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Organically Bound Minerals Review
Organically Bound Minerals Review

PUBLISHED: 03/12/2013 by BR Moderator
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Organically Bound Minerals

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Organically Bound Minerals represents a dietary supplement promoted for featuring a blend with a reliable proportion of minerals that come from a combination between alfalfa and kelp. On a general perspective, it encourages the health of connective tissues, as well as a proper enzyme function while also offering antioxidants, thus targeting the cognitive functions and not only the skeletal system.

The business that designed this remedy and distributed it to the public in 1935 is named Standard Process. They were established in 1929 and created so far a series of products which vary from whole food supplements to veterinary formulas. The founder of this company is called Dr. Royal Lee and based its principles it on the idea that the source of a compound is more important than the amount used in each remedy. Moreover, he claims that upon harvesting, plants are properly washed and then promptly processed, hence the nutritional integrity is properly preserved.

Organically Bound Minerals contains approximately 275 mg of dried alfalfa juice combined with 85 mg of kelp. Moreover, each tablet should offer 60 mg of alkaline ash minerals. Standard Process has created a sheet for each of their remedies in which they detail the provenience of their ingredients and other specifications linked to its usage or potential counteractions or side-effects.

Organically Bound Minerals Ingredients

Organically Bound Minerals contains the following ingredients: Iodine, Dried Alfalfa (Whole Plant) juice, and Kelp.

Product Features

Discovered by the Arabs, alfalfa actually means in Arabic “father of all foods” and the plant that has this name is thought to have been given both their racing horses and themselves strength and endurance. One of the remedies whose positive effects are based on alfalfa is represented by Organically Bound Minerals which is provided by Standard Process.

Over the years, research showed that alfalfa possesses the ability to provide a dynamic nutrition due to its sprouts that carry six important minerals for people’s health. These are phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron. In addition, the quantity of minerals contained is proportional because sprouts are whole foods, thus they’re easier absorbable by the body. Despite the fact that these minerals are alkaline, they have a neutralizing effect upon the gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, alfalfa is thought to also offer vitamins like K, P, A, and folic acid.

Moreover, alfalfa is a source of chlorophyll, the most known plant chemical. It enhances the health of intestinal flora and also has other benefits.

However, administration of alfalfa-based remedies, although viewed as possibly safe on short-term usage is in fact likely unsafe on long-term. There can be some unwanted side-effects and reactions that are similar to an autoimmune disease named lupus erythematosus.

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  • Organically Bound Minerals was released on the nutritional market in 1935, thus it has more than seventy years of experience
  • Minerals and vitamins contained by alfalfa and kelp have known positive effects on the cognitive and skeletal system
  • There are few to no complaints from consumers of this formula


  • None of the manufacturer claims was FDA tested or approved
  • Standard Process doesn’t offer an international shipment, money back guarantee or 24/7 customer support
  • Potential Organically Bound Minerals side effects are difficult to be recognized because they resemble the ones of Lupus


Advertised as a remedy containing a proportional and natural blend of minerals from alfalfa and kelp, Organically Bound Minerals supposedly encourages the health of enzymes and also enhances connective tissues while helping with energy production at a cellular level. Featured iodine should assists to normal thyroid function. It is suggested for people who seek for an improvement in their cognitive and skeletal system. Although the manufacturer doesn’t state anything regarding potential side-effects, due to its featured ingredient there may be some that appear and if so, it is advised to immediately stop the treatment. A strong positive feature of this dietary supplement is its experience on the nutritional field with more more than seventy years of utilization among consumers and no online bad feedback so far.

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Organically Bound Minerals ReviewBR Moderator42016-05-03 12:09:31
Organically Bound Minerals Review
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3 User Reviews about Organically Bound Minerals
  1. 1

    A great supplement…I continued on it after I disxounted my natural Dr. for care…and noticed I have been losing sooo much hair, my hair is now thin! Which I used to have a good head of hair. I looked up this supplement & it reads after long term use…you could get lupus symotoms!! Hair loss was 1st symptom on the list…along with muscle, bone aches, which my hips were aching inside..like a burning feel when I would be sleeping in bed laying on my side…
    My question is:
    since I have discontinued this supplement, do U think my hair will start coming back in & thicken more?? Or is it history??? Anyone???