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Okra Pepsin E3 Review
Okra Pepsin E3 Review

PUBLISHED: 03/29/2013 by BR Technical
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Okra Pepsin E3

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Okra Pepsin E3 is advertised as a supplement that aims to maintain the intestinal functions by offering support to the bowel functions as well as bowel cleansing. It is produced and sold by a business called Standard Process.

Established in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, this business possesses a fair share of positive testimonials from people that have tried their remedies. Its establisher has the nickname of “Einstein of nutrition” and founded his company on the belief that the provenience of an ingredient more important than the quantity utilized in any dietary remedy. Due to this, he believes that even a small amount from a whole food supplement may make a major difference for the person who is taking that particular treatment. A specific feature of this company is the division of the products into three major production lines that are Whole Food Supplements, MediHerb, and Veterinary Products.

The manufacturer states that degreed microbiologists and chemists are constantly conducting bacterial and analytical tests from the raw material to the finished remedy, hence ensuring safety as well as quality. Moreover, the nutrients weren’t disassociated into isolated components, hence they have been kept intact and complete nutritional compounds. In order for the enzymatic vitality and nutritional potential to be preserved, there were low-temperature and high-vacuum drying techniques used.

Okra Pepsin E3 Ingredients

Okra Pepsin E3 contains the following ingredients: Cholesterol and a Proprietary Blend containing Okra (fruit), fat soluble extract (from alfalfa), sunflower (seed), carrot (root), Tillandsia usneoides, buckwheat (leaf), pea, bovine orchic extract, pepsine, carbamide, alginic acid, and allantoin.

Product Features

The compounds contained by Okra Pepsin E3 act in order to offer help for the gastrointestinal system as well as the stomach. Basically, they provide and facilitate relief of digestive issues linked symptoms. The nutritional role of okra is emphasized in agriculture by people that actually named it “powerhouse of valuable nutrients.” In order to provide vitamins and minerals, half of the nutrients featured by this formulation are represented by soluble fiber in form of gums and pectins that improve cardiovascular health.

One of the main components found Okra Pepsin E3, okra is believed to provide high intakes of fiber and mucilage that keep a healthy intestinal tract and even normalize its levels during periods of diarrhea or hard stools. The hydrophilic collides contained by mucilage gives motility of feces, hence relieving constipation. Furthermore, it contains oil that provides unsaturated fatty acids, known for their cardiovascular improvement properties. By stimulating serum levels of calcium and promoting phagocytosis, it maintains the health of epithelial tissues and stimulates functions related to the immune system. Additionally, stomach discomfort is relieved because of the cooling and lubrication provided by the mucilage.

People that are exhausted, suffer from depression or just feel weak should think about following this treatment because of the nourishment offered by the main ingredients of this remedy. The daily suggested intake is of one capsule per meal, with water.

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  • Introduced on the nutritional field in 1962, it currently has more than fifty years of existence
  • It features okra, an herb with various properties that has been used since ancient times
  • No Okra Pepsin E3 side effect was reported so far by people who followed the treatment and most of the reviews pointed out positive results in treating cardiovascular and digestive illnesses


  • None of the Standard Process statements found on their official website was tested by the FDA
  • Because there is no international shipment policy, people from outside the USA are obligated to purchase this product from other online retailers
  • Vegetarians and vegans can’t take this supplement


Created for maintenance of intestinal functions, Okra Pepsin E3 was introduced on the nutritional field by a world-wide known company that a vast background. Its beneficial effects are based on the mixture between its ingredients represented by animal and herbal extracts. With no known downside or unwanted side-effect during its intake, this remedy can be regarded as a natural approach for those suffering from digestive issues that are trying to avoid prescribed medication. Moreover, the cardiovascular system is positively affected thanks to this treatment. People for whom Okra Pepsin E3 was developed include those suffering from diabetes, anemia or stomach illnesses.

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Okra Pepsin E3 Review
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    What is the reason this product is unavailable for shipping internationally? It has received excellent reviews, however many people with digestive problems, myself included, are unable to purchase it outside of the USA. There is a large untapped market just waiting to unload their cash for this product. I really hope it will become available for international shipping in the very near future.