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NeuroMemory Review
NeuroMemory Review

PUBLISHED: 11/08/2013 by breditor
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NeuroMemory is a dietary supplement that supplies the necessary daily support for the maintenance of a healthy memory and cognitive function.

The formula is offered by Amen Clinics founded by a reputable researcher and psychiatrist, Doctor Daniel Amen. He is the lead researcher of a study involving professional football players. The scope of the study is to determine recovery solutions from this type of trauma. Amen Clinics owns the world’s largest database of functional brain scans related to behaviors.

NeuroMemory is suitable for people interested in preventing the negative effects usually associated with aging: memory problems, forgetfulness or attention problems. It may be as effective for individuals who want to prevent symptoms associated with these conditions. The formula is not recommended for children and pregnant or nursing women.

The supplement acts by modulating the synthesis of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, considered highly important for memory and cognition. NeuroMemory is formulated to also support a healthy life cycle of brain cells (and most importantly of neurons) through a blend of highly potent substances. One of the most important advantages of the formulation is that the active substances are researched and showed to cross the blood brain barrier, hence ensuring its effectiveness.

NeuroMemory Ingredients

NeuroMemory contains the following ingredients: Vitamin E, Folate, Huperzine A, full spectrum palm, soybean oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Beeswax, purified water, maltodextrin, caramel powder (color), and soy.

Product Features

NeuroMemory from Amen Clinics is a vitamin and herbal based nutritional supplement.

Huperzine A is a compound derived from the Chinese club moss plant. It is considered a highly pure substance due to the elaborated extraction process. It is commonly used in the treatment of affections like Alzheimer’s disease and myasthenia gravis, to increase energy, mental alertness and learning capacity. Research involving Huperzine A in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease has shown positive results even when smaller doses were administrated. Evidence that Huperzine A based supplements may improve memory and behavior in adolescents is also available. Further research is still needed for the other health claims. Although is considered likely safe in the case of short-term use, when used for longer periods of time it may cause side effects like blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite or cramping. This substance interacts with other medication (antidepressants, antihistamines, etc.)

Vitamin E is the name for a group of fat-soluble compounds best known for their anti-oxidant properties. It comes in eight natural forms, more or less bio-available for the human body. The list of benefits attributed to vitamin E is extensive, but the most important properties include its capacity to fight against free radicals, regulate gene expression and support immune function and metabolism. The use of vitamin E in the recommended doses is considered likely safe. High doses may become potentially dangerous.

The suggested dose for NeuroMemory is 2 softgels per day or as directed. Its effectiveness is not scientifically supported as there is no evidence of a clinical trial involving the product.

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  • Secured online ordering is ensured
  • The formula comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (money-back guarantee)
  • The manufacturer is a reputable dietary supplements producer


  • A reduced number of testimonials is available online
  • The formula is available for a high price for a month’s supply
  • The formula as such is not clinically researched
  • There are no free trial samples or periods disclosed


The product created by Amen Clinics is a vitamin and herbal based dietary formula. NeuroMemory offers a full dose of the recommended daily value of Folic Acid and 40% of the recommended daily value of vitamin E.

The developer is also the sole supplier for online purchasing. The formula comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. For US clients a free shipping is also ensured provided that the order that exceed $50.

The main concern in case of this formula is that one of its active ingredients interacts with a relatively high number of other drugs. For a full list of potential harmful effects and drug interactions it is always best to ask the a healthcare professional.

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NeuroMemory Review
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