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Nuphedrine Review
Nuphedrine Review

PUBLISHED: 01/29/2014 by breditor
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Nuphedrine is a dietary supplement offered as a highly effective solution for losing weight, as well as for increasing lean muscle mass and energy levels, improving athletic performance, and suppressing unhealthy food habits and appetite. It is not very clear who the manufacturer of the formula is. The only valid information in this direction is the contact e-mail address that mentions the name Good Health.

However, the formula comes with its own presentation page, where details on usage instructions, ingredients and order information is offered. The producer seems to focus only on the benefits of this formula and even goes as far as to state that this is the only weight loss pill to include a certified extract of the African Hoodia plant species. The product also includes a patented boosting formula called Advantra-Z that features the highest potency from the active ingredient Synephrine (the 30% standardized extract).

The product is designed to help people with overweight problems who seek a fast acting and safe solution in losing the unwanted fat while improving their physical condition. The supplement is advertised to contain no other stimulants (caffeine, Taurine or Ephedrine), thus lacking the unwanted reactions associated with such formulations (increased heart rates, shakiness, restlessness, etc.). The Nuphedrine capsules have a strong yet smooth and safe effect and are 100% organic safe.

Nuphedrine Ingredients

Nuphedrine contains the following ingredients: South African Hoodia, Advantra-Z, and Slimaluma.

Product Features

Nuphedrine contains three key ingredients.
One of the active compounds is an extract from the African cactus species called Hoodia. The substance is a relatively new ingredient of weight-loss supplements. Its main marketed benefit consists in its natural appetite suppressant activity, a quality owed to the presence of the P57 chemical. This compound communicates vital information to the brain: that the consumer is no longer hungry. Hoodia is also known to suppress thirst, which may be looked at as a disadvantage, because drinking a lot of liquids is one of the main recommendations when dieting. The extract contained by this formula has a 20:1 ratio, which makes it a highly concentrated compound, with direct connection to the formula’s increased effectiveness.

Slimaluma is another ingredient that helps people in eating less. The compound has been shown to communicate with a part of the brain called hypothalamus. When people feel a hunger sensation, the stomach sends this information to the hypothalamus which sends it to the brain. The brain will command the consumer to eat, and fulfill its primary need of food. Slimaluma induces a satiety sensation much faster, so the stomach sends this information to the brain. This way, the substance prevents excessive eating, making it an excellent complementary compound to Hoodia.

Although the manufacturer does not mention any specific side effects, these may manifest in the form of increased heart rate and irregular heartbeats, seizure, anxiety, edginess and shakiness. Nuphedrine reviews are generally mixed. The official page of the product includes the examples of real people who have managed to lose huge amounts of weight, however this information is neither reliable nor is it verifiable.
The recommended dosage is 3 capsules daily, in 2 doses.

Sale Price: $89.99

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Research involving the active compounds as active substances in weight-loss supplements is available public reading (although in a relatively reduced number)
  • The producer offers a 100% money back guarantee for a period of 6 months
  • A 14 day trial period is available for a fraction of the cost representing the equivalent value of shipping and processing taxes/online purchase is guaranteed as safe


  • Information presented on the official site seems highly exaggerated (no side effects, no drug interactions no other warnings are mentioned)
  • The product is not the subject of any published scientific study or research
  • The monthly price is extremely high (approximately $90 plus taxes)
  • International shipping charges are relatively high and manufacturer also charges in advance a $20 fee.
  • Nuphedrine reviews are mixed


Nuphedrine supplement is one of the many “wonder pills” recommended as a healthy weight-loss supports. Similar to many other products of such type, it is also promoted to be safe and based on medical evidence and clinical research evidence. The producer claims to provide a certified form for the African Hoodia ingredient. A moderate exercise program and a sensible diet may improve the formula’s benefits. The supplement is marketed to help people burn 500 more calories daily without causing the common side effects associated to increased fat burning rates (such as increased heart rate).

This supplement is not recommended for people who suffer from certain diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, or eating disorders), or pregnant women. The side effects of the product are not indicated. Existing research involving the active ingredients has also failed to reveal all the potential dangers and side effects, but the ones that have been reported may also transfer to the entire formula. These adverse reactions have been mentioned earlier in this review. However, more detailed research is recommended for those who are considering using Nuphedrine. And last, but not least, the consumer should always take into account the opinion of a physician before beginning to use the supplement.

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