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Nature Made Vitamin B-1 Review
Nature Made Vitamin B-1 Review

PUBLISHED: 11/05/2012 by BR Publishing
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Nature Made Vitamin B-1

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Nature Made Vitamin B-1 is presented as one of the Pharmavite products created to balance the levels of Vitamin B-1, also known as Thiamine, in the body. The manufacturer business is recognized as being the first USP approved from the United States territory. Moreover, they claim that their main brand, Nature Made, is the first recommended by the pharmacists.

The product is delivered in a form of easily absorbed tablets, thus making it accessible to anybody who desires to follow this treatment. Due to the fact that it should be free of gluten, yeast, egg, milk, artificial colorings, preservatives and flavors, Nature Made Vitamin B-1 is characterized as of higher quality than other similar supplements.

Nature Made Vitamin B-1 Ingredients

Nature Made Vitamin B-1 includes the following ingredients: Vitamin B-1 (100 mg, 6.667% of daily value).

Product Features

Advertised as a remedy designed to apply to the requirements of the human body by proper leveling the daily intake of Vitamin B-1, Nature Made Vitamin B-1 contains 100 mg per tablet. Research has shown that Thiamine can be consumed naturally from foods like: cereals meat, peas, whole grains and nuts. However, if these lack from the day-to-day diet, people have the option of taking it in a supplementation form.

The core benefits provided in the treatment are: converting food into energy and helping maintain healthy cognitive functions. By permitting a proper development of the fat-like coverings that surround the nerves, Thiamine helps regulate the cognitive processes. In its absence, these coverings break and the result relies in symptoms like: nerve deadening, pain or prickly sensations.
Treatment with Vitamin B-1 supplementation is usually safe, especially if the daily dosage is not exceeded.

Unfortunately, online client testimonials can’t be found, thus the product’s effectiveness remains questionable.

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  • It is part of the first pharmaceutical recommended brand, as claimed by the manufacturers;
  • Contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors;
  • It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer website;


  • No possibility of free trial;
  • There is no online available client testimonial;
  • No evidence of research r testing that should support the product claims;


Nature Made Vitamin B-1 represents a product suggested for people who are in need of Vitamin B-1 or just search for a supplement that can maintain healthy cognitive functions. Due to the fact that Vitamin B-1 is regarded as important in producing acetylcholine and regulating the cognitive processes, its deficiency can be dangerous in some cases. However, there are no customer reviews or clinical studies in order to prove the effectiveness of this product. Therefore, people who want to follow this treatment should consult similar products found on the market in order to decide if this is the right option.

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