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Overcoming Teen Depression: A guide for Parents Review
Overcoming Teen Depression: A guide for Parents Review

PUBLISHED: 03/31/2016 by breditor
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Overcoming Teen Depression: A guide for Parents

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Overcoming Teen Depression: A guide for Parents is a book for parents, members of the family and even teenagers who suffer from depression. The book explains using accessible language what teen depression looks like and how teenagers and family of teenagers can cope with it. Although the title says this is a book for parents, we believe that other may benefit from reading the book as well, such as teachers, school counselors, and other people who work with adolescents.

The book is written in 2001, so there is concern that information may be outdated. Still, readers have found information useful and the practical cases mentioned repeatable, so even if new findings have been made since 2001, the book sets out to clarify basic info on depression in teen and how it can be tackled.

The author, Dr. Miriam Kaufman outlines various medical approaches such as therapy and drug treatments, as well as alternative treatments. Miriam Kaufman MD is a staff physician with the Division of Adolescent Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children and associate professor, Department of Pediatrics, at the University of Toronto, Canada. Her professional experience with teenagers spreads over a period of 18 years. Besides Overcoming Teen Depression she has also authored Easy For You to Say: Q and A for Teens Living with Chronic Illness or Disability and The Overweight Child: Promoting Fitness and Self-Esteem.


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The book is available in Kindle version as well as in print, which is excellent for all types of readers out there. The page has 262 pages and is structured in thirteen chapters. The first chapter is called “What exactly is teen depression” and tries to answer questions like “What are the symptoms of teen depression”, “How is it different from adult depression” and “How does one feel exactly”. The chapter highlights the basic things to know about this condition, making anybody (with as little medical training as possible) understand what to expect from the condition.

The second chapter called “Adolescent emotions” deals with how and when in the child’s development (transition to teenage) the signs for the condition may appear and what can you realistically do to prevent depression from settling in.

And so the book goes on to cover all of the major topics: what to look for; early signs, how to find a therapist, how to tell apart depression from other conditions so that treatment is correctly and promptly initiated, various treatments possibilities, substance abuse and anxiety as derived from depression, suicide prevention, and treatment of substance abuse and anxiety disorders.

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  • The author of the book has excellent credentials, having worked with adolescents more than 18 years at the time the book was published
  • A paperback and a Kindle version are available for the book


  • The book is published 15 years ago, so since new information that may have emerged which is not included in the book
  • There is a limited number of reader feedback on the book


Overcoming Teen Depression: A guide for Parents tries to shed light into a condition that is affecting more and more teenagers by the day. Coping with it is hard, for the teenagers as well as for their family and it takes effort from all to overcome it. Therapies and treatment are available luckily, so that recovery is done effectively, before anxiety, addictions or other complications appear. The Book is structured so that information is easy to follow and understand. Practical examples are offered, as well, which is a great addition to the book.

Although reviews online from readers are extremely limited in number (perhaps because it was published before selling online was even an option), it may come in useful for anybody who seeks answers regarding teenage depression.

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Overcoming Teen Depression: A guide for Parents Reviewbreditor2.252016-05-27 05:31:57
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