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Procera AVH Review
Procera AVH Review

PUBLISHED: 11/23/2011 by breditor
Editor's Review: 3.2/5.0
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Procera AVH

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Procera AVH is one of the most popular natural memory boosting supplements in the United States. Developed by Brain Research Labs, the formula is promoted as an effective way to deal with the brain fog that keeps you from concentrating on everyday tasks. Brain Research Labs was co-founded by Robert Heller and Josh Reynolds. Together they have over 40 years of experience in the emerging field of brain performance and health.

According to Procera AVH official website, over the years, Robert Heller and Josh Reynolds have worked with top neurosurgeons, neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists and neurologists from prestigious research medical schools and universities (Scripps, Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and UC Irvine) to create an “all-natural solution” for peak mental performance and longevity.

While the official website shows a plethora of clinical evidence to support the claims behind the formula, none of the studies link to an outside source where the official study is published. Strangely enough, they even have a special section to teach visitors how to look for clinical studies before trying a brain supplement; but the official website offers none of the recommended aspects.

Procera AVH Ingredients

Procera AVH contains the following ingredients: Proprietary blend (Vinpocetine, Huperzine A, Acetyl -L-Carnitine), microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate, stearic acid, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, silica, and film coating (hypromellose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, and polyethylene glycol).

Product Features

According to Brain Research Labs, Procera AVH can increase cerebral vascular blood flow, hence boosting memory capacity and mood.

The formula includes a proprietary blend of three key ingredients: Huperzine A, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and Vinpocetine. However, important information (such as the exact amounts of each ingredient) is not disclosed, making it difficult for us to assess elements such as product effectiveness and safety. All we know is that Procera AVH contains a proprietary blend consisting in 1,515 mg of active ingredients.

Huperzine A is a Chinese club moss (Huperzia serrata) extract, a plant native to India and Southeast Asia. The plant has been used for centuries to treat muscle strains, rheumatism, bruises, colds, swelling, and even to improve blood circulation. More recently, this herb has been used to treat some forms of schizophrenia.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is one of the several forms of carnitine that can be found naturally in the human body. In short terms, this powerful antioxidant helps the body burn fat into energy. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is commonly use in memory supplements or supplements that work on overall brain health but there is little evidence to support the weight loss related claims.

Vinpocetine is a natural extract of the periwinkle flower. It has the property to support better blood flow to the brain and to improve the brain activity by increasing the number of key neurotransmitters (such as acetylcholine).

Procera AVH clearly is a brain supplement for the aging adult having problems with memory. It is important to note that all 3 key ingredients have been clinically tested and proven effective in improving memory, but only in aged population. Young people trying to obtain the same results might get disappointed with what this product have to offer.

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  • Brain Research Labs shows some clinical studies to support their claims;
  • Purchasers of Procera AVH will also receive a free of charge “20/20 Brain Power” book written by Joshua Reynolds;
  • The product has been tested on humans with relative success;
  • The core ingredients are all approved by the FDA. However, the formula is not;
  • Affordable price;
  • All ingredients are claimed to be 100% natural.


  • Brain Research Labs is providing a number of clinical studies to support their claims regarding this product. However, some of these studies seem questionable, to say the least, as no independent agency reported same results, only the company;
  • Numerous unhappy customers have posted messages on forums reporting ineffectiveness of the product and unexpected side effects;
  • The product may only work for aging adults.


Unlike other brain supplements, Procera AVH appears to target more the elderly for best results. The three key ingredients are all natural and relatively safe to use with very few reported side effects. While Brain Research Labs offers enough information and a plethora of clinical studies for their product, most of these studies have been taken outside of the United States.

We also feel that there is not enough information on the formula itself. The information we were able to find online comes mostly from the manufacturer or from its partners.

However, the lack of information does not necessarily mean the supplement doesn’t do what the company claims it does. While the question “Does Procera AVH really work” may not have a clear answer yet, if you are above 50 and looking for a natural supplement that will enhance your brain function and improve memory, this product may be a good choice.

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Procera AVH is one of the most popular natural memory boosting supplements in the United States. Developed by Brain Research Labs, the formula is pr…
Procera AVH Reviewbreditor32016-05-19 12:09:31
Procera AVH is one of the most popular natural memory boosting supplements in the United States. Developed by Brain Research Labs, the formula is pr…
Procera AVH Review
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56 User Reviews about Procera AVH
  1. 1

    I decided to try Procera AVH because of its incredible TV publicity and countless websites that claimed such great things about it, so I suppose it was skepticism more than anything else. I don’t know if my memory is better, but my wife is adamant about the overall mood improvement since I’ve started taking them.

  2. 2

    Marsha Benitez

    I really like this product. It did take about 2 weeks before I started to really notice any changes but when I did it was great… I’m less forgetful and I’m able to get things done without losing focus or becoming stressed-out.

  3. 3

    Mary Hawkins

    This is a really good product. I was forgetting things all the time and I was in a very bad mood. Since I started taking this product, I feel more motivated and relaxed and my memory has improved visibly.

  4. 4

    I have been using Procera for the past year with great results and I’ll continue to do so for as long as I’ll feel a differnece

  5. 5

    im bipolar i have used procera for six months and my depression has became mild that lately i can function better than before when i used to have a vey serious and severe bipolar depression.. procera has helped a lot.

  6. 6

    I am not disappointed but not fully convinced either. Maybe I have to give it a little more time, since all my acquaintances are really enjoying the benefits. Will come up with an update, I promise!

  7. 7

    Christopher R.

    I was having issues keeping up with reading at the speed I used to, and my glasses were fine so I thought that it must be my mind that’s slow then. Turns out, I was right! and Procera helped fix the problem really nicely.

  8. 8

    My learning capacity is clearly related to my mood and this formula helps me with both so it tends to be perfect for me.

    • 10

      Hello Marlin,

      There are no reasons to believe that Procera AVH raises your blood pressure, it simply facilitates the flow of blood through your brain and body. If you have any concerns regarding what effects this supplement might have on your body, please contact a healthcare professional.

      BR Editor.

  9. 11

    My best friend works as a software developer in a very competitive environment. He does a lot of overtime and he seems to be in shape all the time. I asked him about his secret and he told me that he loves his job and he also makes a lot of physical effort and takes Procera AVH for better concentration. I have decided to give this supplement a try.

  10. 12

    Multitasking is difficult and I’ve never been one to do it efficiently. I have struggled with complicated tasks for years, with no chance in gaining a promotion. Finally, half a year ago, I decided to try a brain supplement and I chose Procera-AVH. I am getting better and better and I am very optimistic about it!

  11. 13

    I also tried this one and I feel the same way… I have taken it for 8 weeks and nothing at all happened. I will not buy it again.

  12. 14

    I am using Procera AVH for a couple of months and I am still waiting for improvements. Nothing seems to be changed so far. I will come back with further details, if any…

  13. 15

    Procera AVH is a good way improve your mood and be a more balanced person. It did that for my family. We are taking it on a daily basis and we are healthy and happy!

  14. 16

    Procera is a good remedy for those that are trying to improve their memory and concentration. It surely did this job for me and I am happy that I have tried it!

  15. 17

    Since I have started the administration of Procera AVH, I feel more confident in myself and I feel I could solve any kind of problem. I feel more focused, organized and motivated than ever.

  16. 18

    I am always searching for ways to improve brain performance and health. I even set aside an hour every day to play online games that have the main purpose to enhance memory and focus. And I also use Procera-AVH, that works pretty well.

  17. 19

    I am a software application programmer and my life is pretty much the same every day. Procera AVH helped me to keep a positive attitude and also it helped me to concentrate and work for longer hours. It also enhances my productivity at work. Thanks.

  18. 20

    I have managed to find a new way to keep cool and focused thanks to Procera. I theoretically knew what I had to do but I had a lot of stocked negative energy that made everything more difficult than it should. Procera helped get rid of it and get on with my plans.

  19. 21

    Procera AVH helped my grandmother very much. Because she is very old, her mind is starting to get weaker day by day. With the help of this supplement she has a healthy mind and a good mood.

  20. 22

    I am very happy that I gave this supplement a try! My grandfather is making real progress lately and he and my grandmother are starting to get along. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and we are trying everything we can to delay the symptoms of this illness.

  21. 23

    Me and my girlfriend have tried this over the last few months. For us it is a clear success and we think we may have just found our supplement of choice. It made us more calm and we were able to find more ways to relax than we ever did.

  22. 24

    I’ve been using it for quite a while and it has done many great things for me. I’ve climbed up the job ladder a couple of times and I’ve managed to impress both my bosses and my colleagues. This is a good product, have no fear in giving it a try.

  23. 25

    The only direct effect it had on me was me being less tense at work. However, this had a lot of ramifications as I would no longer arrive home stressed. I could enjoy a nice cup of tea in the evening without thinking of the long day tomorrow.

  24. 26

    Hm… I think this reduced the frequency of my angry outbursts. I don’t know if this was the result of the supplement, because I made several changes in my lifestyle. Either way, at least it didn’t have any side effects.

  25. 27

    I think this made me a much happier person overall. I’ve been feeling down a lot less and I all my friends tell me I’m really fun to hand out with. That would have never happened a year ago, before I started using Procera.

  26. 28

    I’ve had a very weird period of wild mood swing that puzzled me greatly. I am usually a very optimistic person but increasing anxiety made me act erratically. Procera-AVH helped me get over that period and now I’m well again.

  27. 29

    I like how this makes me feel. I’ve used it a lot this year and it made me feel better in every possible way.

  28. 31

    Does anyone one the cheapest place to get Procera? BrainOpinions looks cheap enough but I was wondering if there is any cheaper :)

  29. 33

    My GP told me I suffer from PTSD and as I didn’t want to take any potentially addictive medication, I thought I would try Procera AVH for my memory together with PureCalm for my anxiety problems. I think I made a good choice. I have been taking these supplements for two months and I feel the difference.

  30. 34

    Rob Sutterfield

    I bought Procera for my dad, he’s 70 now and has started to have memory problems 3 years ago. He now seems to be better although not as he used to. We are going to buy this formula even if there are other more efficient on the market because it does not seem to interfere with his BP medication.

  31. 36

    I have used Procera for a couple years but one tablet a day. Definitely positive memory enhancement results if not just plain amazing. A few years ago I was scared as all get-out I was getting Alzheimer’s. The change is jaw dropping. My work life is 100% better. I can go to meetings now and remember sophisticated details where before, well it was not pretty.

  32. 37

    Procera is a B- supplement. It works, but up to a point. Not as good as advertised, that’s for certain.

  33. 40

    Very very strong formula. Easy to swallow, no side effects so far, affordable. I will order again for sure.

  34. 43

    procera sounds like a deal but im worried about huperzine A…some friends told me it can lead to all sort of side effects and problems like that. im using procera for 3 weeks without problems and with good results…but im scared of the potential side effects.

    • 44

      Having Huperzine A is not necessarily a bad thing. Many great products contain that ingredient. In fact, i use Procera for almost 1 year and i can tell you this: it’s amazing!

  35. 45

    Just a small tip for those who get this product for the first time: when you buy procera, open the box and visually inspect the pills. They should all be WHITE with some small brown specks. If the pills don’t look like that, return the package.

  36. 46

    My best friend got Procera AVH and after 1 week of using it following the precise instructions on the bottle (3 capsules a day with meals) he had some severe arthritic reaction. He stopped taking it and in like 3 days he felt normal again.

  37. 47

    Please be careful with this product. If you have blood pressure this product causes it to go high. Really high. My brother had some serious heart problems after taking Procera for about 2 weeks.

  38. 48

    I cant thank procera enough for helping my mother. She was diagnosed with a severe, fast progressing form of Alzheimer. In one week we saw the first changes, improvements. My mom is now speaking (even her doctor looks a bit puzzled) and walking better. thank you

  39. 51

    My advice is to stay away from this….it doesn’t work as they claim and the money back guarantee policy appears to be a scam.
    Basically, after 3 weeks of treatment i realized that procera avh doesnt work for me (no improvements what so ever in mood and memory). So i have asked the company for a full refund as stated in their money back guarantee. I have asked the full refund for 4 bottles (about $220) but in exchange they gave me $60 with no apologies or anything.

  40. 52

    Manuel Cantwell

    I’m taking procera avh for almost 6 months, with significant improvements in memory, mood and increased mental clarity. I’ve noticed the first improvements after 2 weeks. I’m truly impressed by this product so i will continue to reorder. Thank you procera!

  41. 56

    I got my first bottle from amazon (followed your link here). Perfect delivery: it arrived sooner than promised and with a nice discount.