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OmegaAssist Review
OmegaAssist Review

PUBLISHED: 07/18/2013 by brreader
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OmegaAssist has been developed by Slimming Clinic. Dr. Wian Stander is the leader of this company, an idealist man who desires to combine several disciplines into the supplement making industry. He believes that in order to create and supply only the best products, art, science, and philosophy should play an important role, as each of those 3 can provide a lesson or vital knowledge that can improve a supplement. He has involved himself in several tests conducted in South Africa, in which they studied how is it possible for the people there to age in a healthy way, by natural means.

As the company name states, OmegaAssist can help your slimming goals if you so desire, by lowering your cholesterol levels and increasing your overall health, starting from the heart, the very center. Another purpose would be that of detoxification, in which it enhances your liver to be able to get rid of those free radicals at a faster rate than before. Your age is not an important factor in this equation, as it can help anyone, from child to elder, but it will work best on the people that have cholesterol and heart health issues. Nowadays there are more and more people that suffer from obesity, and the most important factor that leads to this condition is a poor nutrition and supplementation might just be a solution.

OmegaAssist Ingredients

OmegaAssist contains the following ingredients: Salmon oil extract, Docosahexaenoic acid, Omega 3, and Omega 6.

Product Features

OmegaAssist consists of essential fatty acids, such as Omega 6 and Omega 3, both being required in order to have a healthy body and a strong mind. These acids play an important role even in slimming diets, which will help your body grow stronger while increasing the efficiency of your functions, such as heart function. It is commonly known that people with high cholesterol levels have an increased chance of getting heart failure of even blood clots, which can become a huge threat to your life.

Fatty acids might just be a solution to this seemingly increasing issue, but only if the intake is just the right amount. Studies have shown that too much Omega 6 or Omega 3 might cause more issues than they would do good. If taken by a professional recommendation, they will provide many great benefits, such as reduced risk of cancer, better growth and development, better skin and hair health and growth, and they might also stabilize your metabolism for an optimal performance. Some research shows that by having a normal intake of both Omega 6 and Omega 3, ADHD can be treated, as these fatty acids promote healthy brain function. Be advised that using this product without a recommendation might cause side-effects, and also, keep it away from pregnant or nursing women.

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  • OmegaAssist improves your heart and brain health, along with other great benefits
  • The detoxification process will become much faster and efficient
  • The product can be purchased online securely
  • OmegaAssist will complete any diet or nutrition program since it contains essential fatty acids required by your body


  • If the recommended dosage is exceeded, more side effects than benefits will occur


OmegaAssist contains ingredients which are very important and required by our body in order to function properly, ingredients such as Omega6 and Omega3. This product will decrease your bad cholesterol levels, while increasing the good cholesterol, along with promoting a better heart and brain health. Its purpose is accomplished due to the great minds that thought of every ingredient and mixing formulas, such as Dr. Wian Stander, the leader or Slimming Clinic. There are not many alternatives to OmegaAssist, and people did enjoy its effectiveness, a thing which was shown through their feedback. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before using this product in order to avoid any unwanted side effects.

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