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Neuro Clear Review
Neuro Clear Review

PUBLISHED: 08/20/2012 by BR Moderator
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Neuro Clear

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Neuro Clear is marketed as a synergistic formula which combines advanced nutrients for optimal brain health and function. The product is offered by BioSynergy a company with an experience of almost 20 years in the nutritional supplements industry. The company states they use only ingredients of the highest purity and which have been previously tested.

The supplement is allegedly the best solution for a maximum brain performance, although the manufacturer brings no evidence to support this claim. The formula is recommended for people who consume recreational or prescription drugs and alcohol, which usually experience forgetfulness and mental fuzziness. The effects should be noticeable immediately and continue to grow for the next 3 weeks to 3 months after the treatment begins.

The formula’s effect consists of improvement in memory related activities, learning capability and improvement of the overall mental function.

Neuro Clear Ingredients

Neuro Clear contains the following ingredients: Vitamin C (As Calcium & Zinc Ascorbates), Thiamine (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamine), Biotin, Pantothenic Acid (Calcium D-Pantothenate), Calcium (Calcium Citrate), Magnesium (Magnesium Citrate), Zinc (Zinc Ascorbate), Manganese (Manganese Citrate), L-Pyroglutamic Acid, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Taurine, DLPA (DL-Phenylalanine), Phosphatidyl Serine, Phosphatidyl Choline, Inositol Hexanicotinate , Pyridoxine HCL, PAK (pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate), DMAE (Bitartrate), Gotu Kola (leaf extract), Bacopa (Bacopa Monniera) (leaf extract) (20% standardized bacopasides A & B), Eleutherococcus Senticosus (root), Green Tea Extract (Leaf Extract) (40% min. polypenols), Ginger Root, Ginkgo Biloba Standardized Extract (24% ginkosides & 6% terpines), Schizandra Berry Extract, Vinpocetine, DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), Silicon Dioxide, and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source).

Product Features

Neuro Clear is a vitamin, amino acid and herbal based supplement. It contains the B complex of vitamins which have been shown to play essential functions in immune and nervous system adjustment, preventing prostate cancer (one of the most lethal form of cancer) and reduce symptoms of ADHD.

The combination of Phosphatidylserine and DHA, an Omega-3 fatty acid, results in a very efficient membrane fluidizer with regeneration effect on damaged brain circuits.

The formula contains a total number of 36 ingredients which are claimed to work together in a synergistic manner ensuring the brain is functioning at maximum capacity. The manufacturer brings no scientific evidence or clinical trial results to support the formula’s effectiveness, although the majority of the ingredients have been researched and proven effective to certain extents and areas.

Neuro Clear is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, phenylketonurics and people taking MAO inhibitor drugs. Those suffering from chronic high blood pressure should consult a healthcare professional before using the formula. Side effects are not mentioned by the manufacturer. Consumer reviews are available on the manufacturer’s website, but should be treated with caution since they may merely represent a marketing tool.

The suggested use is 2 capsules with breakfast and two with lunch every day. Although there is no research involving the formula itself, most its ingredients have been widely studied and identified as helpful in memory related issues.

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  • Experienced manufacturer;
  • 30 days money-back guarantee;
  • Good reviews from consumers;
  • Moderate price for a month’s supply (approximately $32).


  • No evidence of clinical trials involving the formula;
  • Large number of ingredients.


Neuro Clear is advertised as the most effective synergistic formula available on the market designed for the improvement of brain related functions.

The formula contains a large number of vitamins, amino-acids and herbal extracts which allegedly work together to improve memory, learning and thinking abilities, reduce anxiety and to counteract the negative effects caused by daily stress.

The product is not FDA approved and there are some precautions which have to be considered when using such a supplement, especially because it contains a large number of active ingredients each causing different side effects. The healthcare professional’s advice is strongly recommended when considering taking any dietary supplement, including Neuro Clear.

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