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NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie Review
NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie Review

PUBLISHED: 04/11/2013 by BR Technical
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NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie

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NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie is promoted a homeopathic remedy which seeks to supply the human body with essential fatty acids. The business behind this supplement is called Native Remedies and has been active on the herbal and homeopathic field since 2002.

The company is headquartered in Florida, USA and the reason behind its foundation is the desire to deliver products coming from natural sources that apply to a variety of health conditions. The mission is believed to be the delivery of the most qualitative and safest remedies found on the nutritional field for all customers that want a lifestyle enhancement. The quality is claimed to come from the utilization of Full Spectrum Method on the period of the manufacturing process which means that their ingredients are wild crafted as much as it was possible.

NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie is advertised as non-addictive and relies on a mixture between Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids. In comparison with other supplements featuring the same components, this one doesn’t have a fishy taste due to the lemonade taste included by its manufacturers. It is suggested for adult usage and packed in capsules which are vegetarian, thus even those who don’t eat meat can consume it without further problems or complaints.

NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie Ingredients

NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie contains the following ingredients: Purified fish oil (salmon oil and cod liver oil), water, xylitol, glycerine, gum Arabic, natural flavors, citric acid, santhan gum, guar gum, turmeric, vitamin A, and ascorbyl palmitate.

Product Features

Created as a non-addictive natural product that relies its positive effects on a mixture between three well-known fatty acids, NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie targets adults who want to improve their lifestyles by taking natural supplements combined with a proper diet, good sleeping program, and an exercising schedule. As we’ve previously mentioned, this supplement features Omega 3.

These are thought to be essential fatty acids for the organism that are necessary for the health, but can’t be directly produced by the human body. Because of this, people need to obtain them from food or other forms such as dietary supplements. When it comes to food, they are present in fish such as tuna, salmon or halibut and other seafood including algae, krill, and some plants. On a general level, they have a crucial role for brain functioning or normal growth and development.

Because they are able to reduce risks of heart diseases, Omega 3 became popular as a component of dietary supplements very fast. For example, The American Heart Association recommends supplementing the body with these on a daily basis avoid potential health conditions or issues like inflammations or cancer, arthritis, or heart conditions.

On the other hand, this component interferes with diabetes and blood-thinning medication, hence people taking either of those should think twice before following the treatment with NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie.

Sale Price: $10.95

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: NativeRemedies

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  • It contains essential fatty acids that can’t be naturally produced by the body
  • It has a lemonade taste, thus people will not smell of fish or have a fishy taste in the mouth after taking it
  • Vegetarians and vegans may consume it too


  • Diabetics can’t follow this treatment
  • Further research is required in order to determine the general effectiveness of this combination
  • No free samples offered by Native Remedies


Advertised as a natural approach to medication that doesn’t possess a fishy taste such as most of the remedies of this type, NR Essentials Omega Lemonade Smoothie was created for adult utilization. Its positive effects rely on a combination between three fatty acids that possess known individual qualities and have been previously utilized in a variety of remedies which enhance cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, learning skills, and focus. Diabetics or people taking anticoagulant as well as blood-thinning medication are advised to avoid its consumption or consult their medical doctor periodically during the treatment. If any side effect appears, the intake has to be discontinued.

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