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Pituitrophin PMG Review
Pituitrophin PMG Review

PUBLISHED: 03/14/2013 by BR Moderator
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Pituitrophin PMG

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Pituitrophin PMG is a PMG based supplement aiming to support a healthy functioning of the pituitary gland. This supplement is available on the market due to Standard Process. The pituitary gland is a hormonal regulatory endocrine gland located at the base of the brain near the hypothalamus. This small gland is responsible for nine important hormones for the human body. Some of the hormones secreted by this gland are the somatotrophins, more commonly known as the human growth hormone.

Standard Process is a company founded in 1929. Dr. Royal Lee, a famous scientist is the founder of the company. Working together with his team of highly qualified medical professionals, Dr. Royal Lee researches and develops dietary supplements in order to provide individuals all over the world with the choice of living a happy and healthy life. The company claims that one of its goals is to release high quality natural supplements from whole foods and herbs for their consumers. Most customer testimonials available on the internet show that they are satisfied with the company’s prices, supplements and shipping policies.

In addition to the PMG extracts, Pituitrophin PMG also contains Calcium and Magnesium, two very important nutrients needed by the human body in order to function properly.

Pituitrophin PMG Ingredients

Pituitrophin PMG contains the following ingredients: Calcium, Proprietary Blend (Magnesium citrate and bovine pituitary PMG extract), calcium lactate, cellulose, and calcium stearate

Product Features

The pituitary gland is one of the most important glands in the human body. It is responsible for the secretion of nine hormones, among which we can find somatotrophins (human growth hormones), thyrotrophins (thyroid-stimulating hormones), corticotropins (adrenocorticotropic hormone and beta-endorphin), lactotrophins (prolactin), gonadotropins (luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone), and melanotrophins (melanocyte-stimulating hormones). Most of these hormones are responsible for the way individuals look, their sex drive, a healthy functioning reproductive system and their mood. The pituitary gland is responsible for the secretion of oxytocin and dopamine, two very important hormones that affect our mood. A normal level of these two hormones will make an individual content, a higher level (as secreted after a laughter session, sex or entertainment) will make an individual feel happy and a lower level might even make the individual depressive. Thus, a healthy functioning pituitary gland is most important in one’s life. Pituitrophin PMG with PMG extracted from the bovine pituitary gland promises a healthy cell functioning of the human pituitary gland. However, results appear mostly after a long period of time, as in all protomorphogen based therapy.

This supplement works great with Calcium and Magnesium in its blend due to the importance these two nutrients present upon the human nervous system. A Magnesium deficiency might even lead to depression and since Magnesium is mostly consumed while dealing with stress, a healthy intake of Magnesium along with Calcium and a pituitary regulatory supplement might elevate mood and lead to a healthier, stress-free lifestyle.

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Free Trial* Available: No

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  • Might provide a healthy Calcium and Magnesium intake
  • Might regulate hormone levels in the body
  • Improves mood
  • Available on the manufacturer’s website
  • old at an affordable price
  • Pituitrophin PMG is a natural alternative to other more powerful drugs available on the market


  • Pituitrophin PMG will not show immediate results
  • No money back guarantee
  • No free trial
  • Might lead to undesired side effects


Pituitrophin PMG is a natural dietary supplement designed to balance hormone levels in the body by supporting a healthy functioning of the pituitary gland. In addition, this supplement might also provide the individual with the daily intake of Calcium and Magnesium needed in order for the body to function properly. Thus, through these ingredients, the individual might benefit from an elevated mood, therefor a happier lifestyle. Customer testimonials available on the internet make the product sound promising, most individuals being satisfied with the results they achieved through the usage of this supplement. Standard Process’s Pituitrophin PMG presents itself as a good alternative to most synthetic drugs available on the market nowadays, as it is natural and it rarely presents side effects.

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Pituitrophin PMG Review
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8 User Reviews about Pituitrophin PMG
  1. 1

    I suffer from endometriosis. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis whne I had surgery to removed my blood filled ovarian cyst. I’ve tried different birth control pills but they all trigger my migraines because of the estrogen in it. The the progestin-only pill (Norethidone acetate .35mg) did not stop the spread of the endometriosis. I’ve been put thru menapause while on Lupron injections; had an IUD that had me bleed and cramp everyday. My emotions have been a mess. I am taking Norethidone acetate but at the much higher dose of 10mg. It gave me real bad mood swings and general feeling of sadness and hopelessness. My chiropractor kinesiologyst prescribed pituitrophin because he said my metabolism had slowed down. Its been 5 days and I feel happy! Like my normal self! I am so happy to have found this medication. He wants me to ween off from it. Now I take 3 once daily for 2 weeks; then 2 once daily for 2 weeks than 1 until the bottle finishes. Wish me well everyone!

  2. 2

    Within just a few days of taking Pituitrophin it stopped my constant dirarreha Ive had for twenty years. But most importantly it stopped my calf and thigh spasms Ive had for years.

  3. 3

    Hi, my Accupuncturist had me start this to see if it would help my fertility. Unfortunately my FSH has raised into poorer levels the past 2 months and this has been the only real change I’ve made. Wondering if it could be having a negative effect if it’s something that I actually didn’t need.

  4. 4

    My pituitary gland is low-functioning coz of radiation treatment I had years ago. Have very low testosterone (I’m male) and luteinizing hormone. An also hypothyroid. Can Pituitrophin PMG help? Thanks.

  5. 5

    I started taking this and felt amazing this first month. I started spotting mid-cycle and when I got my period I had cramps like I used to have prior to having kids. Wondered if this is because my hormones are working properly now. Also, ondering why I don’t feel the fantastic feeling I initially felt when I started on it though. I am nursing my 2 1/2 year old a few times a day still and want to know if it’s safe while breastfeeding. Thanks!

  6. 6

    Would this product be safe for my 16 year old son to take? I was hoping it would help with his slow growth. He is the same height as his 11 year old brother.

  7. 7

    I had bio-meridian testing done a while back and said I needed to take the Pituitrophin. It seemed to help. I stopped taking it for a while but have felt this loopy flighty feeling especially when i try to take a nap like i was before. I started taking it again but seems like shortly after I take it I start spotting a little. I am 45 and wonder if I am pre-menopausal. Should I keep taking it?

    • 8

      Kim please feel free to email me. The question you ask really can not be answered by anyone for sure , there are several factors a person would have to discuss with you. One would be, Do you have in lab work results done in supporting the need for it and how much. Pituitary often goes hand in hand with Parathyroid and Hyperthyroid. Other than working right hand to a Dr. who prescribed these for years I now have a knowledge that NO books will ever teach me with any of this… I looked death in the face before I was able to trust myself, diagnose myself , have experts back it up after several misdiagnosis. Today I am feeling great after having Two Parathyroid Tumors removed, but I assure you it did not end without a substantial amount of maintenance.