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Plantain Herbal Oil Review
Plantain Herbal Oil Review

PUBLISHED: 02/08/2013 by brreader
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Plantain Herbal Oil

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Plantain Herbal Oil is an herbal remedy recommended for various wounds as it may shorten the duration of recovery in cases of skin damage. It is manufactured by Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a developer and distributor of organic herbal supplements like ointments, syrups, tinctures and elixirs for various medical conditions and for cosmetic use. It produces several types of infused oils for skin ailments based on different herbs like arnica, neem, comfrey, plantain, St. John’s Wort, mullein, and calendula. The company’s products can be ordered directly from the manufacturer however they cannot be bought online from so many retailers. Consequently there may be consumers who are not familiar with many of their formulas.

The manufacturer claims that Plantain Herbal Oil is certified organic infused oil effective in healing wounds. Plantain leaves ensure it is a soothing rich formula and that it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In addition, it should be a potent formula due to the fact that plantain is infused for several months in organic olive oil (as a general rule, the longer the infusion time, the more powerful the oil will be). Plantain Herbal Oil is addressed to people who have bruises, scratches, cuts and wounds in general.

Plantain Herbal Oil Ingredients

Plantain Herbal Oil includes the following ingredients: Plantain leaves (Plantago major), Olive oil, and Vitamin E Oil.

Product Features

Plantain Herbal Oil is obtained by processing plantain leaves. Plantain is an herb which can be found in many parts of the world, including the United States. It should not be mistaken with plantain which grows in the tropical region and resembles the banana fruit. Plantago major is also known as grand plantain, ripple grass or snake weed. According to folk medicine, plantain leaves (which are also edible) are primarily used in treating skin damage, skin inflammation and to stop wound bleeding. It may also be used in stomach upsets, tooth aches, to control cholesterol levels, for coughs and respiratory infections. In addition, it is very effective in drawing out snake poison from the blood. Plantain is considered a safe herb in folk medicine. You may however experience an allergic reaction to plantain pollen.

Laboratory tests have revealed that plantain contains chemical compounds like tannins (astringent), allantoin (speeds up wound healing), apigenin (anti-inflammatory), aucubin (a potent anti-toxin) and other substances with antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral and diuretic properties. The herb also contains vitamins K, A and C and is rich in calcium. Despite its long traditional use, clinical research on the effectiveness of plantain is not sufficient.

The Plantain Herbal Oil formulation is not overseen by the FDA thus its quality and safety cannot be guaranteed. The product is sold in bottles of 4 ounces and 2 ounces. The manufacturer does not mention any side effects associated with the formula (on its website). Moreover, clear use directions like the recommended dose, are not provided either.

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  • The average cost per ounce of $3-$3.5 (depending on the size of the bottle) would recommend it as an affordable product
  • Plantain has a long historical use and rare side effects have been reported
  • It is made of organic ingredients


  • Shipping charges may be high
  • It is not widely available online
  • Plantain has not been sufficiently researched by scientists
  • The main ingredient may interact with other drugs
  • Online consumer reviews are scarce


Plantain Herbal Oil may be an effective formula for treating scratches, cuts and bruises. Some herbalists even say that that plantain leaves are more efficient than aloe, calendula and Gotu Kola. However, the effectiveness of the herb has not been thoroughly studied by scientists. Given the rare side effects that have been reported, plantain may be a safe herb.

On the downside, the number of online customer testimonials is rather limited and as a consequence we do not know how consumers perceive Plantain Herbal Oil. One reason for the lack of reviews may be that the formula is not widely available online.

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