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Nature Made Flaxseed Oil Review
Nature Made Flaxseed Oil Review

PUBLISHED: 09/14/2012 by brreader
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Nature Made Flaxseed Oil

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Nature Made Flaxseed Oil is a supplement designed as a vegetarian alternative to the popular fish oil products. High in Omega-3 content, this product is advertised to promote cardiovascular health, while also reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure and promoting good heart health. This is considered a great means for people to provide their heart with the support it needs for a proper functioning.

This product is developed by Pharmavita under the brand name Nature Made. This company is among the top-ranked in the US, putting a lot of focus into providing their customers with top-quality products. They also make an effort to make their supplements available at low costs, thus attracting a lot of customers.

Nature Made Flaxseed Oil, along with all the other Nature Made products, has a money-back guarantee.

Nature Made Flaxseed Oil Ingredients

Nature Made Flaxseed Oil contains: Organic Flaxseed Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Water, and d-Alpha Tocopherol.

Product Features

The main ingredient in Nature Made Flaxseed Oil’s formulation is the Flaxseed oil, which mostly consists of Alpha-Linoleic acid, a particular form of Omega-3 fatty acid. This formulation is meant to improve cardiovascular health and maintain circulatory function.

The claim behind flaxseed oil is that it has a potent antioxidant effect and that it serves the same use as fish oil, due to the high content of Omega-3 fatty acid. Unfortunately, medical research does not fully support these claims, as it seems that the antioxidant properties of flax seeds is not fully transferred during the extraction process of flaxseed oil. Also, according to placebo studies, regular consumption of flaxseed oil does not indicate any noticeable improvement on the cardiovascular system.

It is advised you avoid taking Nature Made Flaxseed Oil if you are taking blood thinning medication. If you are taking any other type of prescription medication, you should consult your doctor before using this product.

According to the manufacturer, the recommended dose is one softgel twice or thrice daily, with a meal.

Sale Price: $12.39

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Vegetarian alternative to fish oil products
  • Money-back guarantee available for this product
  • Available at a low cost – $14 for a bottle that last can up to 4 months
  • Manufacturer has a good reputation and has been awarded numerous quality awards


  • Most medical evidence does not support product claims
  • Purchasing the product directly from the manufacturer is not possible
  • Shipping costs vary among retailers
  • Product not recommended for people taking blood thinning medication


Vegetarian alternatives to popular products are very sought-after nowadays, leading many companies to try and supply this new market niche. Unfortunately, some vegetarian products do not perform as well as their non-vegetarian correspondents. This seems to be the case for Nature Made Flaxseed Oil, a product that is not strongly supported by medical evidence that research has so far revealed.

Nature Made encourages their customers to provide feedback on their products, and in the case of Nature Made Flaxseed Oil most reports tend to praise the performances of the supplement. Customers report having lower cholesterol levels and generally feeling better, which leaves it up to prospective buyers to decide whether they want to try the product for themselves or not.

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