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NutriFirst Acai Super Fruit Antioxidant Juice Review
NutriFirst Acai Super Fruit Antioxidant Juice Review

PUBLISHED: 09/24/2012 by BR Publishing
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NutriFirst Acai Super Fruit Antioxidant Juice

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NutriFirst Acai Super Fruit Antioxidant Juice is a dietary supplement advertised to provide optimum level of nutrients and vitamins and promote a natural state of well being. And while the manufacturer, NutriFirst, makes no clear ailment claim or clear specification of what the core benefits of the formula are, we may draw some conclusions by looking at the research made on the formula’s core ingredients, the Acai fruit.

NutriFirst was set up in 2003, and incorporated five years later. The company is based in Singapore and claims to provide high quality specially selected nutrition products at affordable prices. The manufacturer claims that fitness consultants and athletes are involved in the process of designing the formulas. The company currently manufactures more than 300 products in the spectrum of health supplement, beauty and wellness and fitness and sports.

NutriFirst Acai Super Fruit Antioxidant Juice Ingredients

NutriFirst Acai Super Fruit Antioxidant Juice includes the following ingredients: Proprietary blend of Pure Acai Fruit CryofluxTM Concentrate, Acai Pure, Clarified Pineaple Juice and Black Cherry Juice Concentrates and natural flavors and colors.

Product Features

Although the manufacturer of NutriFirst Acai Super Fruit Antioxidant Juice does not specifically list the formula’s benefits, we may turn to research conducted so far on the Açai berry to resume them.

The fruit is most of all a very powerful antioxidant. Apparently, it has more antioxidants than any other food on Earth, according to The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. This property makes the formula an excellent prevention alternative against a number of health conditions that result from free radical damage, such as cardiovascular conditions, immune system conditions and even cancer. Also, its antioxidant properties are believed to help prevent tissue aging, making Akai a popular ingredient in anti-aging skin care cosmetics

Aside from its benefits which derive from its antioxidant properties, the Acai berry is used in weight-loss products due to its high fiber content (a serving contains 25.2 – 44.2g of dietary fiber, more than the minimum daily requirements for adults). Açai berries also contain vitamins and minerals, which are why some refer to the fruit as a “superfood.”

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 tablespoons (30 ml) daily. Product reviews are only available on the manufacturer’s website and should be treated with caution. No side effects or precautions are mentioned regarding NutriFirst Acai Super Fruit Antioxidant Juice.

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  • The Acai fruits are wild harvested by hand and cold pressed to protect the flavor and potency;
  • Liquid supplementation makes it easy to administrate;
  • 100% Juice, no water;
  • 85% Pure Acai Juice.


  • No consumer reviews other than a few on the manufacturer’s website;
  • Acai is not sufficiently tested to see if there are any side effects or precautions.


The main benefits of NutriFirst Acai Super Fruit Antioxidant Juice rely in the Acai berry’s powerful antioxidant properties. Although insufficient research exists to prove most of Acai’s claimed benefits, the ingredient has gained popularity as a result of many positive consumer reviews.

The formula offered by NutriFirst is marketed to contain 85% pure Acai juice and no water, making it a potent formulation. There aren’t however any consumer testimonials to confirm its effectiveness, hence we cannot draw a clear conclusion. It is likely that NutriFirst Acai Super Fruit Antioxidant Juice will work for some consumers to deliver healthy levels of antioxidants and other nutrients into your daily diet, whereas for others it may do nothing.

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