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Nocturnabol Review
Nocturnabol Review

PUBLISHED: 05/14/2013 by BR Moderator
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Nocturnabol is a remedy which promises to positively influence the sleeping process and was specifically created to help individuals who suffer from problems in this area or generally consume coffee or energizers fee, thus having potential problems caused by sleep disturbances which can further evolve into something more serious. The product is promoted as a slow-wave Delta sleep enhancer, a blocker of REM catabolism, releaser of additional GH, as well as a help linked to overcoming the day-to-day stimulant buildup. The business behind this supplement is Advanced Muscle Science.

The business has been a member of the nutritional market for more than 20 years and state that its core focus is providing facilitations to the sport industry that is based on a mixture between scientific information applied in proper manufacturing facilities. On the other hand, as it is the case with the majority of the companies which deliver natural remedies, none of the claims found on their official site has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Nocturnabol is claimed to possess the quality of sending the brain to the Delta stage easier and faster than other products of the same type. Additionally, there is supposedly little to no grogginess after the brain has awakened from this cycle.

Nocturnabol Ingredients

Nocturnabol contains the following ingredients: L-Tryptophan, 5-HTP, Melatonin, B-3, and Green Tomato SE.

Product Features

Advertised as a remedy that targets an enhancement of the sleeping functions, hence the whole organism, Nocturnabol relies on some components which were supposedly carefully chosen to fulfill these purposes. The product is claimed to help individuals who don’t have a proper daily rest, thus possibly suffering from related medical conditions including insomnia or those who frequently consume energy stimulants like coffee or energizers which can eventually disrupt a normal sleeping cycle.

One of the core ingredients in Nocturnabol is melatonin, which is a hormone that is naturally produced within the body and usually used after has been synthetically modified in some laboratories for restful and calmness purposes. On a general note, it is used by the organism to adjust its internal clock, hence also normalizing the sleep-wake cycles in persons who had schedule changes. Moreover, it is beneficial for blind people because it helps them determine a normal night and day cycle. Other medicinal uses of this component include insomnia due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or some medications like beta-blockers, delayed sleep phase syndrome or DSPS, or sleeping problems in children who suffer from some developmental conditions such as mental retardation and autism. However, when usage is done in the form of capsules or tablets, there are some side-effects which can appear and include stomach cramps, dizziness, and irritability.

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  • The manufacturer has been on the nutritional market for more than twenty years
  • Its featured ingredients were chosen for its purposes and most of them have even been scientifically researched
  • The majority of customer reviews are positive


  • No FDA approval
  • No free sample or money-back guarantee provided
  • Possible side effects due to some of its components, like melatonin


Designed as a dietary remedy which contains ingredients such melatonin, Nocturnabol should offer proper nourishment in order to normalize the sleeping cycles of individuals following the treatment. In comparison to other supplements of the same type, this one concentrates on keeping a proper Delta cycle and rest in order to avoid disruption that may appear within sleep periods. It is be suggested for people who generally suffer from medical conditions related to this like insomnia or those taking medication for high blood pressure like beta-blockers. Due to possible risks of side effects, it is wise for people who want to follow this treatment to consult their personal doctor prior to it and immediately stop it if any appear.

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Nocturnabol Review
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