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Nutribiotic Calcium Ascorbate Review
Nutribiotic Calcium Ascorbate Review

PUBLISHED: 02/11/2013 by BR Moderator
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Nutribiotic Calcium Ascorbate

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Nutribiotic Calcium Ascorbate is a dietary supplement in the form of crystalline powder. Calcium ascorbate is nothing more than a combination of ascorbic acid (also known as Vitamin C) and calcium; hence, this supplement brings the benefits from both vitamin C as well as calcium.

The formula is developed by Nutribiotic, a company renowned in the United States supplement industry especially for the grapefruit seed extract products they have pioneered. They have been manufacturing GSE supplements for over 30 years. They currently produce a wide variety of protein supplements, and body care products from various natural plant extract. They also produce a wide variety of vitamin C supplements with which they have a vast and long experience.

According to the manufacturer Nutribiotic Calcium Ascorbate contains only pharmaceutical grade calcium ascorbate and is highly soluble. The product is intended for people that deal with vitamin C and calcium deficiencies, but also for those that simply want to boost their immune system. Because calcium ascorbate does not increase gastric acid, this supplement is beneficial especially for people with sensitive stomachs that need vitamin C and calcium supplementation. It is known that high dosages of calcium ascorbate have less side effects than simple vitamin C supplements.

Nutribiotic Calcium Ascorbate Ingredients

Nutribiotic Calcium Ascorbate includes the following ingredients: Calcium ascorbate.

Product Features

Nutribiotic Calcium Ascorbate is a dietary supplement consisting of vitamin C used to treat or prevent low levels of this essential vitamin. It is mostly recommended for people that can’t obtain the necessary quantity of vitamin C from their diet.

Vitamin C has a long history of usage and many scientific studies have been conducted along the years that support its effectiveness. It was discovered that vitamin C is one of the nutrient that can boost and support the immune system. Its antioxidant properties make vitamin C one of the best nutrients that help the body in the fight against diseases such as cancer, myocardial infarction, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia. etc.

Vitamin C has many functions within the body. Vitamin C is vital to the body’s production of collagen. Collagen is a structural protein, which acts like the embedded fibers in fiberglass composites. Why is collagen important? Because all the bones in the body, all the connecting ligaments and tendons receive their strength from this protein molecule.

It is clear that without vitamin C our body will become ill a lot faster. Sometimes, when the necessary amount of vitamins is not obtained through normal diet, supplements are used to regulate deficiencies.

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  • Calcium Ascorbate is important in maintaining overall good health
  • It delivers important amounts of vitamin C as well as calcium


  • Side effects might occur in some cases


Nutribiotic Calcium Ascorbate delivers important amounts of vitamin C. There are many benefits that vitamin C brings to the human body and our overall health. From bones and tissue creation and regeneration to immune system support, vitamin C takes care of the body and is important in many biochemical reactions. Sometimes side effects might occur such as diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps/pain, or heartburn. This really depends on the individual and how sensitive he is to the compounds of this supplement. In rare cases allergic reactions have appeared. We recommend that the product is consumed in the prescribed dosages by a healthcare specialist.

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