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Omegalife CoQ10 Review
Omegalife CoQ10 Review

PUBLISHED: 04/14/2014 by BR Moderator
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Omegalife CoQ10

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Omegalife CoQ10 is a dietary supplement advertised as a powerful antioxidant beneficial for both the cardiovascular system and cholesterol levels. The formula is offered by the Australian manufacturer Vitadirect, under a trademarked line of supplements called Omegalife. All the supplements from this line are marketed as based on the purest raw materials that come only from TGA approved manufacturers. The manufacturing processes are also claimed to be in full compliance with current GMP standards.

Omegalife CoQ10 is advertised as a natural source of Coenzyme Q10, a compound that occurs in human bodies and plays numerous functions including in the energy production and antioxidant defense. The popularity of such supplements has increased in recent years, as numerous studies and clinical trials involving the compound have shown positive results in various different health claims (nervous system conditions, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc.)

Omegalife CoQ10 delivers a total amount of 150 mg of Coenzyme Q10 in the form of Ubidecarenone, the natural form of CoQ10. It is recommended for adults who are interested in preventing heart disease and other conditions associated with aging and oxidative stress. Those who are under anticoagulant medication (the manufacturer mentions only Warfarin) should inform their physician before starting to use this formula. Unwanted side effects are likely to occur when CoQ10 is combined with such medication.

Omegalife CoQ10 Ingredients

Omegalife CoQ10 contains the following ingredients: Ubidecarenone (Coenzyme Q10) 150mg.

Product Features

CoQ10 or Ubidecarenone is a naturally occurring substance in the human body that can also be obtained through proper diet. Rich food sources of CoQ10 are beef, peanuts, liver and kidneys or soybeans. Supplements based on this nutrient are also available in numerous forms (liquid, tablets, powders, or capsules) and are offered by a large number of dietary supplements manufacturers. Consumers should pay attention to the dosage (it is very important to follow the prescribed dosage, preferably by an informed healthcare practitioner).
CoQ10 is considered one of the most powerful natural antioxidants and because of this quality it has been the subject of numerous studies. It has been researched as a treatment for various types of cancer, immune system conditions (including HIV/AIDS), cognitive disorders (Parkinson’s disease), fertility problems, and least but not last, heart related conditions (with promising results in the treatment of heart failure and high blood pressure ).
However, existing evidence in most of the health claims is considered insufficient or inconclusive. More research is recommended and is currently being conducted in order to determine the extent of the CoQ10 benefits and the safety of CoQ10 supplements in humans.

For healthy adults, the recommended dosage varies from 5-30 mg daily. Such an amount can be obtained through healthy dieting. However, for those who suffer from heart conditions, want to reduce the symptoms of such a disease, or are interested in preventing cardiovascular problems the recommended dose is around 100 mg per day. These dosages should be established with the help of a specialized healthcare practitioner. These supplements are considered likely safe. No major side effects have been reported. Also CoQ10 toxicity is considered highly unlikely for most individuals.

Omegalife CoQ10 suggested dose is 1 capsule daily, or as prescribed by doctor.

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  • Omegalife CoQ10 features the natural form of CoQ10
  • The monthly price of the formula is low
  • The active substance is considered generally safe for the use of adults
  • Current research seems to support the benefits of CoQ10 supplements in alleviating the symptoms of heart condition


  • Omegalife CoQ10 is only available for online purchasing through retailers
  • There is no money- back guarantee or a free sample available
  • Currently there are no reviews available for online consulting


Omegalife CoQ10 is advertised as a high quality supplement that offers a high amount of active ingredient per serving. Although this may be looked at as an indication for its high potency, such an increased amount of CoQ10 may become potentially dangerous for people who are already under medication (particularly the one prescribed to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics, and anticoagulants in people who suffer from heart problems). The unwanted reactions should not be taken lightly, this is why the opinion of a specialized healthcare professional is always the best choice in these cases.

The supplement is marketed as free of artificial substances and other unwanted compounds (such as lactose, dairy products, and glucose) known to be responsible for a large number of allergies. However, the potency of this supplement is not backed up by scientific evidence (there are no mentioned clinical trials or studies involving the supplement) nor by consumers (reviews about the formula’s effectiveness are lacking at the moment).

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