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Organic Tummy Soothers Review
Organic Tummy Soothers Review

PUBLISHED: 02/22/2013 by BR Technical
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Organic Tummy Soothers

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Organic Tummy Soothers is promoted as herbal pastilles that may help with various stomach disorders. The company behind the product is St. Claire’s Organics.

St. Claire’s Organics is a Colorado manufacturer and distributor of sweets as well as digestion and sore throat pastilles and mints. It focuses on developing and selling exclusively organic formulas which are moreover free of synthetic preservatives and additives, and common allergens like soy and gluten. The St. Claire’s Organics products can be ordered online from many retailers, but they are not available offline at national level, but only in certain US states.

The company advertises Organic Tummy Soothers as being aromatherapy pastilles which can be used to reduce nausea, gas, bloating and other stomach problems. They are based on certified organic herbs known to be effective in treating stomach disorders, like ginger and slippery elm. In addition, the pastilles are free of fats, are low on carbohydrates and calories and do not contain anything artificial. The company does not say who the formula is addressed to, however you should require medical advice if you suffer from a medical condition (like diabetes, as the pastilles contain sugars). According to the producer, the doctor would be quite likely to approve of the pastilles if you have diabetes.

Organic Tummy Soothers Ingredients

Organic Tummy Soothers contains the following ingredients: slippery elm powder, essential oils of fennel, spearmint, ginger, anise, cinnamon, coriander, peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, cardamom essential oil, evaporated cane juice, and cane juice crystals.

Product Features

Organic Tummy Soothers is based on a mix of herbs which improve digestion and alleviate the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders (ginger is an aromatic herb especially used for nausea, fennel is used for baby colic, and slippery elm for many stomach disorders). In addition, St. Claire’s Organics added pleasant smelling herbs like peppermint, cinnamon and cardamom that should add a cool, spicy, and woodsy flavor to the formula.

Slippery elm is one of the key ingredients in this formulation. It has not been sufficiently researched in clinical trials, but laboratory studies show it contains mucilage and can be used in providing relief from inflammations and skin conditions. Based on anecdotal use, slippery elm can be useful in treating ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, bladder infections, Crohn–s disease, diarrhea, coughs, and sore throats.

We recommend you ask a doctor if you are under treatment or suffer from a certain medical condition as some of the ingredients might be harmful for you. Ginger for instance might interfere with diabetes, BP and blood thinning medication. Slippery elm may slow down the absorption of medicines because of it contains mucilage. Sugar cane, another ingredient, may be dangerous for persons suffering from diabetes

The formulation has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in terms of safety and quality. St. Claire–s Organics also does not list potential side effects on its website. As for suggested use, it recommends a one-piece serving, but does not say anything about a daily dose.

Organic Tummy Soothers is sold in tins of 1.44 ounces and in bulk bags of 8 ounces. In addition, retailers often sell 6-packs which seem to be a better option than buying a single tin, if you take into consideration shipping charges. One tin costs $3.8 on the producer–s website, whereas shipping charges are minimum $5.5 (flat rate). The same rate is charged if you order two tins.

Sale Price: $23.95

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • The price per ounce ranges from $1.9 (for the 8 oz bulk bag) to some $3 (if you buy a single tin) which would recommend it as an inexpensive product
  • It has positive online consumer reviews
  • It is available at many online retailers


  • Some of the ingredients may interact with other drugs
  • The product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration


Organic Tummy Soothers is promoted as assisting with stomach problems. The list of ingredients (such as slippery elm and ginger) would recommend it as an effective formula. These herbs have been used for a long time in traditional medicine, although some of them have not yet been thoroughly studied by scientists through clinical trials. However you should know that ginger and some other ingredients could interact with other drugs so it would be safer for you to further investigate this, preferably by asking a healthcare practitioner.

We have found positive online testimonials which may show that the product should work. Moreover, Organic Tummy Soothers has an attractive price so it might feel tempting for some consumers to try it.

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Organic Tummy Soothers Review
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