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Nature Made L-Lysine Review
Nature Made L-Lysine Review

PUBLISHED: 09/24/2012 by breditor
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Nature Made L-Lysine

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Nature Made L-Lysine is a supplement manufactured by Nature Made and is designed to provide support for the organism to manufacture proteins. Being an essential amino acid, L-Lysine can also promote a state of well-being, improving mood and several bodily functions. This product can be beneficial for virtually everyone, provided the instructions given by the manufacturer or a medical professional are followed.

Nature Made is a brand of Pharmavite, a company with over 30 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing health supplements. The company has a very good reputation of providing quality items at moderate prices. It has received many awards for its products, and they follow strict rules regarding their manufacturing process, selecting only the best quality ingredients.

Nature Made L-Lysine Ingredients

Nature Made L-Lysine contains: Lysine Monohydrochloride, Cellulose Gel, Stearic Acid, Crospovidone, Croscarmellose Sodium, Silicon Dioxide, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Magnesium Stearate, and Polyethylene Glycol.

Product Features

Nature Made L-Lysine has an amino acid ingredient formulation containing Lysine, one of the nine amino acids essential to the body.

According to medical studies, Lysine is a potent anxiolytic, reducing stress and improving the general mood of people. Deficiency of Lysine has been shown to increase anxiety levels, as studies performed both on humans and animals have proven. Frequent consumption of Lysine might also reduce the frequency of sores for those affected with herpes simplex infections.

The human body cannot produce Lysine on its own, therefore a daily intake of the amino acid is necessary through foods and supplements. While there are many food sources of Lysine available, people relying mostly on a grain-based diet can experience a deficiency of the substance, requiring additional nutritional sources.

So far, research has not revealed any negative interactions for Lysine-based products, the supplement being considered safe for all age groups. The recommended dose for Nature Made L-Lysine is one tablet daily, taken with a meal.

Sale Price: $9.99

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Available in 500 mg and 1000 mg doses
  • Attractive price: a bottle costs $6.29 and can last up to three months
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives no yeast and no gluten
  • Reputable manufacturer, having over 30 years’ experience in producing supplements
  • Money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it to the manufacturer


  • Purchasing directly from the manufacturer is not possible
  • Shipping costs vary among different suppliers
  • Provides maximum benefit to people suffering from a Lysine deficiency


Nature Made L-Lysine is one of many products that can provide great benefits for people suffering from a deficiency, but might not be as effective in the case of a person that has a balanced diet that provides them with all the needed amount of nutrients. That being said, there are still many people that have taken Nature Made L-Lysine and had positive effects, such as reducing the frequency and duration of herpes-related cold sores, improving moods and providing customers with a general sense of well-being.

For any information you require regarding the product you can contact Nature Made or consult your doctor.

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Nature Made L-Lysine Reviewbreditor42016-05-16 12:09:31
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