103. 138

    this is the best way to dscribe procera product. it does work but it doesnt do major amazing mind blowing things to carry the unprecadented costs

  104. 140

    Same here…and even after you ask them to stop…they will still send you another month supply. It’s a scam!

  105. 142

    Procera AVH worked for me in small ways that I noticed. I could tell the difference after using it for a few months, but it didn’t seem like it made enough difference for me to justify the ridiculous price tag.

  106. 143

    My best friend got Procera AVH and after 1 week of using it following the precise instructions on the bottle (3 capsules a day with meals) he had some severe arthritic reaction. He stopped taking it and in like 3 days he felt normal again.

  107. 145

    Please be careful with this product. If you have blood pressure this product causes it to go high. Really high. My brother had some serious heart problems after taking Procera for about 2 weeks.

  108. 146

    True, and the only way to find out if it works for you is to try it. I did and I’m happy
    with the results.

  109. 151

    My son has ADHD. I gave him procera and it helped him. He takes it 2 times a day, once in the morning with breakfast and again in the evening with dinner. I highly recommend this product!

  110. 154

    I cant thank procera enough for helping my mother. She was diagnosed with a severe, fast progressing form of Alzheimer. In one week we saw the first changes, improvements. My mom is now speaking (even her doctor looks a bit puzzled) and walking better. thank you

  111. 155

    Jennifer Corey

    Lot of energy for workouts and no strange comedowns like with other similar supplements. I
    can’t find anything to compare Procera AVH with, but it’s great for workouts.

  112. 156

    Please be careful. If you have high blood pressure this product causes it to go even higher. Not recommended if you have blood pressure!

  113. 162

    I like this product but it contains Huperzine A. I did some research and it turns out that Huperzine A was associated with numerous side effects, included blurred vision. I won’t order Procera again.

  114. 167

    I never trusted products without a free trial offer but my sister convinced me to try Procera
    anyway. In fact, she gave me 10 pills from her own bottle. Believe it or not, 10 pills were all I
    need to see how amazing this product really is! Just placed my third order now.

  115. 169

    My advice is to stay away from this….it doesn’t work as they claim and the money back guarantee policy appears to be a scam.
    Basically, after 3 weeks of treatment i realized that procera avh doesnt work for me (no improvements what so ever in mood and memory). So i have asked the company for a full refund as stated in their money back guarantee. I have asked the full refund for 4 bottles (about $220) but in exchange they gave me $60 with no apologies or anything.

  116. 170

    This product is so good! I can tell a major difference if I don’t take it for a few days. I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive. $55 + shipping for a month is about the average for Procera and thats quite expensive. It’s definitely worth the money, I just wish they had better discounts other than buy 6 bottles at a time type deals.

  117. 171

    Just saw some reviews here an I’m surprised how people reacted to Procera AVH. I know there are MANY gimmicks things out there…and I’m not usually recommending products unless I can really get behind them…but Procera WORKS!

  118. 172

    Anna Prittchard

    My father got Procera AVH and after 4 days of using it as recommended (3 capsules a day with meals) he had some severe arthritic reaction. He stopped taking it and in 2 days he felt normal again.

  119. 174

    I saw this TV infomercial on Procera so I tried it. I has worked really well for me. I am 44 years old and been having problems, Fibro and CF, and it really helped to clear up the brain fog and lack of ambition. Thank you procera avh!

  120. 175

    I see many people complaining about the packages received directly from the company. I will check amazon too. Thank you for info.

  121. 177

    Manuel Cantwell

    I’m taking procera avh for almost 6 months, with significant improvements in memory, mood and increased mental clarity. I’ve noticed the first improvements after 2 weeks. I’m truly impressed by this product so i will continue to reorder. Thank you procera!

  122. 180

    BRS Publishing

    Hi Tony,

    Brain Supplementation is only now becoming more and more popular. Just 2 years ago, very few people would know what a brain supplement was and how it helped. You’ll find now that its gaining popularity, a lot more people and websites and providing information about them.

    brainresearchsupplement.com is one of the leading Brain Supplement review sites on the internet, we might even be the largest offering a huge supplement review list that grows constantly. There is no conspiracy about that I can assure you.

  123. 183

    Checked out the sites that came up under procera avh reviews. A lot of them were just set up the end of this year!!! Coincidental????? I think NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. 185

    As an aging men, I also take Estroven. Combining these two supplements helped lessen immense fatigue and intense brain fog.

  125. 187

    I took this product for 30 days and noticed an improvement in my memory. I’m really happy with the results. Amazing stuff!

  126. 189

    I got my first bottle from amazon (followed your link here). Perfect delivery: it arrived sooner than promised and with a nice discount.

  127. 192

    I’m pleased with Procera Avh and have been using it for a while now. my memory has faded a bit over the years and this helped me

  128. 193

    honestly I do not notice any difference whatsoever. In fact, the only thing it did for me was make my mouth dry.