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OmHarmonics Review
OmHarmonics Review

PUBLISHED: 11/26/2013 by breditor
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OmHarmonics is a collection of meditation techniques offered as 15 or 30 minutes audio files claimed to provide a large number of benefits such as increased focus, creativity, sex drive, mood and a deep rest during the night. The technology is offered by Mindvalley, a company founded by Vishen Lakhiani. The company aims to help people lead healthier and happier lives by unleashing the full potential of their minds.

OmHarmonics is designed by a team of experts and claims to be a revolutionary product. the program is marketed to offer immediate and deep meditation allowing the body and mind to achieve unimaginable levels of performance. It is offered as a cheap alternative to years of specialized assistance and intensive hours of independent trials. This developer offers an effective meditation solution at a price substantially low compared to the one spent on instructors or meditation classes.

OmHarmonics uses 3 proprietary technologies, namely: NeuralSync Technology (the body and mind synchronize), Intelligent Guided Flow Technology (to reach Alpha meditation state without any effort), and the music (that will ease the way into the meditation state). A total of 5 audio sessions entitled the OmLife collection are offered to support users in various moments of the day. The developer offers the possibility of choosing between three packages: the Silver package (just the online version), the Gold package (the physical collection), and the Platinum package (both the online and physical collection).

OmHarmonics Ingredients

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Product Features

OmHarmonics is offered as a set of audio tracks marketed as a revolutionary and innovative form for inducing deep meditation with direct emotional, mental and physical benefits usually associated with this popular practice.

The uniqueness of OmHarmonics is given by the technology of binaural beats, meaning that all the sounds are intensified and synchronized with sounds like that of the heartbeat and ambient sounds. This method is aimed to amplify the benefits as it was discovered in 1839 by the physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. He managed to demonstrate the influence of certain sounds on brain activity and performance.
The innovative brainwave technology, reduced duration of the tracks which allows even the busiest people to enjoy them, and full access to a large global community of individuals who share your passion are only a few of the advertised advantages.

The 5 audio sessions each with its specific benefits are: “The Start of the Day” track to boost energy, “The Focus” track to get the boost and mental clarity for completing daily tasks, “The Spark” track for situations where creativity and innovation are required, “The Balance” track to help with relaxation after an agitated day and “The Deep Rest” track to help you get a full night’s sleep.

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  • The developer offers a 90 day money-back guarantee
  • A 10 days trial period is available for the entire package for a minimum fee
  • A 13 minute audio track is offered as a free sample
  • A large number of mostly positive testimonials is available


  • Some people consider the price too high
  • There is no information regarding security for online purchasing
  • This is a relatively new program


The OmLife collection is presented as the first original compilation created by Mindvalley featuring unique OmHarmonics audio tracks to help people increase the quality of their lives through meditation. It uses a very popular relaxation technique believed to particularly benefit the mental health and the brain focus capacity.

The collection offers superior benefits due to an innovative technology that uses new elements to help the mind relax and melt away harmful stress. A high number of testimonials may be considered a confirmation of the compilation’s effectiveness. However, there is no science based evidence to support any of the long or short-term benefits for this kind of program.

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OmHarmonics Reviewbreditor32016-05-18 12:09:31
OmHarmonics Review
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