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Nutribiotic Multi Mineral Review
Nutribiotic Multi Mineral Review

PUBLISHED: 02/09/2013 by breditor
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Nutribiotic Multi Mineral

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Nutribiotic Multi Mineral is a dietary supplement consisting of highly important minerals. The minerals found in this supplement are presented by the manufacturer in the form of aminoate. Aminoates are minerals that are bounded to an organic acid and/or amino acids in a process called chelation. Nutribiotic presents their multi-mineral formula as citrate-aspartate chelate bound to rice protein. Basically all the minerals found in their complex have been bounded to through chelation process to citrate and aspartate and they have also added rice protein to its content.

This formula is developed by Nutribiotic. They are an American company based in Lakeport CA and they’ve been producing various supplements since the 80s. After developing vitamin C supplements in various concentrations, they started their work on developing nutritional supplements and body care products from grapefruit seed extracts. In fact, they were one of the first companies to introduce this extract on the market. They manufacture many body care products, dietary supplements and protein supplements from various plant extracts and minerals.

According to the manufacturer, the formula is easily digestible and absorbable; even though they don’t indicate the exact benefits that their product offer, we can deduce from the composition that it’s supposed to maintain good health.

Nutribiotic Multi Mineral Ingredients

Nutribiotic Multi Mineral includes the following ingredients: 72 trace minerals, magnesium stearate (vegetable lubricant), and gelatin (capsule).

Product Features

Nutribiotic Multi Mineral is a dietary supplement consisting of major minerals and trace minerals. This supplement delivers important amounts of manganese, selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, and copper. Every single one of these essential trace elements is important for the body to function properly. Calcium for example is used for building bones, in muscle development, and for keeping a healthy heart. Magnesium is used in various treatments; it’s known for balancing the cholesterol levels, blood pressure and it’s sometimes prescribed to people with ADHD, anxiety disorder, PMS, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney stones, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Another major trace element is manganese. This mineral is used by our bodies mainly to keep a healthy bone structure, acting as a cofactor in enzyme creation. It is also important for nerves and brain functions. Zinc and iron are two trace elements that are required for many enzymes and proteins. They help in digestion and hemoglobin creation which prevents anemia.

All of the minerals that are found in this multi mineral complex are required to maintain the body well balanced and their insufficiency is known to lead to some severe dysfunctions such as cardiac arrhythmia, convulsions, dizziness, muscle cramps and weakness, fatigue, increased irritability of the nervous system, etc.

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  • Nutribiotic Multi Mineral is an important source of major and trace minerals
  • It has a low price, an approximate monthly cost is $3


  • There is a limited number of online reviews


Nutribiotic Multi Mineral offers very important amounts of most major minerals and trace minerals that our bodies need for a healthy life. If the level of these minerals is unbalanced, this can lead to some severe body dysfunctions. Most of the compounds of this formula have been well researched over the years and extensive clinical studies have proved their importance, but the manufacturer does not present any studies or clinical trials to prove the efficiency of their product. Since the balance of some of these minerals is very important and low levels or high levels are known to cause disturbances in the body functions, we recommend that this supplement should be consumed only as advised by a healthcare professional.

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    Is it required to take other vitamins with the Multi Minerals (f.ex B or C vitamins) or should it be enough to take the Multi Mineral on it?s own.