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Pregnenolone Review
Pregnenolone Review

PUBLISHED: 05/18/2017 by BR Publishing
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Pregnenolone is an important pro-hormone found naturally in your body. It acts as a natural precursor to many essential hormones that your body requires for growth, development, and maintenance. “VitaMonk” is the manufacturer of dietary supplement Pregnenolone. The company produces a broad range of products that are claimed to maintain good health and wellness. The company says that taking their product will improve cognitive function, support healthy hormone level, enhance alertness, provide quality sleep and have a pleasant impact on your mood and behavior.


Pregnenolone contains the following ingredients: Pregnenolone includes the following ingredients: Pregnenolone 10 mg.

Product Features

Pregnenolone is a prohormone and precursor for many potent hormones that regulates the optimal function of the body. The body naturally synthesizes enough pregnenolone to meet its optimal needs; however, its level may decline with age or due to some other metabolic diseases. This prohormone is called “essential” because it is not present in our regular diet and therefore we have to take it in synthesized form to replenish your body.

“Pregnenolone” is a dietary supplement containing a hormone pill. As a prohormone, this substance is found to perform a broad range of activities in the brain, while as a dietary supplement it enhances the cognitive function and supports the entire nervous system. This hormone is also a precursor of the main sex hormones such as progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen and thus can have a strong positive impact on both male’s and female’s behavior and mood. Additionally, it is also found useful in certain sexual dysfunction disorders.

As a neuroprotective signaling molecule, it is involved in the various steps and mechanisms that support the stimulation of neuronal activity in the brain. It is also involved in the growth of neurons and thus plays a vital role in the creation of new synapses. Pregnenolone can also support the regulation of microtubule cognitive function, stimulation of alert center in the brain, improvement of the sleep-awake cycle, reduction in depression and anxiety, slowing in mental aging and protection of neurons from free radical damage.

This supplement can be bought directly from the company’s website or several online retailers like Amazon. It is the most cost effective of all the brain enhancement supplements (the price of a single bottle is only $4.49).

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  • Pregnenolone is a well-researched and clinically tested ingredient that has multi-benefits in the body.
  • It is one of the most affordable cognitive enhancement supplements in the market today
  • Unlike other brain stimulants, it is free from gluten, wheat, yeast, corn and caffeine. It also contains NO artificial colors, flavors, sweetener, or preservatives.


  • No mention of money back guarantee
  • If the dosage is misused, it can bring certain adverse effects like nervousness, nausea, vomiting and headache


The fact that this product is available over the counter does not mean it is not effective. No doubt, pregnenolone is a powerful supplement for memory and cognitive enhancement. In addition, this hormone can improve brain function and help delay mental aging. It is important to know the possible side effects of taking this product. Studies show that an overdose of this hormone pill can cause unwanted side effects in both men and women. It should not be given to children, nursing mothers and pregnant women.

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