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Omega Life Vitamin D3 Review
Omega Life Vitamin D3 Review

PUBLISHED: 03/30/2014 by breditor
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Omega Life Vitamin D3

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Omega Life Vitamin D3 is a dietary supplement claimed to support muscle and bone health by assisting with proper Calcium absorption. Indeed, the formula offered by Omega Life is based on the properties of a single active nutrient known as vitamin D3. This nutrient, also referred to as cholecalciferol is just one compound of the group of vitamins generally referred to as Vitamin D, and one of the most precious to human health.

Omega Life is a registered Trademark of Vitadirect Ltd. The company is based in Australia and offers little information regarding its manufacturing facilities, company background or distribution channels. The product portfolio is not extensive, but rather seems to include less than 20 formulations designed to assist with conditions that affect the eyes, muscles, bones heart and other general conditions.

Vitamin D3 benefits go beyond those advertised by Omega Life Vitamin D3. Many other suppliers may advertise supplements based on this nutrient as a way to ensure mental health for instance. The negative effects caused by a deficiency in Vitamin D3 may have a serious impact on the well-being of both adults and children. However, it is unclear if the formula revised here is suited for children or not.

Omega Life Vitamin D3 Ingredients

Omega Life Vitamin D3 contains the following ingredients: Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol 25mcg) equiv. to 1000IU.

Product Features

Vitamin D3 is among one of the most important nutrients needed for the health of bones and muscles. Existing and ongoing research shows a certain bond between low heart disease probability and the pre-existence of this nutrient in optimum amounts inside the body. Low levels may increase the risk of heart attacks, although evidence is still inconclusive.
Another set of benefits recently studied show that Vitamin D is intimately linked to an optimum cognitive function. Certain research studies show that cognitive impairment that leads to Alzheimer–s disease or Parkinson–s disease may be caused to a certain degree by insufficient amounts of Vitamin D.

The nutrient is fat-soluble and can be found in foods such as fatty fish, oysters, and dairy food. In order to prevent depletion, Vitamin D fortified foods such as cereals, soy milk or margarine have been made available. Many people fear that sun exposure will cause them to get skin cancer (which is not true unless excessive and inappropriate exposure occurs), hence the inclusion of Vitamin D in diets becomes necessary at some level.

No artificial source can however replace natural intakes. The nutrient may also benefit cellular health and assisting with normal cell growth, regulate blood pressure, boost immunity, and others. The daily recommended dose has not been established so far; however a 600 IU dose for most people should sufficiently cover the daily requirements.

Omega Life Vitamin D3 side effects usually occur when the nutrient is excessively supplied, and may include: nausea, vomiting, inability to rest, etc

The suggested dose of Omega Life Vitamin D3 is 1 capsule or tablet daily or as prescribed.

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  • Omega Life Vitamin D3 is available at a reasonable price
  • No artificial coloring, flavorings or preservatives were used to create the formula
  • All company products are GMP compliant and created using Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) manufacturers
  • The formula is free of dairy products, yeast, gluten and other potential allergens


  • There are no testimonials from consumers which can be consulted online
  • It is unclear whether Omega Life Vitamin D3 is available for international purchase or not
  • No clear information regarding money back guarantees or returns is available


The formula offered under the Omega Life brand features one of the most important nutrients for the human body, particularly vitamin D. The supplement is manufactured by a reputable company and offers high quality Vitamin D3, free of most common allergens and artificial ingredients. The offer for supplemental vitamins is rather extensive and choosing one supplement or the other often stands no argument other than price and the reputation of the manufacturer.

It is important to know that food sources of Vitamin D are abundant and that half an hour of sun exposure daily is enough to ensure that the daily requirements of most healthy adults are met. No supplement should replace a balanced diet, and you should always talk to a healthcare professional prior to starting administration of any dietary supplement.

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