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Natural Vitamin E 1000IU Review
Natural Vitamin E 1000IU Review

PUBLISHED: 08/23/2012 by brreader
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Natural Vitamin E 1000IU

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Natural Vitamin E 1000IU is a product advertised as a protective factor against free radicals. The claim that is made about this product is that it can support the cardiovascular system for a better functioning, it helps maintain healthy heart tissue and it contributes to the prevention of many serious conditions and complications by keeping cholesterol levels low.

This supplement is manufactured by Golden Glow, a company that operates mainly in Australia, but distributes its products worldwide. They produce many items and have amassed a large customer base due to their quality products and services.

There is a 30-day return policy offered with Natural Vitamin E 1000IU, meaning that if you try the product are aren’t satisfied with its performances, you can return it to the manufacturer and receive your order money.

Natural Vitamin E 1000IU Ingredients

Natural Vitamin E 1000IU contains: d-alpha-Tocopherol.

Product Features

Natural Vitamin E 1000IU has a vitamin formulation, the active ingredient being Tocopherol. This substance has been extensively research throughout the past decade, in order to investigate the numerous claims that it can prevent cancer, treat heart and cardiovascular disease and so on. So far, most of these claims have proven false: there isn’t sufficient evidence to support the idea that Vitamin E, particularly Tocopherol, prevents cancer, heart problems, cardiovascular disease, cataracts or glaucoma. There is still some belief that it could prevent the apparition of Alzheimer’s disease, but there is a lot of contradictory evidence regarding this claim.

There are no reported side effects associated with the proper administration of Natural Vitamin E 1000IU. Overdose is possible, leading to Hypervitaminosis E that could lead to hemorrhage and hypothyroidism.

The recommended daily dose for this product is once capsule, taken with a meal. If you have any questions or concerns, we advise you consult your doctor before beginning treatment with this supplement.

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  • No reported side effects for this product
  • You can safely order the product online from the manufacturer
  • Affordable product, a bottle can last for almost two months and costs $22
  • The active ingredient of the formulation has been heavily researched
  • 30-day return policy for the product


  • The manufacturer is based in Australia, so shipping might be pricey
  • Medical research conducted on active ingredient doesn’t support product claims
  • No evidence of research or testing made by the manufacturer
  • The recommended dosage might be too high for certain people


The growing concern for preventing illnesses from occurring has stimulated the apparition of many products and companies that claim they can improve your life and prevent various conditions from affecting you. As with Natural Vitamin E 1000IU, there is usually little medical evidence to support these claims, leaving it up to customers to decide whether they want to take a leap of faith or stick to conventional medicine.

For Golden Glow’s customers, it seems like the leap paid off. Most of the testimonials state that taking Natural Vitamin E 1000IU made them feel more energetic, experience less stress and become less prone to illness.

Whether these claims are true or not, it is always advised you research the supplement you are considering taking and consult a doctor before making any decisions regarding purchase.

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