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Pramiracetam Review
Pramiracetam Review

PUBLISHED: 03/01/2013 by BR Publishing
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Pramiracetam is presented to be a dietary supplement that aims to support general brain health, by enhancing memory, attention, and focus. This product is based on Piracetam, another nootropic substance that has positive effects regarding brain health.

The company that is behind this product is called CogniWell and is a business that manufactures products that have the ability to improve the mind-muscle connection, as well as motor learning skill, in this way aiming to bridge the gap between the two brain hemispheres. Nootropics are the main focus of this company, they continually try to find new and better ways in which these substances would provide support for mental health, the science that they base their products on is called neuroplasticity and is focused on helping the brain to strengthen and grow.

This formula aims to offer benefits that range from improving cognition and heightening sensory perception to increasing memory and enhancing focus. Pramiracetam seems to only provide nootropic effects, mood being an aspect of the brain chemistry that is not affected by this formula. Pramiracetam users report that it also influences advanced logic, as well as technical thinking and that it can help to overcome mental road-block with great ease.

Pramiracetam Ingredients

Pramiracetam contains the following ingredients: Pramiracetam.

Product Features

Pramiracetam is a dietary supplement that aims to resolve problems regarding brain health, like learning and memory disorders, attention disorders, or focus problems. The substance on which its based on is piracetam, a substance that is reported to aid with memory by increasing oxygen flow to the brain, it also support the brain during the aging process, reducing the risk of memory problems or attention deficits throughout the years. Other problems that this nootropic drug helps with are dyslexia, Alzheimer’s Disease or Stroke damage to the brain. Some side effects have been linked with piracetam use, these are anxiety, insomnia, irritability, headache, or nervousness.

Pramiracetam, being a much more potent form of piracetam, presents the same effect, with some additional one like the heightening of sensory perception or advanced thinking. There are also some side effect reported that include fatigue, insomnia or gastrointestinal distress, if pregnant or breast feeding this formula is not to be used.

The manufacturer’s web site does not present information regarding the recommended dosage or the container’s capacity of pills, thus a medical consult is very important before using this, due to the fact that is very potent self administration is dangerous and is highly discouraged.

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  • This formula is very potent
  • It addresses memory, attention and focus


  • No free trials are available
  • No information regarding the daily dosage is presented on the manufacturer’s web site
  • The long term use of this product has not yet been assessed
  • The price is quite high


Pramiracetam is advertised to be a nootropic that addresses problem regarding memory, attention, or focus, helping the brain to obtain a state of health and general well being. Piracetam, the nootropic that its based on, has some scientific research that proves the positive effects it has on mental health. The price of this formula is in the expensive zone and no free trials or money-back guarantees are available on the manufacturer’s web site or from online retailers that sell this product. Due to the fact that insufficient information about the long term use and dosage of this product is presented, a medical consult is highly advised before using this formula.

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