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NR Essentials Vitamin D3 Review
NR Essentials Vitamin D3 Review

PUBLISHED: 04/18/2013 by BR Moderator
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NR Essentials Vitamin D3

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NR Essentials Vitamin D3 was released on the nutritional market as a remedy that facilitates calcium absorption and helps balance the immune system. The company that created and is currently producing and distributing this remedy is called Native Remedies.

As a business established in Florida, US that is known for offering individuals natural supplements in order to enhance normal ways of living by providing needed nourishment, Native Remedies produces somewhere around two hundred and fifty products created for a variety of health conditions or to enhance general well-being. A specific feature of this business is the fact that they give a one year guarantee for each of their products in order to raise the quality levels of their remedies.

NR Essentials Vitamin D3 is based on cholecalciferol, also known by the name of Vitamin D3 which is naturally produced by the human body after sunlight exposure. Due to the fact that it is required in order to help the body maintain proper calcium levels that will further regulate the functions and help fight against oxidative damage, thus avoiding possible medical conditions which can occur because of calcium deficiencies. The producers state that the lack of proper calcium levels in children represents a matter of concern and a possible cause would be the lack of outdoor activities.

NR Essentials Vitamin D3 Ingredients

NR Essentials Vitamin D3 contains the following ingredients: Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol: 5 IU).

Product Features

Advertised as a vitamin D3 supplement that helps people improve calcium absorption, NR Essentials Vitamin D3 is a remedy that was created specifically for adult usage. Because nowadays outdoor activities are rarely preferred to indoor ones, people don’t obtain the proper amount of this component due to the fact that there is a decrease in exposure to sunlight. Based on this feature, nutritional companies started creating a series of natural products which usually come as an addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Found in small amounts in certain foods such as fatty fish like sardines, mackerel and tuna, it can be manufactured in specialized laboratories. It is generally utilized to treat or prevent rickets, a disease caused by a deficiency. Moreover, people use it for medical conditions like osteoporosis, bone loss in people that suffer from hyperparathyroidism or to prevent fractures, as well as low calcium levels. Recent research pointed out that this ingredient may be helpful for boosting the immune system, thus also for prevention of cancer or treatment for autoimmune diseases.

Viewed as likely safe when taken by mouth within suggested dosages, NR Essentials Vitamin D3 doesn’t usually cause unwanted side effects, but some people can experience loss of appetite, dry mouth, or fatigue if larger amounts are taken.

Sale Price: $17.95

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Store: NativeRemedies

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  • The manufacturer offers a one year money-back guarantee
  • It relies on an ingredient required nowadays due to lack of outdoor activities
  • Vegans and vegetarians can consume it too


  • It is a formula for adult use only
  • It may cause certain side effects if the recommended dosage is exceeded
  • Manufacturer claims weren’t FDA tested


As a product that helps improve the immune system while also easing absorption of calcium, NR Essentials Vitamin D3 represents a non-addictive adult designed formula. The motive behind this product is the fact that people prefer indoors activities to outdoor ones, thus they don’t receive enough sun exposure which is in fact the way the body creates this vitamin. Due to this feature, by consuming this formula individuals avoid possible deficiencies and may also improve the mineral levels in their bodies. In comparison to remedies that have the same benefits, vegans and vegetarians can follow this treatment without any problems because it has no animal trace.

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