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Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules Review
Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules Review

PUBLISHED: 10/04/2012 by breditor
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Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules

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Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules is a dietary supplement featuring stabilized, bioavailable oxygen (Vitamin O) designed to provide additional oxygen so that cells can function at their optimum for increased health and vitality.

The formula is manufactured by the Canadian company Earth Bounty. The company’s current product line includes formulations designed to support longevity, sports nutrition, skin products, colon health and male/female needs. Earth’s Bounty specializes in advanced oxygen, colloidal, flash-frozen, polymer matrix and herbal technologies.

Oxygen is essential to cell level processes. It also has unique antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Factors such as mental or physical stress, illness, poor diet or lack of exercise increase the need of Oxygen. Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules are recommended to adults only.

Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules Ingredients

Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules contains the following ingredients: Sodium Chlorite, Potassium Carbonate, and Calcium Citrate bonded in a special process.

Product Features

Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules contains a form of stabilized Oxygen. The formula contains not added color, flavoring, preservatives or sugar.

Oxygen is essential to normal cellular function and energy creation, but is also beneficial in fighting fatigue, stress, poor physical resistance, concentration and alertness, endurance and aerobic capacity to name just a few benefits.
Most people can benefit from increased oxygen, from who live at high altitude where oxygen is thinner to people living in polluted environments, offices or work areas with poor air circulation. Also, smokers, athletes, seniors and people with special breathing needs can benefit from oxygen supplementation.

Oxygen Capsules are however a highly controversial product. One of the first supplements which made the claim of stabilized Oxygen supplementation (called “Vitamin O”) was fined by the US Federal Trade Commission in 2000 for false advertising and unsupported representations. Today, little scientific evidence exists to support the formula’s effectiveness.

Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules recommended taking 1 or 2 capsules three times daily on an empty stomach. No side effects or precautions are mentioned by the manufacturer, and a limited number consumer reviews is available online.

Sale Price: $29.41

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Reasonable moderate price (approximately $20 for a month’s supply);
  • Wide spectrum potential benefits;
  • The formula contains not added color, flavoring, preservatives or sugar.


  • Little scientific research on Stabilized Oxygen supplementation;
  • The product’s safety, potential drug interactions and side effects are not systematically studied;
  • Limited number of consumer reviews.


Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules features a form of stabilized Oxygen and is marketed as a dietary supplement with a wide spectrum of benefits. However, this type of supplement is controversial, as no scientific evidence really exists to prove the Oxygen in this form may actually benefit the body.

Also, there are many scientists who claim that manufacturers of stabilized Oxygen do not disclose how they obtain the formula arguing they are merely salted water and will ultimately have no effects. Consumer reviews for Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules however, even if limited, report that the formula works. Still it is impossible to draw a conclusion based only on a few testimonials.

All things considered, it is best you talk to a specialist before using the formula.

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Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules Reviewbreditor2.252016-04-26 12:09:31
Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules Review
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2 User Reviews about Oxy-Caps Oxygen Capsules
  1. 1

    jacinta vallarino

    I am a 37 yr old mom of 3. I have attention, anxiety mood disorders, my 14 yr old son is very athletic and smart but can not focus at all. He is well behaved at school but cant focus to point its caused him to have to take special classes. He worries what others think of him and very good looking kid, clean,healthy,ect . I feel like him being in special classes makes him only worry what peers look at him as “dumby” He made b ball team at school and confidence went up and helped but if the coach says wrong thing ect… its all down hill. Im looking for healthy way to boost his esteem and concentration. my 4 yr old daughter has allergies and complains of stomach pain always and that another concern.I ve got extremely bad nerves and never relaxed ,just worry and care for family. Ive always been athletic and still am but my appetite is bad . what can I take to calm nerves besides Xanax and boost appetite and healthy liver?

    • 2

      Jaci, im glad you are trying to find a healthy way to boost Tysons attention span and spirits. Eating right and excercise is a big thing. I would steer clear of the narcotics, you know why :-( ..just make sure you are there for him to lean on. I hope you find the right treatment.You are in my prayers.