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Primaforce Phenylethylamine Review
Primaforce Phenylethylamine Review

PUBLISHED: 09/21/2012 by brreader
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Primaforce Phenylethylamine

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Primaforce Phenylethylamine is a supplement designed to help enhance concentration, increase focus and support a good mood. It is advertised as HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) tested for purity and potency.

The product is offered by Primaforce, a company which provides formulations designed to improve the overall health. Their range of products also includes products designed for weight loss, appetite suppressants, muscle mass increase formulas and a variety of amino acids and proteins. These are claimed to be high-quality researched and clinically proven effective products.

Other benefits of Primaforce Phenylethylamine are the increase of wakefulness, enhancement sharpness of the senses to ensure its users a better focus and increased performance in performing daily activities. Primaforce Phenylethylamine is advertised as a powerful formula based on the amino acid with the same name which is known for its stimulatory action on neurotransmission.

Primaforce Phenylethylamine Ingredients

Primaforce Phenylethylamine includes the following ingredients: Phenylethylamine (PEA) 500 mg, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, and Silicon Dioxide.

Product Features

Primaforce Phenylethylamine is an amino-acid-based formula. Phenylethylamine (PEA) is an alkaloid, a naturally occurring chemical which acts as a neurotransmitter. It is synthesized from the amino acid phenylalanine (through microbial fermentation). Its main function is producing hormones such as Dopamine. Dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter which plays a number of functions in the brain, the most important being behavior and mood, attention, working memory, cognition, motivation, punishment and reward, sleep, attention and learning.

However, recent research has shown that natural Phenylethylamine is metabolized rapidly, hence stopping it from reaching the brain and producing the specific euphoric effects. Chemically produced Phenylethylamine is used as an antidepressant, stimulant and as a support for increasing natural phenylethylamine in the brain.

Primaforce Phenylethylamine is advertised as a high potency tested formula, but without further information about test results or mentioning of the sources which confirm its effectiveness.

The formula is recommended as a dietary supplement, in doses of 1-2 capsules per day or as directed by a health professional. Consumer reviews are mixed: some report immediate effects in terms of increased energy and alertness, others report disorientation and numbness of body parts.

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  • Low price for 2 months supply (prices starting from $20)
  • Discounts offered by various retailers
  • Laboratory tested for purity and potency


  • Mixed reviews from consumers regarding it benefits (some report fuzziness in thinking, numbness and a drastically decrease of alertness several hours after taking it)
  • No side effects mentioned by the manufacturer although consumers experienced such side effects


Primaforce Phenylethylamine is a dietary supplement based on an active ingredient believed to increase neurotransmission and to have a positive effect on increasing mood and focus. The formula is claimed to be tested for purity and quality, although no further details are offered. As reported by consumers, the product may cause potentially dangerous side effects such as confusion, dizziness, insomnia, intense headache, increase of heart rate and blood pressure or severe allergic reactions. To avoid unwanted effects, we recommend you seek a healthcare professional’s advice.

The manufacturer recommends taking 1000mg of Primaforce Phenylethylamine, which may be considered a relatively high dose of active substance (some specialists recommend doses between 100mg and 500 mg daily).

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