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OptiMind Review
OptiMind Review

PUBLISHED: 04/08/2016 by BR Technical
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Backed up by an absolute onslaught of social media and paid advertising, OptiMind burst onto the scene not so long ago. OptiMind is the successor of Allerad, but this new brain supplement comes with a few formula changes that, according to the manufacturer (AlternaScript LLC) make OptiMind far better.

Not related to OptiMind’s effectiveness, AlternaScript seems to have understood the benefits of internet marketing as their new official website was redesigned from scratch. The new website looks and works a lot better, but as usual there is very little in the way of content and any real references to how OptiMind claims to do what it does.

While there are some ingredients descriptions, the company fails to include relevant sources from where the information was taken. Furthermore, most ingredients included in this formula are “hidden” under a proprietary blend so there is no way for us to know how much of each active ingredient was actually used in OptiMind.


OptiMind contains the following ingredients: OptiMind contains the following ingredients: Focus Blend 1.315 mg (GABA, Phosphatidyl L-Serine, Alpha-lipoic acid, Caffeine, Huperzine A, Tyrosine, Taurine, Sulbutiamine, Vinpocetine, Bacoside A), Vitamin D 385 IU, and Vitamin B12 500 mcg.

Product Features

As stated above, OptiMind keeps the amounts hidden behind a proprietary blend (the Focus Blend). At 1.315 mg there is a lot in there, from L-Tyrosine and Taurine to Huperzia Serrata (Huperzine A) and even Caffeine (which is a stimulant).

According to the official website, OptiMind had an upgrade in ingredients as well. Usually, there are two main reasons behind a full re-brand: the company/the supplement has received many negative reviews, or the manufacturer actually cares about their formula and they want to continuously improve it. We suspect the latter.

We really liked the inclusion of Sulbutiamine in OptiMind. Noopept is another good choice as this nootropic is often overlooked, due to its high cost. In fact, anything in the range of 500 mg and over is very likely to produce notable effects (better mood, better memory, increased energy levels, clarity, better focus, etc).

OptiMind contains GABA, a nootropic that has come under a lot of criticism as of late. Many believe that GABA has such a hard time at crossing the blood brain barrier that the required dose would be in excess of anything a standard capsule could hold. More recent research showed that the best way to get GABA is by “consuming” Picamilon (GABA and B3 Niacin bonded) as this “compound” can easily penetrate the blood brain barrier. After Picamilon passes on the other side of the BBB, GABA and B3 separate, allowing GABA to do its work. Leaving the inclusion of GABA, which we don’t like, OptiMind’s formula looks pretty solid!

As for reviews and testimonials, our research has revealed that OptiMind has received mostly mixed opinions,perhaps due to it being a newer product, perhaps because the older formula didn’t match up to the claims. Some consumers in the forums did seem to enjoy OptiMind and its new formula, mostly due to its ability to increase energy, with some saying they take it before working out.

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Sale Price: $63.65

Free Trial* Available: Yes

Store: Amazon.com


  • Good energy and focus booster
  • Some proven ingredients with some good clinical research supporting their brain health related benefits
  • Beautiful online presentation (new website, a lot of social media activity, etc)
  • Free trial available


  • OptiMind still is fairly new in the market
  • Some reported side effects, mostly caffeine-related
  • Fairly expensive; one month of treatment will cost you around $63
  • No supplement facts and important information listed
  • The treatment must be interrupted at regular intervals due to inclusion of Huperzine A


OptiMind has received many mixed reviews and testimonials online but the most recent ones are fairly positive. OptiMind proved well in its mild effects on memory and focus. The formula does well as an energy supplement as well.

While OptiMind is fairly expensive, we do appreciate the free trial. This shows the company is confident enough that their supplement will show positive results in the first 10 days.

Overall, OptiMind is a solid brain supplement. Leaving GABA aside, the formula does look promising and it may provide the advertised benefits.

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OptiMind Review
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