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Nutrakey Ginkgo Biloba Review
Nutrakey Ginkgo Biloba Review

PUBLISHED: 10/22/2016 by BR Publishing
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Nutrakey Ginkgo Biloba

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Produced by the US company Nutrakey Inc, Nutrakey Biloba Ginkgo claims to be a powerful dietary supplement specially created to support and enhance the brain. Nutrakey Inc was founded back in 2010 – so it’s a relatively new name on the market – and it produces several quite popular brain supplements.

According to the official website, all Nutrakey supplements are of the highest quality, while the formulas are designed to boost brain power, improve cognitive abilities, support energy levels, improve blood flow to the brain, and enhance memory.

While not very popular on 3rd party retailers such as Amazon, Nutrakey Biloba Ginkgo has received many positive reviews and testimonials online. That, along with its very low price, may recommend Nutrakey Biloba Ginkgo as a potential alternative to other more popular but more expensive brain supplements.


Nutrakey Ginkgo Biloba contains the following ingredients: Gingko Biloba Extract (Leaf) (120 mg).

Product Features

Nutrakey Biloba Ginkgo is a brain supplement based on a very simple formula – it’s sole ingredient is the ginkgo biloba extract.

Used for thousands of years throughout Asia to improve memory and focus, this plant with unique properties has also been found to both increase blood flow and circulation throughout muscle tissue – potentially increasing athletic ability and strength while reducing recovery time and soreness.

Its ability to support both mental and athletic performances, along with thousands of years of safe human consumption, recommend ginkgo biloba to any serious bodybuilder or student. Ginkgo biloba extract also is a very common addition in many nootropics (cognitive enhancers).

Clinical studies showed that ginkgo biloba works by causing vasodilation (expansion) of small blood vessels throughout brain and muscle tissue. The direct results of this is increased blood flow (microcirculation) to the brain, which provides better nutrient and oxygen delivery.

Improving blood flow also enables our body to eliminate toxins associated with mental and physical fatigue, further decreasing the need for recovery and perhaps even sleep.

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Sale Price: $14.50

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon.com


  • Simple formula build around an ingredient proven to work.
  • Nutrakey Biloba Ginkgo can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Very cheap supplement – around $5 for a full month of treatment.
  • Reputable manufacturer.
  • Positive reviews and testimonials online.


  • No free trial – although this isn’t much of a problem considering how cheap the supplement is.
  • Maybe not enough information on the official website.
  • The formula hasn’t been clinically tested.
  • The formula is not unique, doesn’t stand out with anything special.


Nutrakey has taken the safer approach when they developed this brain supplement. The entire formula was build around ginkgo biloba, an herbal ingredient proven to work in many other similar brain enhancers.

Does Nutrakey Biloba Ginkgo work? We can’t find any reasons why it wouldn’t work when taken as recommended. And for just under $5 for a full month of treatment, Nutrakey Biloba Ginkgo may be a very good choice for anyone looking for a decent brain supplement to support and improve memory and the ability to focus.

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