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Nootrobrain Review
Nootrobrain Review

PUBLISHED: 02/11/2014 by BR Publishing
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Nootrobrain is a nutritional formula marketed as one of the most powerful assistants in improving focus, productivity, speech and memory. The company behind this formula is Nootrolabs, a relatively new manufacturer founded in 2010 by a team of researchers who wanted to create a safe and effective cognitive enhancer. Information about the company and its full line of products (if there are others) is limited. The company’s official webpage is currently under construction.

Nootrobrain’s benefits target various areas, including focus and concentration capacities, mood, sensory perception, learning ability and recall memory, verbal skills and fluency in conversation, and mental clarity. The formulation is claimed as based on 100% pure Nootropics at proper doses. These two features are highly emphasized by the manufacturer. The effect of Nootrobrain is described as drastic and unequaled by any of the competitor’s formulations. Such a claim seems unrealistic, especially since there is no solid evidence provided (the origin of the active ingredients, Quality certificates, etc.)

Nootrobrain is marketed as a non-addictive formula that acts through multiple mechanisms. The supplement is claimed to increase blood flow in the brain and enhance oxygen uptake, improve mitochondrial function and metabolism of glucose, prevent aging of the brain (by restoring the membranes of altered brain cells), and increase synthesis of certain proteins involved in memory related processes (formation of new memories, recall old ones, and learn new information).

Nootrobrain Ingredients

Nootrobrain contains the following ingredients: Aniracetam, CDP Choline, Vitamin B6, and Bacopa Monnieri.

Product Features

Nootrobrain is based on the synergistic blend of Aniracetam, Choline, Vitamin B6 and the herbal extract from Bacopa Monnieri.
Bacopa Monnieri is a traditional remedy used in Ayuverdic medicine as a tranquilizer. Due to its long history as a medicinal remedy, the plant is the subject to numerous studies and scientific research. The therapeutic effects claimed to have been revealed by this research refer particularly on the memory benefits. The plant seems to improve the ability to retain new information, visual memory, and recall. Bacopa supplements are commonly recommended to prevent memory decline and the associated conditions (particularly Alzheimer’s disease and dementia), and to treat mood disorders (depression, anxiety), ADHD, or epilepsy. The use of Bacopa supplements in the recommended doses is considered likely safe. Long-term safety has not been determined. The most common side effects are gastrointestinal discomfort, dry mouth, irregular heartbeats, and fatigue. It is not recommended to use Bacopa based supplements while taking antidepressants or antipsychotic medication.

Aniracetam is the key ingredients of this formula and represents a type of Nootropic known to be particularly beneficial for the brain. The advertised benefits of this smart drug include improved concentration, enhanced memory, and increased mental alertness. Available research involving this compound indicates that it may be effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders, cognitive impairment, and depression. However, research is still in the beginning and some of the trials have used animal subjects, so the extents of these benefits in humans are not completely known. Some mild side effects from using such substances have been reported in the form of headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and sleeping problems.
Nootrobrain side effects are not mentioned. Current testimonials do not offer a convincing pleading ot the formula’s effectiveness (the reduced number being the main reason).

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  • The product includes several researched active ingredients
  • The formula benefits of a detailed description and an official presentation page
  • The manufacturer ensures international delivery for this formula
  • Free shipping is ensured for US clients
  • The product comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee


  • The monthly price is high (but it may be drastically lowered by purchasing multiple bottles)
  • The formula is not clinically researched as such (and is supported only by a reduced number consumers)
  • There is no free trial available
  • International shipping charges are relatively high


Nootrobrain is offered as a smart drug. The substance that makes this product a nootropic is Aniracetam, which seems to be a very popular ingredient of cognitive enhancers from this class of products. However, this chemical has not been sufficiently tested and there are still some concerns regarding the safety issues. More so, this chemical has been classified as a prescription drug in Europe, but in USA it can be still found in numerous over-the-counter supplements.

The product is described as the best supplement available that will bring its consumers unimaginable and unmatched benefits. This presentation is a little aggressive and unsupported by scientific evidence, a practice we do not support. The only guarantee towards the formula’s effectiveness is the fact that all the ingredients have been individually researched and are commonly used to improve various aspects of cognitive function.

However, this product is not approved by the FDA for any of its claimed uses, so special precaution is advised for all those who want to use the product. A specialized opinion is always recommended in these cases.

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Nootrobrain ReviewBR Publishing3.252016-05-03 12:09:31
Nootrobrain Review
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2 User Reviews about Nootrobrain
  1. 1

    I’m 52 years old and I take this product. I’ve tried Focus Factor and Gingko and they pale by comparison.

    Not only has my
    memory improved, but it has done wonders on my mood as I have been experiencing symptoms of menopause.

    I no longer go through my day feeling gloomy and depressed. I feel refreshed, no longer scattered brain and I’m generally in a good mood and upbeat after using it on day one.

    I highly recommend this product. It has really changed my life. I’ve become more confident when doing my work as I am able to focus better.