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Prelief Review
Prelief Review

PUBLISHED: 04/29/2013 by BR Technical
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Prelief is promoted as a dietary remedy that aims to help individuals who possess enhanced stomach acidity and are hypersensitive. It desires to lower the possibility that conditions such as bladder pains, urinary urgency, and occasional heartburn appear. The business that created, produced, and is selling this product on an international scale is called Akpharma.

The nutritional company was established in 1975 by CEO Alan E. Klingermane who claims to have been designed new food technologies since the launch of his business. Within their most popular remedies, there are Lactaid Milk and Lactaid tablets, specifically because they are known on the nutritional market for being a leader of foods that are lactose-reduced. Moreover, they have even created an enzyme which should help enhance nutrition, called Beano and described as legendary because of its positive effects noticed by people who have tried products that contain it.

Prelief is a combination between calcium and phosphorus whose included amounts were chosen carefully in order to have an impact on dropping stomach acidity, thus enhancing the quality and decreasing duration of digestive functions. Prelief is offered in form of tablets that are easy to use due to the fact that they only have to be swallowed throughout the day.

Prelief Ingredients

Prelief contains the following ingredients: Calcium and Phosphorus.

Product Features

Promoted as a remedy meant to improve the quality of digestion, hence offering help for people who either suffer from high acidity or are hypersensitive in this area, Prelief represents the design of a widely recognized nutritional company made popular thanks to products which are lactose-reduced. One of its two components is calcium.

Research showed that this mineral can be useful for complications which follow intestinal bypass surgery as well as reduction of high lead levels. Its carbonate form is usually used for treating heartburn because it is an antacid and its carbonate form has proved reliable for decreasing levels of phosphate in people that suffer from kidney diseases. In addition, with aging, levels of calcium in the organism drop at a high rate and persons over forty years old have think about ways of introducing it in their diets in a supplementation form which should also be highly absorbable, in order to avoid further problems. Women are specifically affected by absorption issues due to the higher levels of estrogen produced naturally by the body.

On the other hand, this component can easily interact with some other treatments and if utilized excessively, determine some harmful side-effects that commonly include belching and gas. People who consume Rocephin or antibiotics are advised to avoid consumption of supplements based on calcium due to the high interaction levels.

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  • Due to rich experience on the nutritional field, the manufacturers have developed a product based on research
  • Both ingredients have been scientifically tested and revealed a high efficacy
  • It’s easy to use


  • Producers don’t offer detailed information about potential counteractions and counter-indications
  • There is no money-back guarantee or free shipping policy
  • May cause some minor side-effects


Prelief is actually a supplement that was designed to help people who have acidity problems because of being hypersensitive or suffering from medical problems which are caused by high stomach acidity. It is recommended specifically for older people, because they’re the ones with issues in the majority of the cases because of a decrease in digestive functions and an enhanced rate of deficiency appearance. However, it is of high importance that you consult a personal healthcare provider before the beginning of the treatment, particularly if allergies or other health conditions are involved. Vegetarians and vegans can’t use this product, nor should nursing or pregnant women.

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Prelief Review
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