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Oxiboost Review
Oxiboost Review

PUBLISHED: 06/19/2017 by BR Publishing
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Oxiboost is a highly powerful mood enhancing supplement, consisting of 100% natural ingredients. It supports cuddling hormone “Oxytocin” to relieve stress and give you a blissful state. Some individuals might have to increase the dosage to 2 or 3 capsules at once for a prompt response. This potent formula is designed and manufactured by “Paneuromix” who also made other brain enhancing and stress relief supplements. The company claims that their product is developed in an extensive search for compounds that support natural Oxytocin levels. Increased levels of oxytocin then elevate your mood and can be used for mood enhancement or to get into a party mood.


Oxiboost contains the following ingredients: Oxiboost contains the following ingredients: GABA, L-Phenylalanine, Caffeine, Choline Bitartrate.

Product Features

Oxiboost is a dietary supplement that contains organic oxytocin and helps control and maintain a healthy level of oxytocin (a hormone created, stored and secreted from the pituitary and other tissues). So it’s all benefits circles the potential positive effects of oxytocin. Read on to learn more about oxytocin and its potent effects.

The word oxytocin takes its origin from the two Greek words “oxys” (fast) and “tokos” (birth), meaning “quick birth.” Widely known as the love hormone, oxytocin has also been dubbed by the bliss hormone, moral molecule, cuddle chemical and hug hormone because of its effects on behavior, including its role in love and female reproductive cycle. Its levels rise mainly when we are touched or hugged. It also drives social conditions, increases a desire to be touched, lowers blood pressure, relieves pain and promotes calmness. In young females, oxytocin production in the brain is strongly influenced by estrogen levels, which decline after menopause.

Female sexual dysfunction is common among females, affecting more than forty million women. 31% of American women have low sexual desire, and 43% have sexual dysfunction of some kind including sexual aversion and hypoactive sexual arousal. Problems are more common in the peri-menopausal years and are usually associated with children living in the home and depression. Oxytocin increases quantity and quality of orgasms. Supplemental Oxytocin (e.g. Oxiboost) makes orgasms much faster and more frequent. It takes about half-an-hour to one hour after sublingual Oxytocin to have peak effect.

Scientific research has found the ability of brain-specific oxytocin to modulate social behavior, including effects on maternal care and aggression, the relationship between couples, sexual behavior, social memory, and trust. Oxytocin also reduces brain responses to stress, including anxiety, and these anxiolytic effects have been demonstrated in several species.

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  • Reduces stress response, including anxiety and depression
  • Increase mood enhancement and let you prepare for the party
  • Opposite of men, oxyboost awakens women, making positive sexual experience more memorable, improves memory and relationships
  • Aids in sexual arousal, speeds up orgasm and also increases likelihood of multiple orgasms


  • An excess amount of this supplement can lead to fast, slow, or uneven heart rate, slurred speech, hallucinations, and headaches.
  • Manufacturing company is relatively new in brain supplement business with a small number of positive feedbacks


Oxiboost is a dietary supplement designed for those fighting with low mood, stress, anxiety, and depression. By increasing the natural levels of oxytocin, It is aimed at improving mood, stimulating pleasure centers of the brain and relieving anxiety and depression. This product can also be used by middle-aged women (near menopause) to enhance sexual desire and affection. It is not fully known whether oxytocin supplements are safe for children and pregnant women or not, so it is advised to consult your doctor before purchasing this product for medicinal or non-medicinal purposes.

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