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Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate Review
Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate Review

PUBLISHED: 09/19/2012 by BR Technical
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Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate

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Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate is a magnesium based supplement for enhanced memory and cognitive function support, specifically targeting the aging brain and nervous system. The manufacturing company, Life Extensions Vitamins claims that the formula also supports cardiovascular and bone health and helps boot energy, mood and metabolism.

Life Extension Vitamins has a market experience of over 40 years in medical research and herbalism. The company offers a variety of nutritional supplements designed to assist with a number of health conditions such as digestion, depression, insomnia and anxiety, liver, urinary system, etc.

Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate is designed for aging adults who wish to prevent mental function deterioration or to be assisted in improving memory and cognitive function already affected by aging processes. Pregnant and lactating women, as well as people undergoing treatment are advised to consult their doctor before use.

Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate Ingredients

Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate includes the following ingredients: Magnesium (from 2000mg Magtein magnesium L-threonate) 144mg, vegetable cellulose (capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearate and silica.

Product Features

Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate contains Magnesium, a cofactor in over 300 different enzymes regulating jut as many body functions.

Magnesium is known to support a number of body functions and to contribute to the health of many organs which include the cardiovascular system, bone health, energy production, metabolism and mood. As of recent, research has been focusing on Magnesium’s benefits for cognitive function. Scientists believe Magnesium works to help neurons maintain a state of healthy sustained activity – neither over-stimulated nor under-stimulated, hence maintaining optimum cognitive function.

Magnesium L-Threonate is a salt of L-threonic acid and the only one proven to cross the blood-brain barrier. Hence it increases the quantity of Magnesium received to the brain and speeds up its benefits.

It is also acknowledged the fact that it is difficult for the body to maintain optimal levels of magnesium in the brain and that as magnesium deficiency increases with age. Research is currently in progress to determine if Magnesium L-Threonate has the ability to impact specific age-related mental challenges.

The suggested use of Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate is 3 capsules per day. Consumer reviews report mixed results, While positive review mention a large number of benefits, form improved memory and thinking to relaxing and calming muscles, negative reviews report no side effects whatsoever or even serious side effects such as dizziness, lack of balance, disorientation, sleeplessness and confusion.

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  • Magnesium L-Threonate has less of a laxative effect than other forms of magnesium;
  • Magnesium L-Threonate can cross the blood brain barrier for fast increased efficiency;
  • Vegetable capsule formulation.


  • Mixed consumer reviews;
  • Nursing and pregnant women and people under treatment medication should consult their doctor;
  • Potential side effects as reported by the consumers (although the manufacturer makes no mention of potential side effects).


Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate contains Magnesium and claims to support memory and cognitive function. Magnesium L-Threonate is currently undergoing numerous tests and extensive research to determine its abilities and its effectiveness on memory and mental clarity, in both young and aging patients.

So far, the fact that it can easily cross the Blood Brain Barrier and that it has less of a laxative effect as compared to other forms of Magnesium seem to be just a couple of its many advantages.

Consumer opinions on Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate seem to be mixed. This is why we believe that a correct and complete health evaluation, followed by establishing the need for such a supplement and the right dosages is crucial to its effectiveness.

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Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate ReviewBR Technical22016-05-13 12:09:31
Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate Review
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9 User Reviews about Neuro-Mag Magnesium L-Threonate
  1. 3

    My daughter was having migraine headaches , associated with visual, hallucinating , mood, irritability, numbness in upper tighs lower abd cramps. The dr started her on Magnasium L Threonate by Jarrow Coq10.
    The Magnasium have helped the head aches, moodiness in fairness she is only taking 3/4 of the dose (2) out of three. I have noticed better mood no hallucination visual broblems and head aches gone. However waking up 3.00 am and sometimes earlier.over all good on part of Magnasium sometimes still have pains in lower abd and could be all over in fairness she is very sensitive to you name it food lots of suppliments .
    Now about C0q10 was told to try Ubiquinol which we did and oh my goodness she became stressed agitated hungry all the time, craved carbs ate raw frozen pastry (frozen pizza waffles 2 large fruit cakes among other things of course we had to stop the Ubiquinol we also tried Coq10 that effect was not as drastic as the Ubiquinol .
    I would like to know what was the problem. Thanks

    • 5

      Hi Wendy,

      There isn’t any available study to attest that this particular supplement helps headaches, but extensive research has proven this mineral’s benefits against migraines and headaches.

      BR Editor

  2. 7

    Brandie Mctaggart

    I didn’t realize how much neuromag was helping me until I ran out. After the first week of not having it I realized I was having trouble getting my thoughts together, the brain fog that I had overcome while taking neuromag was back.

  3. 8

    Wondering about the dosage…take all 3 pills at one time? Is nighttime better than morning, or does it matter? One pill 3X daily? How long before I should expect to see results from this supplement?